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Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph Phone Review

Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph Phone Review

this is motorola triumph with virgin mobile service is a $35 a month service and this is just a quick review letting you know what i think of it and how it works out basically it’s an android 2.2 point2 phone they haven’t issued an update for it yet I don’t know if they ever will it’s a fairly fast and smart phone so it could handle the newer version of Android if they wanted to give you one it’s got this kind of neat menu that you can zip through for texting it works great for phone calls it works pretty good sometimes I can’t hear what people are saying and sometimes calls drop but you never know if that’s that’s you or them so it’s it’s okay as a phone great for texting the internet is fairly slow so let’s just take a look at the internet so if we go and we do a search on the internet let’s look for kawasaki kz1000 all right so this is this is not using Wi-Fi I turned off the Wi-Fi in my house so we could see just how fast it is so let’s say let’s go to Wikipedia look at the Kawasaki page waiting waiting waiting my experience with the internet is that it has been super slow so it’s unlimited internet it but it doesn’t work particularly fast it’s not not painfully slow sometimes it is painfully slow today it’s pretty good so here we get a picture we get a description of kz1000 right good putting sighs so not bad and you can see this is a 800 x 600 screen and the resolution really is pretty good for reading yeah that’s pretty there we go really pretty good for reading and for mobile browsing the screen is bigger than you would get on a knife so in that respect it’s good and if you have it connected to Wi-Fi then it does wireless pretty fast of course all your favorite apps are on there you can get facebook you can get yahoo mail it has a full version of the Google Play Store so that’s a good thing some some Android phones don’t give you the real google store but this one does so you can pretty much get whatever you want on it and that’s really all I have to say about other than there is a mini SD card slot on the side so you can put up to 32 gigabytes of memory in it and use it as a media player and it works works well as a music player and I haven’t really watched any movies on it i’m watching youtube videos it works pretty well with the big screen so overall you know for 35 bucks a month it’s good value just be prepared for the internet to be kind of slow when you’re out and about depending on where you go


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