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ZooStorm GT6 Laptop Review

ZooStorm GT6 Laptop Review

welcome today I’m going to be looking at these used tone gt6 I believe this is also similar to the e Cleaver & Schanker models listed on screen here I’m going to show you a very quick unboxing video you here we have the advertised spec for the model I bought key things to note it comes with the Windows 10 operating system pre-installed it’s got the I core 7 quad core processor running at 3.

6 gigahertz eight gig of ram 120 gig solid state hard drive plus a one terabyte hard drive a dedicated and been here geforce gtx 960 graphics card with a IPS 1080p screen and all the usual devices you see listed now if we compare the advertised spec with what’s Becky reports you can see that the stock CPU speed is actually 2.

6 gigahertz not the advertised 3.6 gigahertz if you research this particular until I core 7 processor it does state that the utilization of the CPU up to 3.6 gigahertz is possible for one of the course only under certain conditions you can also see that the 8 gig of ram comes with the ddr3 stated at 799 megahertz which is actually double that which is 1600 megahertz the DDR stands for double data rate so you can times that by 2 the next thing to look at would be the storage so you can see that the patriot solid-state drive is registering at 111 gigabytes I expect this is because it has got recovery partitions for the operating system should you need to recover the system on this next screen you can see that we’ve got the CPU core details displayed highlighting the e 2.

6 gigahertz speed again but you can do a comparison using the task manager performance monitor which I’ve also taken a snapshot for you if you do use the CPU you can see that it does actually go over to point 6 and you can get it up to you know I’ve got it up to three point three eight gigahertz and then a white screen shot there here we have the RAM specs should you want any more details because either one screen also compared with the task manager resources monitor so you can see the comparison between specky and what Windows 10 reports moving on them we have been motherboard specification we to look at here I’ll let you have a read and take any information away that you want there wasn’t anything particular I’m going to talk about on this particular part of the specification next we’re looking at the physical memory stored inside the laptop we’ve got here the 120 gigabyte solid state patriot drive which hosts the Windows 10 operating system and any of the for any files you choose to save to it it has a SATA 3 interface which is six kick it up to six gigabits per second to do a true test of what this can actually mean in terms of file transfer speeds you can see on screen I transferred a file and the maximum speed there abouts I got was somewhere around one hundred and twelve megabits per second that can change depending on the circumstances of the fire was the drives that your transfer transferring to such as if you’re transferring solid-state drives to solid-state drives then you’d expect the speed to be quicker the test that I did will SATA hard drive to the solid-state drive the second physical storage the laptop comes with is a one terabyte Western Digital hard drive which is also recorded as a SATA 3 drive you can see all the other attributes that you want to read on the screen again I’m not going to go into any detail but you can take a look that’s any details that you are interested in the final specky screens we’re going to be looking at today cover off the audio network and peripherals so the audio then comes with the realtek high-definition audio device look at the detail so if you want anything more to look at next we have the network and the network is a Intel dual band wireless AC adapter now the AC adapter is the latest Wi-Fi technology so if we look at Wi-Fi now then general standard is n and that produces between 150 and 300 megabits per second depending on your setup the AC has potential for 2 up to 3 times faster so that can be anywhere from 400 and mega 450 megabits per second through to 1.

3 gigabits per second depending on your setup and what kind of hardware you’ve got that your root 2 connects to next up is a look at the laptop itself the shell is a matte texture with a slight rubber feel to it it seems to be a strong and sturdy construction the keyboard has an option to turn on the backlight by the function keys using the FM button the stereo speakers a mounted just below the screen which produces a reasonable sound as far as laptop speakers go you’ll see a fingerprint scanner next to the keys on the trackpad I couldn’t get this to work through the account setup option where it’s available although it’s not important for me it has 4 USB 3 ports which I have to say on that great they don’t make the best contact with the plugs that I connect to it it oddly has a SIM card reader on the side if you want to use mopar mobile data connection on the back you’ve got standard HDMI along with a mini DisplayPort connection and a VGA on the side finally you’ve got a standard SD card reader Ethernet and DVD Drive from the bottom of the laptop you can see there is only access to the battery there are no service panels to access the RAM or the hard drives however if you take out the 16 or so screws and gently use a plastic pry leaver found in a mobile phone screen replacement kit it is easily opened up for any maintenance or upgrades you may want to do a quick look at the internals then you can see it can host two sticks off RAM and the hard drives are easily accessible you can have a quick look at the other components that are in there in the top if you want to pause the video overall the laptop performs well I’ve been using it for a coupla months now generally for graphics processing and video production however I’ve not used it for gaming so I can’t comment on the performance of that I hope you found the video useful if you’ve got any comments or questions please leave them in the comments bye


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