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Walmart OP Gaming Laptop Review

Walmart OP Gaming Laptop Review

Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here! So Walmart is selling some new gaming laptops under their OP gaming brand it stands for Over powered gaming and on paper it looks reasonably appealing, right, you got these thousand dollar gaming laptops they have in video cards in them They have fast screens in a not super thick chassis So I think a lot of people are looking these like hey, these are.

.. these are good! They’re not. At least not the base model So let me explain this particular laptop is made by a Chinese company called Tong Fang and they make these bare-bones chassis that a whole bunch of other companies will resell and they’ll put different hardware into them.

So Origin PC has some Electronics has some, they’re all exactly the same laptop. They’re just stuffing with different things inside Walmart They’re selling a configuration. That just should not exist on the market It’s a GTX 1050 – a 2 gigabyte GTX 1050 with a 144 Hertz screen.

Just to put this in perspective, very few games be able to hit good frame rates on this laptop You can lower the quality. You can lower the resolution But at the end of the day, you’re still dealing with a very underpowered video card So my recommendation is if you’re interested in this particular laptop – you look elsewhere because there’s definitely some better options out there and I’ll put some in the description below.

But that’s just the quick version of this video, if you’re like at the store and you’re interested in this laptop And you googled it and you found this video I just saved you thousand dollars – look at the description.

But if you want to know the details of why this is not a good choice. Here we go, okay, this laptop, the best part of it is the screen. It’s a 144 Hertz panel looks really good, games look really smooth on it.

But in order to showcase the screen properly you need a powerful video card and that $999 base model at Walmart does not have a good video card if you’re gonna purchase this particular chassis or this particular laptop.

You need to have a fast video card – a minimum of a GTX 1060 but a faster card would be ideal. Now the next thing on this laptop that makes it kind of unique is the keyboard. And it’s a mechanical keyboard and Walmart lists this feature pretty prominently in the marketing materials The thing is this keyboard is a niche keyboard.

This really isn’t for everyone. It’s loud… right. It’s not like a silent keyboard and it can be pretty obnoxious if you’re using this device at home or in libraries or at school or anything. It’s certainly not a quiet keyboard.

But more importantly the feel of this keyboard is not universally loved. Walmart is a store that should be selling products to a more wider audience, right, like, a very broad audience and this is such a niche keyword in such a niche laptop that I feel like it’s the wrong device for them to be selling in their retail stores.

The layout is also a little bit weird like the arrow keys and the number pad all kind of blend together. The trackpad is fine – it uses Windows precision drivers, but the keyboards just a little too niche, I don’t think they should be selling this kind of keyboard at a store like Walmart.

Okay, If you want to see like a full review of this, I’ve done a full review of this particular chassis before on my channel, I’ll link it down below. But, I want to talk about a more broader problem with this particular laptop.

It’s the customer service. So any company that sells this Tong Fang chassis is normally a boutique laptop company. They’ll take the products, they’ll kind of customize it, you can get your own thermal pace, you get your own hard drive like your specific brand of memory, They will tweak it to your heart’s content and then sell it to you, which is great.

That’s not what Walmart’s doing. They’re buying these things, marking them up just enough so they’re making some good profit but they’re selling these things with what I promise you will be terrible customer support.

So all those boutique companies I was talking about before, they give you great customer support – that’s how these things sell. This laptop sold at Walmart under the OP (Over Powered) gaming brand is gonna have trash customer support in comparison.

And that’s really the difference in price – so if you buy this from Walmart, you’re gonna save like a 100 maybe 150 bucks, and if you bought this product at a boutique company you’ll have spent more but the customer support is gonna be way better, like, soo much better that it just it just doesn’t make sense to be buying this thing from Walmart.

And their mid tier configuration at $1400 isn’t a bad value, like, you’ll get decent frame rates on that and you’ll be able to use that screen reasonably well, but the customer support is gonna be- it’s just gonna be so bad.

I can already see the complaints – people buying these laptops and then going to the customer service desk like, you know This is wrong, that’s wrong. And they’re just not gonna be able to help you! So, please do not buy the 1000 dollar or 1400 dollar Configuration of the OP gaming laptop from Walmart, please.

Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video! Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time.


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