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Video Camera Review of the Rosdeca 2.7k, Is it Good for the Price?

Video Camera Review of the Rosdeca 2.7k, Is it Good for the Price?

Hey you and welcome. My name is Dan  in this whole video we’re going to   review the Rosdeca 2.7k video camera so  let’s give it a go, you and I, come on! This camera comes with an external microphone  lens cover lens hood hdmi cable usb cable   remote dust bag user manual very good  handheld stabilizer and two rechargeable   lithium batteries i do recommend buying  a tripod stand to help take solid shots   i bought this camera to do my outdoor takes  in 2.

7 k and 1080p here i’m recording at 720p   i believe the image quality seen in the video  speaks for itself the colors are brilliant   and not muted contrast levels are actually  very high so shadows do not look washed out   now here’s the same shot taken at 1080p again  it is best to use this camera with a tripod   i chose a subject matter because i want to see if  the camera would pick up the brightness of the car   in direct sunlight as well as the detail in the  shadows without having the shadows washed out   now here’s the same shot at 1520p or 2.

7  k all of these shots have the anti-shake   technology turned on from the camera  and i’m using the handheld stabilizer   let’s check out this camera 16x zoom function let’s see how the camera handles  with this glare from the sun   as well as the dark shadows in  the car here i’m testing at 1080p let’s see if there’s any  difference at the 2.

7 k resolution now let’s try it out with  indoor lighting on my dog ushimi with the ip touchscreen it’s  easy to change the settings let’s see how it records with the  anti-shake technology turned off   and this is the exact same scene with the  anti-shake technology turned on this camera   comes with two microphones there’s an external  one that’s on top and there’s also an internal one   okay here’s sound with the attached mic and it’s  made to pick up sounds in front of the camera this is sound with the internal mic  next let’s try out the camera’s ir function other features with this camera are time lapse  and slow motion i found it at amazon for less   than a hundred dollars and i’ve included  a link in the description in case you want   to check it out hey hopefully you found this  video both helpful and entertaining if you did   please give it a thumbs up and also subscribe  to the channel if you haven’t done so already   also i love to read your comments down below so  if you have any questions leave them down below   and i’ll make sure i get to them as soon  as i can thank you very much and bye bye!


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