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Video Editing and PC Gaming on a 40″ 4K HDR TV

Video Editing and PC Gaming on a 40″ 4K HDR TV

Hey guys! Whats up? Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about a TV and if we can actually edit and game on it. So one of the things I always do on a Sunday, ever since I was a little kid is get on Best Buy and check out their ads, and I came across a TV through Best Buy that was on sale and it was a UN6290 40″ Samsung television.

This baby is 4K, its a smart tv, it has HGR pro or plus – one of those. I’ve been wanting to go into a bigger monitor anyways. I’ve been doing a lot more gaming. I have been using an LG monitor widescreen and this thing is beautiful.

I love gaming on it, I love editing on it, everything about this monitor is perfect for what I need. However, my girlfriend got a gaming PC and when we are on our downtime we play next to each other and I brought in a 40″ TV for her and I’m there on my 34″ looking at her screen and I’m thinking like “I need one of those!” So thats what compelled me to atleast try it out, cause I was thinking, “What if I can find a TV that gives me that awesome gaming that I want, but also, I can use the same screen and real estate for editing.

I was like hmmm.” I’ve done this before and it didn’t work. I was like I’ve got to at least try it. So, I took a trip out to Best Buy and I grabbed 2 of these babies; one for me and one for my girl. I know she has a 40″ but its always good to have both that look the same.

Again, that’s a problem I have. So right out of the box this thing looks beautiful. It has the bezzle look. Right now it’s on a stand, but I most likely will put it on the wall if I keep it. So lets get into it.

This baby is capable of giving you a full blown 4K image as well as a UHD image. Color reproduction on this TV – beautiful! But if you do go out and buy this TV or any other TV like this, you have to go through a couple stages.

I actually read through a couple forms for this. Here are some tips for you if you do decide to get one of these TV’s. Go into Nvidia settings or your graphic settings. Make sure that you are on RBG and make sure that you are on full and not limited.

And make sure the dynamic range is set to 0-255 and that’s going to make a huge difference when you play back video or when you’re editing to video. One more setting for you. In order to achieve any of these setting I’m even telling you, you have to do this – make sure that you go into your video display settings in your TV.

Go into UHD color. Make sure that’s clicked and set to “on,” this way your graphic card can push the full color for UHD into the TV. Holy cow! So here we go! Gaming! This baby is phenomenal. I thought gaming on a wide screen 34″ was top notch – forget about it! Gaming on a 40″ screen right in front of you is beautiful.

Okay, so I did a side by side between this and my 34″ and the color, for me, was identical. Couple tweaking here and there was all I needed, but above all, blacks are deep, color is beautiful, on par to the same as my 34″ LG monitor.

Gaming on this thing is just breathtaking; the size, the color, the detail, it just brings the gaming fun into gaming. So this wraps up a quick, quick overview of using a TV in replacement of my 34″ monitor for gaming as well as for editing.

So what do I think of it? I’m going to start using this thing as my daily driver and we’ll go from there because I never thought I’d be parting ways with my 34″ monitor, but this baby so far takes the cake.

I’ll keep you guys updated with reviews, but this is my initial review slash overview, I guess, but anybody out there who maybe seen this TV on Best Buy or is looking for a TV to maybe replace their monitor but they’re not sure to jump because you always here you shouldn’t or you should or theres not enough stuff out there for people who actually use this professionally.

.. I am telling you – do it! So that’s it for me guys! This TV blows me out the water! I’m going to keep using it as my daily driver here for the next few months to see how it goes, but if you have one, if you have any questions about this TV leave your comments below! Hit that like button for support and don’t forget to subscribe guys! I’ll see you in the next video.


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