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Westinghouse 55″ Ultra HD 4K Smart TV w/2Year Warranty

Westinghouse 55″ Ultra HD 4K Smart TV w/2Year Warranty

and the lowest price 4k television by Westinghouse that we have ever ever brought to you and it happens to be a smart TV my name is Marlo if you are looking for a 55 inch flat screen TV look no further you can’t duplicate the price you are not going to be able to get this ship to you with free shipping and handling with the flexpay this is a one-day only value for today only six credit card payments any credit card you may have and you get this at home for under 140 dollars we’re going to open up our testimonial talk line if you love that Westinghouse brand give us a call tell us why you love it this television is so awesome we’re backing it not with a one-year warranty a full comprehensive two-year warranty we actually have bill Duggan that’s joining us bill is one of our electronic host we talked about this because we offer variety of brandings we have sony and we have Samsung we’ve got more like every other store we have all the brand names but in our collective inventory this is the lowest price 55 inch 4k smart TV and have you guys looked at that price of $6.

99 95 it’s awesome phenomenal top-tier name top-tier specs we’re so excited to get Westinghouse back here at HSN but more importantly with that 4k technology you see other brands out there you see other specs out there on TV and you know it’s 1080p it is high-definition I got to tell you those are dated technology you want the latest and greatest and that is 4k why because 4k it is four times richer and crisper than that high-definition TV you might already have at home right now so why not invest in the 4 times better wouldn’t you like to get a paycheck with four times the amount or four times the power in a computer you get that with the imagery of this television it’s four times more vivid the colors are more just more saturated also it has upscaling so maybe you’re watching content that’s not 4k you’re watching an older DVD or you’re watching an older program reruns of you know some black-and-white TV show this television can up convert it to near 4k quality and let me just tell you a little bit about 4k the movies these days they’re not shot on film they’re shot on digital 4k because easier to edit and more importantly that is how it looks they want you to see it in 4k but with our standard and with our high-definition TVs and even our high-definition cable boxes they have to dumb it down to high-definition not 4k and even half of our movie studios or movie theaters that we go sit and pay how much to sit in those movie theaters they project in 4k now you have 4k in your home for all that new content that’s coming online in 4k so it’s four times richer but when you look at the colors and the saturation and the imagery it’s really important you have three HDMI ports you have that one USB port it’s 55 inches with that really slim bezel and I want to make sure that we get the cameras and show you just kind of how slim it is because it’s beautiful i love the frame on it bill is it gorgeous oh my god in the frame that’s a little bit this is a few element look open then your tail mount that on the wall for sure exactly it weighs under 40 more wall-mounted you also see it from the front the bezel on the side it is so razor thin it’s hard to tell because it’s a black image right now but just look at the saturation look at thank you guys look at how thin that is both weight on your side it’s about the thickness of a dime but what’s important about that it is more seen green time that’s just it it’s the thickness of your finger it’s more screen time than big electronic even the way they’ve displayed out the stand you can put your camera box underneath you can put other devices underneath so they’re not to the side that’s the speaker that’s built in like a speaker bar that’s kind of built it so the bottom of is one of the nice things about this is that it’s a smart TV usually smart TV start around $1000 yeah so I’m really shocked I mean my notes do say lowest priced 4k TV ever what I didn’t realize that this thing was backed by a 2 year warranty that’s impressive usually with the television in this category you get that standard 90 day warranty a two-year warranty you typically if you’re shopping at a traditional store brick-and-mortar store you’d have to buy that 2-year warranty it’s included with the purchase if you’d like to have it one day only special you only have today to buy it so one hundred and $16.

66 on your credit card you are showing us if you’ve got Wi-Fi in your this television becomes a smart TV exactly and the thing is that extra element just gives us so many more options there’s never a night of words like there’s nothing on TV you hit that one button and now I have the Wi-Fi capability to go shop around and through my app stores through all my different ports but more important we get to the apps look at this you have Netflix you have the top apps the models I was telling Marlo before you turn you’re not over inundated with a bunch of apps you’re inundated with the top apps whether you just want the weather you want to get on Google you want you to stream your internet radio you then remember you have Netflix and boutot options YouTube how many times we started watching one little quick 30 second YouTube video 45 minutes later we would watch the next one the next one now you’re watching on the big screen now you’re watching it in 4k now getting Westinghouse home realize we have never aired this before until tonight there’s a review on hsn.

com perfect five star review how did they find it they went shopping for 4k they were shopping for a name brand that they knew and they found Westinghouse and I found the best price out there it’s under $1000 for 4k and a smart TV and the reviews actually really cute I encourage you to read it the woman who was like my husband got the 4k TV and I was like what’s a 4k TV she didn’t get the technology until she saw it and she’s like it was like being there on the couch watching that talk show watching that competition show because it’s four times richer than what we’ve become accustomed to and that’s just it we fell in love with our high-definition TV I remember watching news anchors with under hi-def and like wow they look older than I thought but now for cane is that much more saturated and more importantly it is how movies are shot we get to experience that now it’s our sporting events are captured and now we get to see it in that true 4k fashion the Olympics coming up they’re gonna have 4k competitions and you think about this when I saw Westinghouse here a few years ago we had a woman who called in she’s like I’ve had my Westinghouse TV for 10 years I’m getting a new one tonight you have this investment of a television for years to come so you’re getting that latest 4k technology because if you buy a high-definition TV and that’s not 4k it’s already dated the day you get it home but not with this tel now this is the latest and the greatest when it comes to technology and you’ve got it all you know I’m really surprised that we have the smart feature built in because at this price you think for K at $6.

