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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 | Most In-Depth 108MP Camera Review! (Test & Samples)

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 | Most In-Depth 108MP Camera Review! (Test & Samples)

Hey guys! Welcome back to ProductNation. Umar here, and today we’re gonna be doing an in-depth review of the camera on the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 so this phone was just announced here in Malaysia but we had it a week or so before the release so we had some time to play around with it so we did some tests and we have the results here.

So this is the world’s first 108MP Penta camera so yeah let’s just check this review out and see what really is there to be excited about when it comes to this camera system when it comes to the 108MP it actually produces really really good images I love the color reproduction on this phone so the lens at the top is a 5MP the telephoto lens that gives you 10x hybrid zone so moving on to the second camera lens it’s a 12MP lens and this one is the 2x zoom telephoto for portrait photography this is what gives you that 50-55mm look that portrait shot look and looks very good for portrait Moving one step down that’s the big bad lens that’s the one everyone’s been talking about it’s the 108MP lens so the sensor on this is a little bit bigger than other smartphones which is what we saw during Xiaomi event it’s supposed to do way better in low light and from my testing it did do that it looks a lot cleaner in low light because out of that bigger sensor size.

So underneath the 108MP camera right there you have an ultra wide-angle lens which is capable of getting a lot of detail and gives you a 0.6x zoom on your regular standard lens The last but not the least this tiny pimple looking thing at the bottom is the 2MP Macro lens that allows you to focus in upto 2cm which is very close.

Beside that it shoots 4K at 30fps as well it also has a super slow mode for the macro lens at 960 fps it also does 1080 at 240fps That’s a lot of things to talk about we’re gonna look at every single one of these things that I mentioned caue I’ve tested every single one of those features and you’re gonna be seeing that on screen now.

So let’s just begin by talking about stuff. And as you guys can see the resolution is actually 108MP. That means it’s not scaled up or anything the actual file resolution is that of a 108MP file. If I zoom into his face, the bird’s face, you can actually see how much detail is maintained even at a 100% crop.

So if you take a picture for example, and you don’t like the framing of it so let’s say I took this picture and I don’t really like the frame I still have the option to crop in and reframe as I see fit so the details on the bird are very good even in low-light you guys can see the feathers and look at just look it up at 108MP file all the way cropped in to 100% that’s crazy So if I decide to go in 4:1, that’s 400% of crop you still have that bit of detail.

Let’s move on. If you take a picture you don’t like the composition you don’t even need to worry anymore all you have to do is crop in and you decide your new composition without losing any detail whatsoever That is very good.

So this picture of a cat for example I took this in the car park and there’s like dirt on the wall there’s tools in the background there’s a paint bucket in the background it looks very ugly but if I decide to zoom in and crop I can change the composition get a better frame get a better image I don’t need to worry about all these details or about losing quality think about it this way you went from here all the way to here and there’s still no loss in quality and then you can still go in you can go 3:1 that’s 300% of zoom on the original you can do 4:1 still maintaining to you know 800% here’s where it gets a bit crazy but honestly just check this out you went from here to there and you still maintaining detail.

We haven’t moved on to the optical zoom with all the cropping yet let’s just talk about the optical zoom. This is a shot 20MP file taken using the ultra wide-angle. Ultra Wide-Angle, 1x Zoom, 2x Zoom, 5x Zoom and then 50x Zoom.

So this is where this phone really blows my mind that’s a digital zoom by the way it’s not optical so for me personally by my testing between the 5x – 10x it gives you the best result when you’re talking about maintaining image quality anything beyond 10 kind of goes downhill but up to 10 you get really good image quality even maintaining sharpness when you zoom in very far away 0.

6x Zoom 1x Zoom, 2x Zoom, 5x Zoom 50x Zoom. So as you guys can see I can actually read what’s written on the building we’re on the 0.6 times you couldn’t even see that! So if you don’t turn on 108MP file and you look at the 27MP file on the screen side-by-side you really can’t tell they’re honestly speaking you post it on Instagram wherever you posted you will not be able to tell the difference it’s only when you zoom in crop and scale it up print it out is when you’re gonna see that massive improvement in image quality on the 108MP.

