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VIZIO 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED 120Hz HDTV with Google Cast

VIZIO 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED 120Hz HDTV with Google Cast

for example our today’s special which is coming up next is not available anywhere in the entire country except here what you’re looking at beside me is not available anywhere else in the world except right here and it’s from one of the biggest names when it comes to TVs and electronics I have owned Vizio I love Vizio I know you guys love Vizio please call us with your testimonials but what we’re offering you today is not just another Vizio it’s the big one this is 55 inches and on top of that this is your 4k smart high-definition and we’re going to do something that not only does nobody else have this this is the world launch but on top of that we’re offering you a two-year warranty so even when this hits the market nobody else is going to give you the for the two-year warranty except for us seven 99.

95 we’re going to ship it to you free we’re going to do six flex payments only for this hour you have to order it in the next 60 minutes to take advantage of it and then if you have the HSN card we’re going to split that up into 12 payments for you and make this the deal of the year on a TV I still can’t get over right it would be $66 a month to be able to get a 55 inch 4k for detail look at it for more hands 4k f or four times 1080p right 4k is the hottest technology happening right now in the marketplace so when you have this level of detail you have quality that is absolutely breathtaking now this is the world launch you’re seeing it right here firstly from Luciano nobody else has it and look at the quality of that video you are going to have scenes that will astound you let me walk you through the features your video that you’re going to see is right here I’m going to walk you through some of the interface as we show you these images I want you to realize just how breathtaking 4k really can be because it is redefining in the world of electronics we talk about this all the time that you want to buy for the future you want to buy the newest technology that is exactly what this is not only in 4k also in the fact that you are now going to have it coming your way with a brand new interface that you can use your phone as your remote so we’re going to talk quite a bit about that so let’s start first of all with a Vizio story right this is a baby company 15 years old in the world of electronics that’s a drop in the bucket they are number one in growth and in innovation why because they not only build it right and give you technology like 4k at $7.

99 which is crazy but they also do it in a way that is such customer service driven then you’re going to have an experience get this in survey after survey after survey is number one in the ranking when it comes to the kind of quality that you’re going to have there is nothing else quite like it so the beauty of it is now you can have anything that you want to watch anytime that you want to watch it so let me walk you through the features so then you can see exactly what this television is all about and then we’re going to play around with it and have a little bit of fun so again ultra 4k Smart TV now not only that but it has upscaling have you ever heard of upscaling what that’s going to need is that that makes it better right anything that you watch it makes it literally so much better it can take your 1080p and give you an interface that literally is going to look like 4k it has an 8 core processor in it what is that nothing about it that is terms you usually are thinking of when you think of a computer right it has an octa-core processor on the inner and on the inside and it is built with a casting technology that is brand-new and some of the highest innovation and it is that vizio smart cast with the web browser so you have thousands of channels it is a smart TV coming your way built in Wi-Fi clear action 240 is going to make it so extraordinary for you and then you’re also going to have on top of that your four HDMI ports the HDMI cable is included I want to see the TV so that you can see the remote that I’m operating here so this remote that you’re used to using all the time rolled school remote now is in the palm of your hands now look what happens this is here as I’m moving this here you can see the menu here so it’s how did you get it there was an app that you download the smart app from Vizio and it’s going to work with Apple it’s going to work with Android it’s going to work in tablets you are today special but you literally are able now to scroll through and say you want to watch a television show now watch what happens we say TV so now how many TV shows do you want to see oh well let’s just view all now watch what happens you are going to be able I did I chose one let’s go into view all now watch what happens it literally is going to bring them your choices are endless thousands from different apps from Vudu from Hulu you choose whatever you want to it whatever you want to watch if you wanted to watch Netflix if you wanted to watch YouTube and there