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Waterproof Camera Review — Olympus Tough TG 870 for Travel Photography and Video

Waterproof Camera Review — Olympus Tough TG 870 for Travel Photography and Video

in this video I’m going hands-on with the olympus TG 870 and this could be the new best blogging camera coming up hey what’s up guys sean here we think media TV helped you go further faster in media and in this video I just wanted to do a quick hands-on of the brand new Olympus tough TG 870 camera so this is the top TG 870 the replacement for the TG 860 what makes this camera unique is now the 180 degree articulating LCD screen with the forward-facing shutter button so it makes it perfect for selfies this has a 21 millimeter wide angle lens and because it’s so wide when you’re taking selfie pictures you want to get rid of that distortion that could happen so this camera has built-in adjustments to deal with the distortion that can happen when you’re taking a wide-angle picture at that close range now it’s got a lot of photo modes but I’m interested in the video mode and it’s got of course 480 720 and 1080 P up to 60 frames a second it looks great with the image stabilization electronic image stabilization to make your videos look smooth but when it comes to really being a vlogging camera here’s what’s pretty cool about it number one it’s it’s super tough so it’s built to be dropped rated up to 7 feet number two it’s totally waterproof and so for travel vlogs for taking it on the road for family type of vlogs that’s going to be really awesome so hey guys this is actually the footage from the TG 870 we have it on selfie mode so this is what it looks like just what the audio sounds like in the room here we’ve got the flip up screen so were able to look at the lens plus you guys and we’ll flip it and hush up a few other angles with it right now so I’ll link up more details and specs about this camera in the YouTube description below it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon you can see the release date and other specs and details about that so check that out down there so hey thanks so much for checking out this video definitely subscribe to think media TV for more videos just like this as well as more coverage from CES and hey if you had already downloaded the video gear buyer’s guide the new one that would just came out you can grab that or link it up on the YouTube description as well as in the youtubes and hey if you haven’t already downloaded the big media TV video gear buyer’s guide you can grab that on the YouTube card link in the description below including some vlogging camera recommendations and other things like that hey until next time keep crushing it keep smashing it and we will talk soon nice talking right now where is the mic on it do you think mic is this awesome alright hey guys so this is actually footage


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