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Withings Home Security Camera Review

Withings Home Security Camera Review

home security cameras are becoming kind of a thing and for good reason they’re relatively inexpensive they are super easy to install and you don’t have to pay month-to-month fees like you do with a traditional home security system here at the office at snazzy labs we have a couple different dropcam’s from nest placed around the office and we’ve never been in love with them but they do a good enough job now Withings has a new product that’s a direct competitor to Dropcam that is the same price at $199 and I think it’s much better it has a Ethernet support which please every product has to have Ethernet support seriously it’s way better than Wi-Fi especially when you’re streaming video it has an excellent 1080p 5 megapixel sensor that produces wonderful video quality has a great microphone and speaker phone to communicate with your children if you’re using it as a baby alarm or a baby monitor and it looks much much more pleasant than the Dropcam which I’ve always found to be hideous it can match your home decor but as a downside it is quite a bit larger so the hardware is much better than the current Dropcam but the issue comes into play with the software the Dropcam has sucky software it’s never been that great but weightings isn’t very good either when the video quality on weddings home is good it’s great 1080p 30 frames per second quality will looks outstanding however I found that more often than not and it had to do with withing servers because our internet is crazy fast here the video quality was marginal at best worse than the Dropcam it did have this Auto enhanced functionality which made things better but it wasn’t very good luckily however in the night the infrared sensors I felt were much better than Dropcam in the video quality when there was no light was a lot a lot better you can communicate with your guests using the microphone and home what has what’s called events now Dropcam if you want to have anything recorded or archived if you want to see anything but live video you have to pay a subscription fee which is pretty expensive now Withings has the same deal but they also offer events which allows you to store any kind of motion or noise detected by the camera for a duration of up to 2 days this is great because you can see what’s going on throughout the remainder of the day without having to pay for a subscription service Withings home also has an alarm meter for the air quality which is kind of interesting it detects up contaminated particles per million right now mine’s at 613 which is good it’s not great but the problem is is while this is cool I feel like you’re just gonna freak most people out about the quality of the air and their children’s room and it seems like something that’s a little unnecessary now notifications are where home isn’t good now Dropcam sucks as well we have Dropcam set up so that when we leave the office it notifies the camera to turn on and then we get alerts so we don’t get alerts while we’re here in the office which is great and something that home can’t do which is really frustrating the problem at Dropcam is is that it sends way too many false alarms and I felt the winnings home was much much better at only sending the occasional error this is again another screenshot of what I mentioned earlier of the cloud video recording plans there’s also a baby monitor functionality which is actually really useful it’s an expensive baby monitor but it works it can play rockabyebaby which I guess is decent enough music and it has a little LED night light which is pretty cool you can set it to anna rainbow animation or a specific color which is you guys can see looks pretty sweet the waiting’s camera is really really nice it’s better than the Dropcam in terms of hardware and the software is almost as good if you need a home security camera this is the one you need to get that said I think that both Dropcam and Withings home are lacking enough in the software department that I would say hold off don’t quite buy them they’re close but they’re not there yet I’m queen of snazzy labs thank you so much for watching please subscribe rate comment and as always stay snazzy


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