on your phone or on your mobile device you got it look at this that is just TV shows you want to go into movies suddenly now the universe of movies is right here we could go into view all that are available but remember you can go into any app you want to because you’re literally interfacing here anything that you want to watch maybe you want to watch by a certain category guess what popular movies recently added movies you want to go into recommended movies free movies they’re all right here comedies dramas animated movies not only movies maybe you want to watch HSN maybe you want to plug in your cable and watch that way maybe you want to watch kids shows whatever it is you now have something that I think is some of the most exciting brand-new technology because it is Vizio name-brand it is quality that is second to none and it’s 4k coming your way oh and by the way it’s not a 32 inch television so think about this a 32 when you go from a 32 to a 55 do you know that you go up more than four times in the actual viewing space I do know that is amazing because once you once you get to the 55 inch to like you can never I never go back down exactly this is what so dramatic I mean didn’t you use to think 40 inches like wow look at me I’m maracanã Denali once you do a 55 inch it changes changes everything now as we go in back home I want you to realize what happens you can choose put this at whatever I know right so the app just shows up with all of this with all of it so now you just go to the Google store the App Store it is really free you just download the app download the app and then if you wanted to watch something that was a premium sure you can find a movie but there are so many this is and we’re talking about this early this is the true integration of what your internet your television and your cell phone is going to be we’ve heard about it for years the computer and the phone coming together the computer in the television coming to get this is the culminate Vizio has brought it to you in only Vizio only this mega thesese exactly at my friend’s house in Vegas okay she has the most over-the-top gorgeous condo we couldn’t turn her TV on we could not turn it on to watch regular TV she’s like well I got this new system and we’ll try this remote try this joint we just finally do I said look I’ll watch it on my tablet it’s okay don’t worry about it she was dosing Cushing fit a German TV on it’s crazy this is an app this is on your phone your tablet on your new today’s special it’s so simple it’s so easy but it’s the quality of this TV guys yes the app is so easy in the way you’re going to be able to navigate it this is Vizio exactly could we could we actually show the TV yes so it’s funny because this is what I want you to see is that this is 55 inches but it is not High Definition it is 4k high-definition and I won’t be the first one to say that I was a doubting Thomas I’m like okay how good can hide out if I already have high-definition how much better can it be trite until you see it and see it is seamless it is the pixelation that just simply isn’t there it’s like the difference in a five megapixel picture that you should shot with camera as opposed to a 16 megapixel picture that you shot with your camera that is the difference and these are the benefits that 4k resolution exactly is amazing so let’s talk about it because what you’re going to have is something that is effectively four times to your point Alice you’re going to see the picture and then what is great about it is that now you are going to you are going to have an experience that is absolutely second to none images are going to be so much more detailed as we are taking you in here to HSN live think about it now you can see this is what we were just scrolling through a moment ago you can choose to watch anything you want to watch anytime you want to watch it and the beauty of it is I don’t have cable even if you don’t have cable you can watch this you can watch this now if you wanted to watch cable we’re just going to press play so again we are watching live on HSN what is great about this is that you are now able to switch the input so if you wanted to watch your cable if you wanted to watch something else you can absolutely do that that is the beauty of being able to experience it so look what happens it literally is controlling being controlled by your phone so you can choose what it is you want to watch now from here I love this TV I know right so from here if we wanted to go into the Smart cast and say you wanted to check you just said you want to watch something else right we’re going to go into the home screen and we’re just going to go and choose something else to watch like oh maybe a movie right maybe you want to watch frozen well here you go now how cool is it is enough song I’m going to no no is this the one you’re talking about and I’m controlling the volume from the phone you know what you could pair this up with you with your Bluetooth with your Bose Soundlink if you really want to expand that sound even bigger you go or the Vizio analysis sound bar available to it is amazing what you can do and then or if you wanted to control the audio here mute just