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Xperia Play – PlayStation Phone Review

Xperia Play – PlayStation Phone Review

everyone this is Josh Smith with gotta be mobile calm today we’re taking a look at the Xperia Play this is a new phone from Sony you can find it on Verizon Wireless for $99.99 with a two-year contract you can also get it at Wirefly right now for free with the two-year contract the big seller for this phone what sets it apart from everything else on the market is its PlayStation certified so it’s the first Android PlayStation Certified phone you can see we have a little PlayStation graphic here but more noticeably we have a full directional pad dual analog pad PlayStation buttons and we also have bumpers along the back so you can get a full gameplay experience on the go it’s perhaps the best portable game system slash phone possibly the only one out there right now but let’s take a closer look at it so one of the first things that you’ll notice is we have a four inch touchscreen here the screen looks pretty good on it is pretty bright although we do wish it could go just a tad brighter in a few outdoor settings we have physical buttons along the bottom standard Android buttons a little different layout than a few other phones but pretty standard we have a front-facing camera as well as a proximity sensor here up at the top as we look along the right side you’ll notice that we have our buttons these are your right and left shoulder buttons when you’re gaming they don’t do anything else outside of gaming we also have our volume slider right here on the back we see our experience we have our sony ericsson branding and then we have our five megapixel camera with flash and our microphone if we look along the other side of the phone we have our headphone jack and our charging port microUSB what’s nice is when you’re holding this if you’re gaming you can have those plugged in and you’ll be able to game still without any issues which is nice so the big seller here is that you have access to PlayStation games we have games like asphalt 6 Bruce Lee the well known crash bandicoot Madden 11 bottom combat 2 HD it’s kind of a called duty knock off that fun real soccer game star battalion which is a starfox knockoff and Sims 3 they’re a bunch of different games selections pretty good pricing is good with games from yeah it looks like about three dollars I haven’t seen any over 10 which is which is nice when you play you can use your Direction pad the analog controls your buttons your bumpers and the touch screen gets used some too so we’ll take a look at a few of the games so we’ll open up Matney one thing that can be annoying is if you purchase a game you can purchase a game over the 3G radio but it’ll have to download an update of between 60 to maybe even 180 megabytes and to use that you’ll need to be connected to Wi-Fi so you can’t you know find a new game and pick it up and get going while you’re out on the road unless you can find a hotspot you turn the volume up so you can hear I found a really good into the game a lot more now that I’m able to see the whole screen I have physical buttons so I’m not always looking to try and figure out okay what where’s the button I need how do I do this I still haven’t adapted completely to the PlayStation controls because I’m an Xbox kind of gamer but on some of the games it’s pretty easy to get in there so as we take offense here I’ll show you why I like this and especially on games like Madden where you need to pass and it can be hard to tap the screen I’ve pretty much given up playing games like Madden on touchscreen devices even as they try it it just never seems to work out exactly like I want so we’ll try a pass and show you pretty much the reason I love playing Madden on a game with a fit or on a phone with a physical gamepad so you’ll see I have my receivers and I can press the corresponding button and I don’t have to be covering the screen and trying to figure out you know where I need to touch up here at exactly the right time I can just push the corresponding button and it goes right there but again a really enjoyable mobile gaming experience if if your big deal is you want something you can use to gain with then the Xperia Play is definitely one of the choices that you should look at if gaming is third or fourth on your list it’s not gonna make as big a deal and you may even like the physical keyboard that you get with the Droid 3 so here you see what I was talking about earlier a big bummer I updated the game earlier it downloaded a 5 megabyte file real snappy and now as I want to show you modern combat 2 I have to download a 115 megabyte file I have to do it over Wi-Fi and for my experience this is something that is somewhat prone to failure one of the nice things about the Xperia Play in addition to your game pad is the fact that you have a very stock Android 2.

3 Gingerbread experience so while Verizon has added their App Store which is where you purchase the Play station games you do have your standard Android Market all of your standard Android apps that you’re looking for overall performance is pretty snappy the interface is some might consider a doll if you’re used to HTC Sense or Motorola blur stock Android just just a little bit bland but if you like just performance simplicity definitely something that’s a plus we have five home screens by default the keyboard that you use is okay it’s like a stock Android keyboard and so if we’ll take a closer look here the there’s no haptic feedback or anything like you get on some keyboards but it is pretty decent we also have if we pull it over here into landscape mode Auto suggest isn’t the best so personally I would install SwiftKey or whatever your favorite keyboard replacement is but that’s the great thing about Android is you can customize that and so if you’re looking for a smartphone Android powered and you really like to gain I don’t mean gaming is something you do occasionally on your phone but you want to converge devices and you really want a gaming smart phone if that’s the case the Xperia Play is definitely the one you want for me you can’t beat having an actual controller until someone figures out how to add a case like this that connects with Bluetooth to your iPhone or to other Android phones it’s you just can’t compare that said at $99 the Xperia Play is is a so-so value you can pick it up for free at wirefly.

com which greatly increases the desirability really wish this device had 4G so you could download the games the full game while you’re out and about it also would be nice even though we’re already at a decent size phone here if we had a 4.

3 inch screen really would like to game on a slightly bigger screen don’t get me wrong foreign just works out pretty well but personal preference is the larger the screen the better so if you can live without 4G and you’re really into gaming this is definitely a phone to check out if you go into stores you can play around with it see if you live real life pretty good sony claims you can get five and a half hours of gaming on this I haven’t tested the five and a half hours of gaming but with an hour and a half and gaming email average use I was able to get through a full day without draining the battery so head on over to got to be mobile comm and check out our full review of the Sony Xperia Play available on Verizon Wireless


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