99 it would be an amazing value but to have 4k and then to also have the Smart TV features built-in it’s a slam-dunk with free shipping handling we’re going to cover the cost of send it to you and then the neat thing about the flex pay is that everyone can use flex pay and it’s interest-free payments so most of us did our taxes not me but most of us did our taxes earlier in the week maybe you’re getting a refund and one of the things that you want to do with the refund money is you want to upgrade your TV this is a 55 inch television this is for the big family room this is for that big master bedroom this is that family TV experience 55 inch TVs are beautiful sighs no one ever complains that the TV is too big and especially at a price like this bill mentioned the brand this brand is a proven brand it’s a brand that is typically a customer pick at HSN I love that today you get to not only use your credit card but you also have a chance to be able to get it at the lowest price that we’ve ever offered on any 4k TV now there’s just one little caveat to this whole thing the price of $100 reduction price that free shipping and handling the flexpay expire tonight at midnight so this offer is just a one-day only chance if you’d like to choose it reserve it don’t wait if it were 79 if we’re seven 99.

95 that would be fantastic for the features but it’s $100 off free shipping and everyone can use a debit card credit card or even a PayPal account could mom use a new TV we’ve got Mother’s Day coming up you know does she have an old-fashioned kind of tube TV and you kids are going to get together everybody takes a month to be able to pay for it what a great way for all the siblings to upgrade er to a new more modern TV that’s one of the nice things if you’re still in your home when you look at these televisions in homes especially if you mount them so really they really upgrade the look of your home and he’s talked about getting wood for Mom maybe baby for dad as well and remember we got our mob a smart TV but she doesn’t use it because she can’t find the buttons and the bells and whistles I want to show you real quick the remote control because it is so simple you want to get on if Netflix or YouTube my mom can easily find the Netflix button right there the YouTube button they don’t make it complicated so press of one button I’m going to be able to pull up YouTube just like that boom and the thing is now we’re going to be sharing videos and stuff like that the way the whole family gets behind it and talked about sharing it’s a big investment it’s a big purchase like look at this you have that 32 inch TV in your living room we’ll go 35 that’s one hundred and ninety five percent more and why there’s not a bad seat in the house with that you also were talking about you know using that using that refund you might be getting that’s a great idea but you know what’s also important that two-year warranty that you’re getting tonight what’s important about that think about what other device in the family everyone gets their hands on from grandpa to the grandkids and you know they’re pressing buttons they’re doing a whole bunch of different stuff but guess what with that extra warranty you’re not paying for it we’re throwing that in so you can actually enjoy it and worryfree which is great so you see we jumped onto YouTube we’re looking at all your feet Earvin is gonna be here this weekend so that’s kind of fun to know I plan that that’s pretty cool abot the game I’ll be here this weekend though but see we’d love to pull up all these home movies or old stuff we’ve just watched before and you’re noticing how it’s bringing it up it’s been being able to get us onto YouTube nice and quick look at the quality of the content just even the reflections off the water this is a youtube video but remember this 4k television has upconverted it because it has that capability in it as well and what all these features that were telling you about remember this is Westinghouse it’s not a no-name brand that you’ve never heard of it’s been in the business of a hundred and thirty years of providing us with amazing electronics and more importantly its Westinghouse with 4k so huge future proof purchase for you it’s so true we do offer to a variety of different choices in 4k televisions and I have presented a number of them and like I mentioned to you most of them are well over a thousand dollars so to be able to get to a price point of $6.

99 95 is excellent the fact that we’re going to give you the White Glove delivery service because you’re seeing the TV out of the box I mean imagine what the box looks like it’s huge I get mat in your car try getting that in your car try getting a friend that has a pickup truck and then you’re worried all the way they don’t hit a bump and that sort of thing we’re going to give you the peace of mind and deliver it to you perfectly at your home with no cost which is awesome and the flex pay is the number one reason why people love to buy electronics at HSN the brand names that you know and you recognize them that you trust brand names that are proven brand names that our customer picks but also the fact that these are interest-free payments if you go in any store today and say I’m going to I’d like to take that 55 inch TV the first thing they’re going to say is absolutely how would you like to pay for credit cards debit card writing a check paying cash and you have to pay the full amount here is an offer for you to get this at home for 116 dollars and 66 66 cents and then have no interest payments over six months your other option is to use your HSN card and if you have the HSN card this is a great time to use it you can qualify for VIP financing and pay for this over nine months instead of six months if you choose to do that your payments are $77.