muted it so think about what this means for you in the world of all possibilities now I want to talk to the TV itself before you do can I give everyone update okay this is the first airing okay this is the world launch this isn’t last year’s or last month this is brand spanking new nobody else has seen it except for you right here nobody Vizio lets us world launch this okay but we have 711 left until this sells out completely you’ve got to think about this and that quickly okay I want you to think about using your HSN card you could split that up on your HSN card there is zero interest on that which is my favorite thing about the card you can split it up for one entire year it’s $66 a month for heaven’s sakes it is not just a 55 inch TV it is not just a smart TV it is not just the Vizio quality read about the satisfaction of customers who buy Vizio it is a 4k Ultra Smart TV it is their newest their latest their greatest and it’s only right here today a world launch you’ve got to have this I love the fact that the remote control is on an app and it’s the phone that you already use right how many times you lose your remote come on over here because the cool thing is that I want to tell you is that now you can have your phone can control both TVs this config one of them could be upstairs in a bedroom this one could be in the living room you could be laying in bed upstairs because it operates on your home Wi-Fi and you can control this TV downstairs and your and your own body fun right so it changes every right and I want you to realize now let’s talk about the text with the tech tech part of this TV because it is 4k I love the interface I love to be able to use the app the cool thing about it is the story begins with the fact that this is Vizio brand they are known for innovation they are number one in cut not only customer service but customer satisfaction the people and that is my independence that is a big thing that’s a big thing people love it yet not just if you have a problem they take care of you that’s customer service and they gem them eivin’s Vizio this is not something I’m just talking about I love Vizio I do too in fact when Vizio the brand came here I went to the executives and I asked to present this brand my brother-in-law travels quite a bit over season about ten years ago he told me watch this company he bought one of the largest screens of the time from the Vizio company and he said the quality astounds him and literally they have gone on to be number one because of that quality so to be able to 4k if you shop around just looks just like a Forte for a minute do it right now for 4k and see what you are going to spend and by the way can we turn some lights down so brilliantly show off this TV this doing it spectacular here’s your 32 inch comparison here’s a 40 inch compare us okay it’s 55 inches you know what let’s do this we can probably like take 40 and a 32 and it will you bigger exactly so imagine having 4k in your home now every day there are more 4k programs that are growing and coming out on the internet every day there’s more amazing viewing opportunity for you but unless you have a 4k television you’re not going to be able to experience what that’s all about now you put that together because 4k I think it’s just part of the story you got to have the right recipe right with this TV not only even have 4k you have spatial scaling what is that that is Vizio is proprietary technology that takes anything that you’re watching and turns it into that better quality so with this television you have 5,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio deeper darker richer blacks brighter whiter white you have something insane because you can judge the quality of a television by the quality of the black levels so you have full array back lighting not just on the edges but full array black back line what does that mean you have algorithms that are written into every single pixel in this television that are adjusting and adapting and interpreting the video that is on the screen now what does that mean for you and for you and I that means that that when you’re watching sports you see that fast action you see that love rhythm drop a sweat and you see it in such clarity and detail when you are watching a video video as we just saw there what happens is that video is in that fast-moving action and it is literally processing it as you’re watching it so it is really a stunning technology again as you are watching the footage you have to realize you have active zones there’s ten active zones that are here that are displaying for you what amazing detail and quality and clarity there is so the technology not only in the 4k but coming to you with all of these these proprietary benefits and and technologies from Visio come together to put an experience in front of your eyes that is nothing short of extraordinary small bezel large size on that 55 is a look at the colors coming through you know why because it literally interprets the color it even has a ambient light sensor so as we just were giving the lights in the studio it knows think about it the TV knows that your lights have been dimmed in the room and it automatically adjusts