There’s a picture of the moon that’s the freaking moon I just took that in the middle of the night just pointing my camera straight up zoom than 50 times took a picture that’s the moon you can see a crescent moon.

What? With the phone crazy a little bit of anything black and white you’re good you’re good to go. Alright really quick we’re gonna touch upon the nice mode cause I have only one example of this. As you guys can see clearly in this shot, this is ridiculous I feel really bad for the regular mode when I see the night mode.

Alright as you guys can clearly see I haven’t over-sharpened the image I’ve just changed the colors a little bit look at the one on the left and then look at the right the amount of detail you’re capturing on the right is a lot more than that on the left alright so moving on to the trees to the bottom right corner right there check that out the amount of detail you lose out on when you don’t use the night mode.

Again looking at trees in the middle of the image you can barely see the signboard here and it also supports HDR in night mode so you can see that highlights are maintained as opposed to them being blown out like in the regular shot so cars here look like a mess here you can actually see them just I could go on like the leaves detail in the leaves it’s just it’s very impressive how it performs using the low light mode.

Alright so now let’s talk about everyone’s favorite – the Portrait Mode it works more like a DSLR than like a digital blur, software blur kind of thing. This is a picture taken using the portrait lens if I do enable the blur to be a lot blurrier it looks very realistic because it actually knows depth rather than using a depth sensor it’s actually a 55mm lens so it looks a lot more natural the fall-off is a lot better so if you can see here there’s this guy in the background in the blue you can see him clearly you see how her hair is very sharp you can barely see the edges but when you enhance the blur you can barely see this dude so that’s a lot of fun changing up the focus.

This is my favorite shot from the portraits that I took today so you can see here the background blur is pretty nice as it is but if I enhance it a little bit it looks even better and the sides are maintained like that’s a pretty sharp shot the fall-off is very nice I can barely tell that this was like digitally done so that’s very impressive I always like portrait modes that look realistic and the colors are on point this is before and after you can see, that is something that’s very impressive.

Alright so one thing that really impressed me about this camera is the video mode and my favorite thing hands down out of every feature of the camera would be the Vlog Mode. It’s able to capture a 10 to 15 second video clip for you I think horizontally where you just click record and then it creates a segment and then you click record it creates another segment so it does that multiple times and then it stitches it together color grades it for you edits to the beats of the music and you have a 15 second vlog created for you by the phone itself you have to do nothing except point and shoot I’m gonna put up some examples now so you guys can see what this really looks like So as you guys can clearly see from those examples the vlog mode is a lot of fun and you actually enjoy this a lot more than I expected – turning on the stabilization literally feels like this is floating through space so you guys can see clearly from that video running across like an idiot without the stabilization turned on it looks ridiculous (**) even though the optical stabilization kicked in but when you turn on the digital stabilization as well it’s just bliss like just floating through life.

Now when it comes to the 5x zoom feature in the video the stabilization is amazing I think my favorite stabilization on any phone so far has to be this one especially the shot that I took through a moving car on the highway of a building I was able to maintain that composition while I was shaking up and down here’s an example of what it looked like with my phone I took it look how much it was shaking it’s crazy right and then on this phone it just looked like it’s on a gimbal I’m gonna crane and I’m moving through like it’s a film set or something so I would install something like filmic Pro on this so I can get better dynamic range shoot more flat not have those crazy vibrant colors and then you could pretty much just make like films with this really loving that absolutely awesome.

As a bonus I also threw in an iPhone 4s comparison so this is an 8MP camera versus a 108MP camera and you guys can actually see the difference between an 8MP camera and a 108MP c amera so both images that are gonna be on screen for you guys to see the difference.

This phone was released in 2011 this was released in 2019 let’s see if people actually tell difference right if I edit it the same way same colors can you really see the difference on a tiny screen. That’s all! We really hope this video was useful to you we hope you liked the pictures that you saw in this video if you did follow us on Instagram so we’ll post more of these pictures that you guys can stay up-to-date so do let us know in the comments and the poll right there which feature you’re most excited about is it the 108MP camera is it the Vlog Mode or is it the massive amount of zoom that you get out of this right let us know in the poll and the comments and we’ll see you in the next video Bye!


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