Home Camera Reviews Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera Review – Great For The Price

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera Review – Great For The Price

Xiaomi Mijia 4k Action Camera Review – Great For The Price

the saris the new Xiaomi Mijia 4k action cam so it’s 4k 30 frames per seconds the maximum setting that this can shoot at so it’s selling for around about 100 us which is quite cheap considering the specs of this it does have a 2.

4 inch touch screen comes in this tiny little box and the reason it’s so small is because it does not include a protective case there are third-party ones available but I don’t even think there’s an official case for it yet that is out so in the Box these are the only accessories you get a micro USB to cable for charging and data and then the battery which is fourteen hundred and fifty mili amp hours which is good for up to two hours of 4k recording so on the bottom of the media 4k mini you’ll find a typical 3d R so you can mount this onto a tripod or your action cam accessories one little flap here that when opened up of course you insert the battery there now charging time of that battery is around about one hour and 40 minutes and here you can see a tiny little slot there for micro SD cards so in the front of status LED and then of course the lens now this lens here has a field of view of 145 degrees it’s a 12 megapixel sensor which is a Sony I am x3 1:7 now it does not come with a lens cap in the box but you can get third-party ones available now online from somewhere like Aliexpress now the aperture of the lens is F 2.

8 which as you’ll see later on isn’t great for low light so low light performance is not the strength of this particular camera here now also note that because of that white angled lens you’re going to have a fisheye to fit on the top there’s the button for starting and stopping the recording of course speaker microphone another microphone on the left and in this tiny little flap here which hides the micro USB 2 port so there is no video out on this so all of the controls apart from a course on and off is handled via this touchscreen so it has a 960 by 480 resolution and yes there is an English option as you can see so overall the build quality is very decent we do have a metal frame wall around the outside its plastic on the front and the touchscreen is not fully laminated either but over I feel for the price of around 100 us you’re getting a decent build it’s just a shame that it’s not waterproof and they don’t include a case or at least a lens protector either so you think it’s quite easy swiping to the right will bring up all your different modes you’ve got so time-lapse video slow-motion goes up to 200 frames per second now we do have of course the settings menu so you can tweak the exposure ISO which goes right up to 6400 I know sharpness or contrast controls here which is a little bit unfortunate our white balance – you can manually set that which is handy if it gets it wrong and you want to make sure you’ve got that set to what it is for example sunny outside you keep it on sunny metering mode now one thing to point out too that the electronic image stabilization using the gyro that only works in 1080p so it does not work in 720p it does not work either in 4k unfortunately so you’ve got no stabilization whatsoever so the footage is going to look a little bit shaky their lens distortion you can also disable that in 1080p again in 4k you cannot control that lens distortion there so you’re going to have that fish eye effect and then swiping to the left brings up the gallery there’s he can quickly go through things and check out previews you can also preview them on the application now the app for it is the me home app so you connect up you have to find the medium mini 4k action cam and you’ve got all the settings that the camera has on here so you can remotely start recording take photos control your screen resolution view your photos which is a little bit slow because that se downloads the video and photos first so I wouldn’t really recommend doing that probably best just to view it directly on the camera or your PC there’s other settings in here too is that you can control all of the camera settings and it’s probably actually easier to tweak things using this application then doing it on that tiny little touchscreen now there’s a little bit of delay and what the video is showing on the application here compared to what you see on the camera the delays are about approximately one second or so which is to be expected because it’s being transmitted by wireless directly and not via a cable so now I have the camera mounted to the handlebars of my electric scooty here shooting in 4k 30 frames per second now there’s no electronic image stabilization this time around I have enabled 1080p 30 frames per second with the electronic image stabilization on and this is 4k hangout now and a little pan around see how well it handles with their dynamic range those clouds there and the shadows so the sun’s slowly going down and now mounted to a selfie stick you can see the microphones sensitive enough that it can pick up my voice just fine from this distance here and it doesn’t reason me a good job I have notice that it tends to sometimes under expose my face but of course the conditions here are quite difficult with the Sun starting to sit now so not easy pose you can see 1080p of course we don’t have that resolution the details gone a lot of it but it looks a lot more stable because of the electronic image stabilization that this has and this is now a low lights so you can see the quality started get a little bit grainy now not as good let’s do the fact that it’s got that if 2.

8 aperture so not very good low-light performance at all from this camera so overall I feel for the hundred us this is selling for and even sometimes as low as 90 us as a great little action cam it’s a shame it does not come with a waterproof case like a lot of other models do but you can now source them at least third-party ones online to get around that problem there and the same goes for a little protective case over the lens which it doesn’t also include two so the performance of the videos you sing from that that there’s no stabilization in 4k so it’s quite shaky now that’s a problem with a lot of other action cameras too there and I’ve noticed that in low-light yes it’s very grainy so lot like performance is really quite crappy on this particular model here the other thing to to note that if you have a look at some of the footage really closely you will see there is some grain and some pixelization there some just some compression artifacts that do show up a little bit in the video when it’s moving around quite fast there but overall I feel it’s a good little package here and really for the price it’s not hard to recommend this if you just need a basic kind of action cam and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money getting one of those GoPro Hero 5s or the session ones which of course are a lot more expensive than this thanks for watching this review here hope to see you back in the channel with more up-and-coming reviews bye for now


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