the pixel quality adjust to the ambient lighting because of the sensors that are built right in it has again four HDMI ports now here’s the really cool thing because we’re going to stream some video here in just a second again you have dual Wi-Fi built right in and an eight-core processor so the reason why that’s so important is it it operates off the Wi-Fi in your home you can certainly through one of the HDMI ports hook it up to cable or you can hook it up to a DVD player if you wanted to but what is great about it is that it has such powerful Wi-Fi have such powerful processing with an octa-core engine that now you don’t have to worry about all that the frustration when it comes to you know the lag time and how’s that video going to work and is it going to be seamless the beauty of it is Visio is here with groundbreaking technology to give you an experience that is second to none second to none unbelievable opportunity this is the very first time it has been seen this is the world launch with people ordering it about 500 of you can still own this TV this TV at this price this is Vizio number one when it comes to consumer satisfaction people love this line when they get it home they really love the quality and they love the value you know there’s a lot of things to be said you know for price and this and that but what people love about this is value is about getting a great product at a great price extreme that’s what Vizio does that’s why you’re not seeing Vizio advertised all over the place because they don’t spend the money on it they don’t they do they don’t have to because it is such a word-of-mouth company now to get the 4k version with the Ultra High Definition to get not only the smart high definition TV but then to get a two-year warranty nobody else is going to get that guys even when it hits the market only here do you get the extended warranty at zero cost a year are you going to do that six flex payments okay six months a paying what is it 133 dollars it’s 55 inches exactly if you do the HSN card then please do that because you get zero interest it works out to be $66 because you have one entire year this time next year you’re going to be writing your your last $66 payment and you’ve been experiencing 4k and trust me once you see it you’ll know the difference once you experience 4k it is seamless you virtually see no pixelation whatsoever and that’s the beauty of it because now you’re going to have quality that is literally unsurpassed so as we go in I just want you to realize here what you are going to cheat on her remote and get a remote with it right right so with that you can turn it on you can you can switch if you wanted to different visuals when it comes to you know your normal or your wide range view but once you start using the app I think you are going to be absolutely blown away it’s year it’s true so now if we go into we just go into the main menu we are going to cast to the screen so what you see on your remote which is your smartphone whatever smartphone you have you now see here so what is here is here and the way this will work for you at home is that you just choose your programming your program pops up you just look at your phone which is great you don’t even in stead then from here I’m going to just take you into that Smart cast so now what is it that you want to watch do you want to watch a TV show well look at this you are going to have thousands of television show options so it is processing for us what type of TV show would you like to watch well think about this you could watch maybe maybe you want to watch an adventure movie maybe you want to watch a something for the kids maybe you want to watch a popular TV show look what happens you now have anything that you want to watch at your disposal anything from you know last night’s Real Housewives free TV series maybe you want to watch comedy TV shows think about this movies anything that you want to watch you now choose popular movies maybe you want to watch something that is brand-new maybe you want to watch a free movie look at all these free movies that are available comedy movies it thinks intuitively like you do now what does this mean never have to set a DVR never have to go to a movie store rental a rental movie and pay a late fee never have to worry about what the kids are watching because they could have designated channels or apps we call them you choose anything that you want to watch and literally you are going to be able to enjoy that in your own home with literally using your phone it’s amazing it is I want to give you the exact dimensions of this because I know a lot of you are going where am I going to put this in my house will it fit on my wall okay so here you go 49 inches in terms of your width your height 30 point 7 inches it is 10.

5 inches deep but that is just because of the stand okay the rest of it is just a couple of inches so with the stand is 49 inches wide 28.3 inches high and 2 point 9 inches deep and it weighs just a smidge over 32 pounds look at that screen they imagine in your wildest dreams being able to say I own a 55 inch TV clopin – girls are like freaking out TV right now this is good high snow Kevin 99.

