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Vodafone 858 Smart Mobile Phone Review

Vodafone 858 Smart Mobile Phone Review

hi everyone this is David from geek androids and this is my full review of the Vodafone eight five eight smart phone now this is Vodafone’s budget Aden smart phone and I mean real budget end and I’m going to reveal the price straight away in this review sixty five pounds for a capacitive touchscreen mobile phone running Android version 2.

2 can’t believe the price that they’ve managed to achieve with this and I’m going to give you my opinion about the vodafone smart in this review first of all i just want to give you a comparison on size now I know we’re going from one extreme to the other but I just want to show you how tiny this phone is against my Galaxy Nexus mobile phone now remember this has got four point six five inch screen this has got a 2.

8 in screen so a big big difference when it comes to size but that said let’s move that ginormous thrown out of the way is extremely nice size to fit into a medium-sized hand if you’ve got large hands you might not like this phone but for certainly a first phone a teenager or something you just want something nice and simple the Vodafone smile could be what you looking for now it measures 56 across this way this is millimeters 106 millimeters and 12 millimeters in thickness and it weighs just a hundred grams so very very light and it’s got capacitive touchscreen I’m going to show you this touchscreen in action it misses the old touch actually but on the whole it is nice and responsive I found this with other devices as well it might just be my fingers but sometimes when I’ve left a phone inactive for a while the first touch it misses and then after that it’s absolutely fine it’s a little bit likely you can see the lag when I’m going between screens but it is not too bad at all I think it’s more than acceptable performance for this sort of price point phone if I go into apps you can see all of the pre-installed apps on here and is fully supported by the Android markets you can download other apps to the handset as well it’s got a navigation app pre-installed message in places prepay manager Google Talk Twitter voice search touch power input YouTube everything you would really want from a touchscreen phone now it’s also got touch sensitive buttons down the bottom here and these take you either back one step search the handset bring up the menu or go all the way back out to the home screen you can see the home screen here is populated with some widgets already we’ve got a search widget over the top here we also got shortcuts to some applications you also see here a camera icon there is no direct access to the camera you have to access it through that icon we will go around the back here you will see the camera and the camera is a two megapixel camera it’s not fantastic it does a reasonable job not a great amount of details in the photo but then you couldn’t really expect fantastic quality at such a low price point the speak is another story altogether the speaker is very good again not very loud but very clear and good quality speaker and it really did surprise me about the actual speaker quality on this for listening to music and also came back videos with regards to build quality again very surprised at the build quality for such a low price point it is plastic construction but it everything sort of meets up in the right places and it doesn’t feel cheap it doesn’t feel like a cheap tacky little handset it feels just very well-made it feels nice and solid nothing creaks when you move it around I like this source slanted portion at the bottom here and it just just feels much better than the price you’re paying for it internet browsing again is okay it’s difficult on the small sized screen moving on to phone calls but just tap there we’ve got a reasonable sized dial pad who also got access across the top to call log contacts and favorites we regards to call quality well outgoing call quality through the microphone crystal-clear incoming call quality a little bit quiet but again very clear I just found that the volume didn’t go up as high as on other phones but the actual clarity of the earpiece speaker more than acceptable now this does support 2g and 3G so you’re going to get good data speeds if you’re out and about it’s also got GPS built in as well and overall I think it’s a very nice phone you’re going to pay just 65 pound for this on pay-as-you-go so remember that 65 pounds for an android-based mobile phone I don’t think you can really grumble at that this is a great first phone if you’re buying a phone for a T teenager or perhaps a parent that isn’t really into the latest technology I think I’d be more than happy receiving the Vodafone small as available in black or white from Vodafone co dot UK thank you very much for watching please do subscribe to the geeky noise channel so you don’t miss out on my future reviews and I will see you all in the next video


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