Home Smart TV Reviews VIZIO D55u-D1 55 Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO D55u-D1 55 Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV Review

VIZIO D55u-D1 55 Class Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV Review

I just picked up this TV from a membership box store for a very good price to replace an older 1080 set that I have there is very little information out there on this sub hence this review I have been looking to upgrade for some time and this TVs price points is what made me finally do it I only have a few days of experience with this unit so bear that in mind the initial setup was very easy and I like the usability of the smart features they are very intuitive and simple the clerk at the store stated that the difference between this model and the M model is essentially aesthetics however I believe this TV looks fine when comparing the boxes of the two models it appears they have the same processor and the only difference i noticed was the m model has 35 LED zones as opposed to 14 LED zones on this model i subscribe to a local cable company and to my knowledge they do not have any 4k programming available when watching a live HD broadcast the picture is good when watching a DVR program there is some definite lag and pixelation particularly during fast moving scenes the clerk at the store said this may occur due to the TV trying to upscale the programming I read on the internet that Netflix’s house of cards is a 4k broadcast and with this TV hooked up via an ethernet cable the picture is very good and smooth I think this TV presents a good value for the price point seeing that it was 150 dollars cheaper than any other name brand 4k models at my time of purchase I do look forward to more 4k programming and more viewing time though and we’ll update this review if I notice anything of substance you will find a link in the description for the best deal product


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