Home Smart TV Reviews Xiaomi mi Tv 4 – 65″Inch LED TV details {english subtitles }

Xiaomi mi Tv 4 – 65″Inch LED TV details {english subtitles }

Xiaomi mi Tv 4 – 65″Inch LED TV details {english subtitles }

Xiaomi has launched a new Led tv in mi tv series 4 now this one is a 64 inch Led tv and not only that it carries some more awesome things hope they will launch in India Also , and if it will for sure its gonna rule the market so just keep watching the video and I will tell some more details about this and lets take a look what xiaomi is offering So starting from the dimension , We get a 65″Inch bezel Less Display with HDR10 supported now Bezel display in Tv is really a rare thing here that we are getting and really xiaomi is providing a great deal WE do get 4k HDR supported and refresh rate is 60 Hz with a 178 Degree viewing which sounds interesting , and i do hope that it is, in reality and as they are providing a support for 4 and hdr 10 then for sure i think the display quality will be really good if you are going to use it for 4k or full hd videos or movies or whatsoever the stuff the thickness of the design and body is 7.

5 mm some claim its 4.9 mm which is really awesome and with all this we get dolby dts supported here , with which we get enrich DTS features as in all the features we get with dolby dts further more in specs we get , Amlogic cortex A53 quad core processor , with a 2GB RAM and with which we get 16 GB ki internal storage , which makes it clear that its going to be a great and good smart tv this tv can also be controlled by a xiaomi voice assistant (outside china maybe google ) well nowadays every other company wants that people make a smart home using their products only from TV to phone to other things should be of their brand only and just like that xiaomi is also trying that and with all this the dolby dts surround sound system here we get 2 – 8 watts speakers apart from this we get 3 hdmi ports and 2 usb ports and 1 AV port and S/PDIF port and we do get WIFI and Bluetooth support the Tv comes in color options 1 is gun metal and the other one is gray Lets see when this will be launched in India and if its going to come it can make a good market and maybe we will get a google voice assistant with this one maybe lets see now talking about the price of this TV which makes this tv a great deal In the chinese currency its 5999 and when we convert this in inr we get a figure of RUPEES 64000 (in whole ) in dollars 900$ and there are very few that’s providing these in that price range Compared to any other companies So i hope xiaomi will launch this in India soon So that’s it for today’s video I hope that you liked this video and it was helpful for you If so please do like and share the video and please do hit the bell icon while subscribing I keep on making videos like this so please subscribe and see you again PEACE.



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