Home Camera Reviews YI M1 Mirrorless Camera REVIEW (4K) Worth the cheap price?!

YI M1 Mirrorless Camera REVIEW (4K) Worth the cheap price?!

YI M1 Mirrorless Camera REVIEW (4K) Worth the cheap price?!

Today, we’re checking out the new Yi M1 mirrorless camera that can shoot 20 million pixels 4K video plus a touchscreen Hey guys, I’m ben from authentic [now]. I’ve reviewed Yi’s action cam before and it’s really good especially for the price This is their first try at a micro four thirds mirrorless camera So how well does it do well inside the box is the main camera and lens on the back of the three inch touchscreen display? [on] the right side Micro usb sd card slot and Micro HDMI on the bottom of the Standard tripod Mountain battery compartment the included battery is 900 million powers and can be recharged via the uSB cable They say to fully charge takes about three hours and lastly on top There’s a hot shoe mount a mode and control dial shutter button and power switch Take the front cap off and you’ll find the 20 megapixel image sensor The lens mounting system is micro Four-thirds which means there’s plenty of lenses out there and the kit [lens] that I received was 12 to 40 millimeter.

That’s 3.5 to 5.6 in hand that feels pretty good It has that vintage camera look [lightweight] and compact design though It is mostly made of plastics with a little rubber on the right hand grip so let’s go up shooting it can capture in both JPG or raw there’s plenty of modes to select from One of my favorite features of this camera is the touch screen and how easy it is to [adjust] the exposure settings simply tapping the [screen] and rotating the dial [if] I want to change my focus point.

I can just tap on the screen, and it’s very intuitive and easy for beginners They also have manual focus peaking which is great plus a zoom in preview Now reviewing photos is nice too click the playback button scroll through your shop like a gallery app on your phone you can even pinch to zoom in and out Check your image details or use the control dial zoom out and view info on your photos like histogram and more Now my overview thoughts on the photos is I’d rate it.

Just okay I mean the images look nice and all but nothing that just blows me away Plus the autofocus system is pretty garbage missing the shot too many times And I’ll touch more on this shortly now moving on a video I captured some 4k test footage and I have to admit.

I was [pretty] disappointed here as well I mean, I guess I was expecting something really amazing and it said, it’s basically just okay I mean, I like that it has that focus peaking for pulling manual focus custom white balance and those sort of controls But one thing I just couldn’t figure out when I switch to full manual exposure and started recording video it switched to auto exposure And when it lock in where I told it to I also wish it had tapped a focus while recording video But it doesn’t and man that our focus is just so slow and inaccurate a lot of the time now Maybe you like those slow focused transitions, but when I’m used to my phone having lightning-fast razor-sharp Autofocus and this dedicated camera is so much lower That’s pretty lame now for another video test that have an anti Shake mode you can’t enable this in 4k It needs to step [down] a 2K video and here’s a side-By-side comparison For you as I went for a simple handheld walking test in my opinion They both look pretty shaky, and that built-in stabilization might be doing a little but not a whole lot There’s other features in the menu like HDR.

[which] is nice I found these images to have that improved dynamic range though It has some pretty rough Halloween going on very noticeable in some images There’s a nice time-lapse mode easy to set the interval and duration settings and it will auto compile into a video for you Panorama mode is nice to hit the shutter button to start drag across your horizon And it’ll auto stitch together another feature is they boast as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth You can connect to your phone with their app [and] remotely view your images Ok sure This is nice if you want to download a high-res shot and share it on your social Media But I was pretty bummed to find out that there’s no live view or Remote control of the [EM1] camera from the app it can only view your shots already taken this could have been a really nice feature And a sidebar kind of weird that their action cam already has this feature But this more expensive mirrorless camera does [not] I don’t understand now.

Here’s a couple more wishlist items [I] like the touch screen, but it feels a bit laggy and slow sometimes It’s not even as snappy as their action cam. I even found it froze up on me once while processing a panorama I had to pull the battery to reset thankfully after [a] recent firmware update I haven’t had that issue since I wish it had live histogram on screen touch to focus and video mode also [it’d] be a huge feature if they included a tilting screen this is nice to have for those different shooting angles or even be nice for those bloggers pointing it back on themselves and Articulating screen is an essential for a lot of shooters nowadays, okay? So here’s my final thoughts mirrorless is definitely blowing up the market right now Just look at that sony a7s mark 2 it’s a phenomenal camera for this one though It’s these first try and I’d say they need to get back to the drawing board and really step it up And I totally get it the price is a bit cheaper than most quality mirrorless out there but in a day and age where my phone can capture beautiful still photos and Killer 4k videos and then to purchase a separate camera it Really needs to shine and I [don’t] think this one really cuts it yet But [use] killing it with their action cam their new one has that 4k at 60Fps.

[so] they’re definitely not on again. Just yet I’ll be looking forward to what they can produce in gen 2 now huge Thanks to gearbest for sending me to sample unit if you want to check out their current price.

[I’ll] give you the link down below Now consider subscribing if you haven’t already for more tech videos like this every week and until next time let’s live authentic


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