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Xiaomi Smart TV 4S – Unboxing und Ersteindruck

Xiaomi Smart TV 4S – Unboxing und Ersteindruck

>> MOMO: There is that thing the Xiaomi smart TV 4S finally arrived. If I do the intro what I’m doing right now have recorded no longer take. A short Story about it. You’ve had me for a long time not seen anymore.

I have two weeks took a little break and wanted that too a little more pull through longer. But then I’m on MyDealz got weak Xiaomi has the TV brought in Germany start and yes i wanted one the first its the all year round too can unpack and test.

And then just did once struck and me granted the TV here. And yes what does it say on it? 4K HDR monitor HD TV and it was slowly time that I have the Toshiba retire. It’s only full HD has given me good for a long time Services performed and i had too zero problems there now keep looking at it.

But you know me yes I am yes a little Xiaomi fanboy and there we look just look at that and see what’s inside. And I’m really happy the whole thing here to open once I’ll take a look at don’t step on it.

That should be the right one too Be side. The whole thing is 55 inches so also a good deal bigger than the 49 inch Toshiba that I have here. Here we have one the feet aluminum feels nice turn on cold valuable impression.

But I have… yes also rubber feet below. That’s great because otherwise I thought I was scratching myself here what nice sideboard. But don’t worry that thing is rubberized and what else do we have here operation manual and remote control.

The screws for the feet the cable for the Electricity batteries for the remote control and the Remote control itself. Also with buttons for all those who too really classic Want to watch TV I’m not looking regular television.

Therefore would be me the remote control which it eg with the Xiaomi Tv device rather give … just laid looks very cool. So from the feel Very high quality. We also have a google here Assist button with it.

You could do the whole thing here too use with Google Assistant and then be smart Control home. Netflix and Prime button extra. And yes, I’m curious how it does. I pack right once the battery in. And do so we continue on, one of those You should watch TV too unpack second, ideally.

The first Xiaomi TV it’s here in Germany to acquire gives and makes made a very good impression. The edges great narrow much narrower than with my Toshiba here, has such an aluminum frame and is so easy greyish gray metallic.

I’m actually a fan of black TVs but that falls now not so blatant. A Mi Brand logo and yes I’ll put my feet on it build my old TV off and maybe do even a few B-roll recordings but we install do all that and that I maybe even in time lapse.

Have fun. There’s the thing definitely neatly bigger than my 49 incher. The plant saw it she has to pack away a little now it doesn’t fit there. I’m going to pack the tapes here off and hope that they leave without a trace.

On the aluminum frame is probably also a foil on it. I hope that I have the display do not damage in mine Euphoria to pull this off. Before I even mean here Apple Tv and my MiBox will turn on I’ll do the whole thing right away Set up the device so because on the TV is too Android Tv pre-installed.

So you would need technical actually not at all the MiBox and then I will now use my Apple TV with it. That’s still the Apple TV without 4K. I have to get one now Get the 4K capable version but that’s not an act either.

I think it’s down here too a little more foil on it … from here and places the camera a little different. The two buttons now beep and got connected. Now I have the opportunity select the language. Then let’s look here Germany out German TV via an Android Connect smartphone.

I had that too already with the MiBox 4K. That didn’t quite works smoothly but i’m trying now once again. I’ll get myself one time the MiPad 4 and become the whole connect here once. And open the Google app device set up but continue with the language assistant must you also have the right phrase use otherwise understand they don’t you at all and set up my device he didn’t understand.

Set up the device that went then and yes i think it’s pretty cool. 55 inches now looking he after the device. No device found. Again to attempt. Now will the connection established. I see exactly this code now he asked me Which Wi-Fi do I use .

.. with which Wolferl I myself want to connect I skip now this whole establishment. You know the game you just follow theirs Instructions on the device and can then set up the whole thing. Your TV will then be on Google set up you have to no more entering Wifi codes and your Android TV will then structured in a similar way be like the Android Tv who may already have or you can then completely new start and where i just stopped? To the look, I think this slightly silver one is still just ok.

But I would prefer black I do not know whether it is the device too in black there. But have a look here I enter my password. But we trust it all times and there is the whole also already preinstalled.

Patchwall here Netflix PrimeVideo for all those who are ask some Xiaomi devices have problems that’s all here it is pre-installed is really a German Better European version Version of the TV and you can the whole great use in Germany.

Yes this is here now once the TV really a lot to look so very large picture. So and I’m just looking here times after… went out. No i am not only went out YouTube crashes. It’s not a good start here but we’re coming times for the second time moderate 4K video and this video everyone can do this Try to start now.

And go directly too in the settings if it goes here Who has 4K quality here? Is also 4k 60 FPS … crisp hot now, streaming also without problems. And can affect everyone Let see case. I’ll run here a little left and right and look the viewing angle stability.

It’s pretty neat. As a layman, I would so claim. I try that a little to show. You can do that and the quality there you don’t complain. Crisp and sharp and the sound also sounds pretty good about the sound also with Dolby Atmos and me turn it down here.

I like that not here now. That louder quieter here so central in the middle is that you would have a bit can make it more inconspicuous. That it’s left or right here down in the corner but the picture is that really crude.

4K is a difference can be done. So I’m from Full HD know such high resolution Just stuff from the iMac over there. So I have a 5K iMac. But in Safari it looks you mostly synonymous only 1080p. Therefore it is already an eye catcher for me now the whole thing to see and have a look if we have something else here can turn on.

Ackerman trailer in 4K why not and yes i will do it so a little louder and we’ll have a look in terms of time the settings on here in the settings you would have to in the best case, too find the device settings there device settings and maybe I have here in the Settings screen .

.. Image Settings option different modes or custom, that now on standard alive, Sport and film. Well really. differences I do not see here. I think I should turn on a movie and switch that while you are I can see the difference between film and standard.

There is for everyone Case completely different. Motion Smooth that place i out here. So I’m not a fan of that what you see … I’m doing right here times the video again. The trailer we just had. I’ll see if we’re here also in this patch wall the attitudes come.

That has three points to do with Ne … what else no channels. Input changed We are still online? Device settings … Picture settings, Brightness, color temperature, Default, Image format fully automatic zoom.

That is pretty good. I am not an expert now but when I get in read what other people say the the TV then also have. Advanced advanced Video settings Noise Reduction I believe I’ll put it low on or off so classic Intoxication reduction wants not me absolutely control Luma, adaptive lumma.

ON / AAUS whether the … brightness maybe adjust. Control of local contrast … no big differences. Yes, that’s it for now from this video. I’m going to watch the TV here now put through its paces make and that One or another look and watch if I like it.

First and foremost, I find it quite cool he’s pretty large very high resolution. The interface is mine Not crisp in my opinion there is enough of an attitude that you can do or just sits too close on the device.

But I find it whole cool I am very happy that it’s finally here now. From the look I think it could it would be better the aluminum in silver I’m not a fan there but black I would prefer it. Yes that was it from me we are hopefully each other in the next video and until then ciao.

Momo from the future here one more time and here we see once this typical behavior. It takes a while longer than hoped. Need 30 to 45 seconds include them there if your the whole on the bottom we have the connections and they are really very good.

We have here once USB interface three HDMI iPods and USB interface. Then I have there too this SATA card input misplaced to mention and below here again other connections for audio input tries to record here.

Have the optical input I used here once for my soundbar here another look in front on the feet and the frame. Really great and I am actually great satisfied with the device. The image quality that knows convince and it sees very modern and chic from 55 I can only recommend Zoll and i’m real happy so far.


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