95 right I mean truly right you shop around because you could get without the interface without 4k just 1080 you’d be lucky to find $7.99 on the size of a television now let’s talk about what Vizio does – not always in fortune not only is it going to deliver that quality for you but you know what Vizio is going to stand behind it only here at HSN they’re going to do not want it but a two-year warranty so big it’s huge I mean would you pay extra for that exactly you know what I have to tell you hand on heart they stand behind it because my hairdresser Jim ordered a Vizio television he moved it worked great for about two months and then he moved it and when he moved it he couldn’t get the connection and I said Jim don’t don’t call it let me come over there I called the customer service I didn’t tell them I work here for HSN that we sell Vizio TVs I just called because I wanted to experience it myself would you know and see what it was like I stayed on the up on the phone with a technician we rebooted it we reset it they couldn’t solve the problem you know what they did they sent him a brand new that was a 50-inch they sent him a brand new 50-inch television I’ve lived that experience that is why they are number one not only in customer service but in customer satisfaction because he was happy and I was happy and everybody talks about how great a zero is that’s why they don’t advertise because they don’t need to we’re going to go to Texas because everything is bigger in Texas especially the TVs because anna has not one but two coming to her house thank you for joining us I can’t wait for you to get this home oh thank you guys and not for me they’re going to be building supernational no bug rescue in Colorado oh what a big part you have that is so wonderful yeah they’ll go over really well with locsin for them oh I think it’s going to be huge at the auction can you imagine although I’m just going to tell you Anna do not plug it in do not look at it okay completely different it’s true it’s true this is amazing them in the back good idea that is so wonderful and I’m glad it was the right price and especially I think what you’re going to find at the auction is people know Vizio and I bet it boosts up money great quality great clone is world-renowned for that quality Anna I’m thrilled for the people you’re going to be giving it to thanks for shopping with Emma and I hope you make a ton of money for them okay I hope so Siri to run a good con fantastic thank you so much for calling in thank you so much and guys I mean literally with people calling it maybe about four hundred and seventy left before these completely sell out this is the first airing that you’re seeing right here this is not just Vizio this is Vizio with a two-year warranty that nobody else is going to get one answer market this is the world launch this is brand new this is not today’s or yesterday’s technology is the this is tomorrow’s this is tomorrow’s and it because it’s not even out there yet it’s literally just our cake but it’s not just a 4k that is super-sized at 55 inches it is the Vizio quality once again can you just talk about the features Li absolutely it really this is I know you’re looking at the price code there’s no way a 55 inch 4k right at this price with a big name right with Vizio and with vizio is 2 year warranty it’s only here at HSN that’s another 120 dollar value so with this television if you let’s go a little left brain right you can your eyes will tell you the truth if your right brain because you can see it it’s amazing but let’s go left brain so you got 4k if you if you want four checklist of the hottest features on any television you want to buy her you talk to the most savvy techy person that you know in your family these are this is what they’re going to tell you you want to go 4k if you can afford it any any electronic expert will tell you go 4k because it’s buying for the future you’re gonna have a TV that you’re going to use for the next 20 years if you are or somebody that really cares about detail guess what Vizio has algorithms that are written inside the pixels that adjust and adapt to the video that is on the screen it’s like having an interpreter you’re speaking in Italian and it interprets it suddenly you know here it is in English it’s amazing interpreting what is happening on the screen now I think one of the most significant things about this television and any expert will tell you is the full array led the you can measure the quality of a television by the quality of the lighting of the the backlighting that you have you don’t have edge lighting you have every single one of the full array 10 different panels if you will 10 10 different areas that are going to be interpreting with the algorithms on the inside the video on the screen there’s light sensors so as we dim the lights in the studio it knows that the lights are going down and it automatically adjusts the light you don’t have to monkey around with the remote control because guess what there’s no more remote control you don’t even need it because now you can just use your app the beauty of it is now you are going to have a 5,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio what does that mean I just said you can judge the quality of a television by the black levels that’s the difference 5,000,000 to 1 is the difference in the deepest darkest richest black and the brightest whitest white on that butterfly that’s the variance that you have now what does that mean for you in real life that means you salivate when you see that chocolate being poured on that strawberry that’d be right that means you feel like you’re sitting at the 50-yard line of that ballgame because it’s almost football season where you have the best seat now and speaking of sporting events because you’re operating right here off your phone you record videos of your kids how much do you have on your phone hello right to the TV right guys love this if you want it come and get it we have very limited quantities left Lea what fun it’s been I know so exciting to look good and you’ll be able to use it with our today’s special it’s up next


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