77 amazing so either way you win because it has all the elements of the new TVs I remember clearly the very first 4k TV that we had in our studios it was I think over $30,000 it was some expensive insane TV and I remember saying that day I’d never be able to get 4k TV but that was a few years ago this newer technology is now so much more affordable so it’s time to get in most TVs at this price are what we call led 1080p high definition which is great however this is the next generation and for those of you who say well will I notice the difference absolutely think about the pixels in a camera the 3 megapixels versus the 16 megapixels so you get higher the bright the whites are more brighter you get more clarity the colors are more vivid and the side profile of this television I know we earlier itself razor-thin it’s a beaut and you get all screen I have a television at home where half of the frame it’s got about an inch of frame these new televisions are just beautifully done and that’s what’s important because it is less big bulky electronic in your living room or in your bedroom you’re right your screen time it’s more entertainment for the whole family and even talk about more entertainment I’m almost profile with this TV I can still see what’s going on there a bad seat in the house this is the this is the big bowl game TV night all the friends over the Envy they’re like did you see the sauce third and I have 4k I want 4k and you bring up a great point I remember when we first brought 4k here we were all flabbergasted when I got one TV it was gorgeous wasn’t it like 30 it was some insane amount of money we had a 3 in front of it for sure and the thing is it was unapproachable but you wanted that technology now it is affordable to get it home and with your degree by coming online you’re gonna fall in love with it I recently moved and actually was purchasing a new television thank God I know Marlon knew what I had and the thing is I wanted a name-brand I could trust and you’re getting that with westinghouse i wanted 4k cuz i didn’t want it to be dated the moment i got at home and no joke when i plugged it in and you know my cable box had to get updated and all this stuff and I turned around and it was 55 inches of 4k I really didn’t I hadn’t stepped back I was like oh wow this was worth it and I was excited i watch TV all the time I’m watching all the election coverage I’ve been watching all look I jerked that my roommate is my television cuz yeah on all the time it keeps me company look up boy I know what invest in this television because you’ll have it for years to come and you know it’s not just for you it’s for the kids it’s for the grandkids that come over it’s for you know your spouse and you to enjoy and talk about enjoying if you take the family you’ve been 77 bucks with VIP financing for to go watch a movie which movies project in 4k now you now have a 4k movie experience at home with 55 inches of amazing picture quality remember going from 32 to 55 that’s one hundred and ninety-six percent upgrade and also I mean I’ve gone I told you I went shopping for a television it gets intimidating you go to the big-box stores you see all the name brands and all the prices first you want a brand you can trust Westinghouse has been here four years at HSN we’re excited to get them back and then the specs you want a top-tier spec you don’t want to buy dated and then you look at price and you brought him a great story we’re always kicks me you finally get comfortable with the price and how you’re going to pay for it like oh you want to add on an extra warranty for another hundred no yeah I just made up my mind we’re giving you a two-year not a one year warranty with this television because you’re going to use it for years to come and everyone’s going to get their hands on it but you’re going to have coverage I will encourage you to shop with us forward if you’d like to have it it’s an amazing value you your friends your children your grandchildren everyone will enjoy watching this television it will last you for years you’ve got that additional two-year warranty very few people even own a 4k TV and you have one day which is today a chance to not only get a 4k television by Westinghouse but it’s also a smart TV so now you have Netflix and Hulu if you have those accounts you’ve got one-button access to be able to control and to kind of utilize any of those features even some of the popular apps that are out there so you win in a big way $100 off the price free shipping and handling any credit card debit card or PayPal account we give you a 30 day money back guarantee but this buy is so special it’s a showstopper it is designed to really attract your attention we really really are offering this at a tremendous value don’t forget if you have that HSN card you can take advantage of nine months of no entrance in your payments for nine months will be 7777 I want to tell you a couple things that I know might be important to you so the TV with the stand weighs only 48 I apologize weighs 46 and a half pounds if you remove the stand you can certainly mount it on the wall I would do that for sure it’s going to be beautiful mounted on the wall without the stand it only weighs thirty four and a half pounds so although this is a big TV for sure it doesn’t weigh a lot okay measurements wise without the stand it stands about forty eight point seven inches wide about twenty eight point nine inches high and about two and a half inches deep okay and that’s at the widest point in the very back but it is the lowest price 4k television that we have ever offered with an additional two year warranty it is a terrific value and I do hope that if you’d like to select it that you’ll choose it I am going to say thank you to build live show saw great value I mean you brought up a good point a lot of people don’t have 4k is because they couldn’t afford it that’s why I am now you can for one day alright stay tuned I’m going to hang out a little while longer we have great joy Mangano products coming up next hour so stick around for that


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