Home Phone Reviews Verykool s5511 Juno — Android Smart Phone Review

Verykool s5511 Juno — Android Smart Phone Review

Verykool s5511 Juno — Android Smart Phone Review

hey Dave Taylor here again and if you haven’t been paying attention there’s a whole world of Android phones that are coming out that aren’t from the big companies that are not Samsung’s or htcs but they’re really good and they’re incredibly well priced so here’s a samsung galaxy note 4 it’s a very nice phone has a very nice display system it’s a 5.

7 inch screen without a contract this baby is going to run you six hundred and fifty dollars if you can even find one by contrast this company called info sonics who sell under the very cool brand name they just released this s 5511 Juno Quattro and as you can see it’s also a very nice phone it’s very thin it has a 5.

5 inch screen which is exactly the same size as the iphone 6 plus as it turns out but this guy is you ready for this it’s a hundred and sixty bucks with no contract off of amazon com and it comes with really everything that you could possibly want including a one point three gigahertz quad-core CPU it runs Android 4.

4 KitKat so it’s not lollipop but i’m sure that’s coming down the pipeline soon it runs full 4g so what’s 4g 4g is the data network the most the fastest data network we have right now which gives you 20 1 megapixel dumb sorry 21 megabit down and 5.

7 megabits per second up so quite speedy has an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera external memory so here’s again part of what makes this really kind of radical is that we’re used to especially if you’re buying stuff from Apple you’re used to having to figure out how much memory you want on the device and then paying honestly through the nose for with this guy you can go buy a t-flash little tiny card like a little tiny SD card you can put 32 gig in this for 15 bucks that’s it so seriously you gotta wonder about what the deal is with all these companies oh and by the way the iphone 6 plus with a 5.

5 inch screen you know how much it is without a contract 799 dollars this is a hundred and sixty so honestly you could buy what five of these and you’d still actually have enough money to buy a pair of headphones so what else this also has an FM radio and i gotta say i go to the gym a lot and the FM radio is really great because in the gym they have all these different tvs running and they have FM transmitters so on initial glance you think who the heck needs FM on a modern phone the answer is actually there are situations where it’s a really nice little addition to just I’m sure it’s just a chip and they just say oh we’ll put this extra set of little tiny i sees in this corner and it’s functional so I’m the unit again the S 5511 Juno is five point nine inches by three inches it’s a third of an inch thick I’m sure you can see that’s pretty thin five point six ounces oh and because they actually are their own manufacturer you can do things like pop off this bright magenta case if I can do it without having my fingernails break so trust me on this you can pop the case off not able to do it at this moment but you can pop this off and they also include a black case so you don’t like the magenta or frankly you could probably just hand paint this and make this really custom for 160 bucks this is not a vast and massive investment in electronics and at 5.

5 inches this is getting really close to the size of an iPad Mini or one of those other little like 7-inch tablets which really aren’t quite seven inches diagonally so 160 bucks on amazon com unlocked it’s the very cool s 5511 juno quattro android phone and I gotta say I’ve seen a lot of other stuff from very cool and they always impress the heck out of me it’s mostly because they really jam in all the features all the capabilities that you want everything we’ve come to expect from these other vendors like Samsung but at an incredibly small fraction of the price so if you really can handle having an you know a third-party brand and not being one of the one of the followers who has to get that big brand in your pocket then you really should check out very cool so this is dave taylor and it’s time for me to figure out if i can put all of these together and get one really big fold-up tablet wouldn’t that be cool but more seriously the very cool is in fact very cool and i’ll see you in my next video


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