Home PC Reviews VDO360 | 1see Camera – Walkthrough and Showcase! #webcam #distancelearning

VDO360 | 1see Camera – Walkthrough and Showcase! #webcam #distancelearning

VDO360 | 1see Camera – Walkthrough and Showcase! #webcam #distancelearning

What’s up Danny Hayasaka with Call One, Inc helping people do their business better and we have another webcam for you today and so today we have the VDO 360 a 1see camera all right so there it is all right and this guy is a 1080p usb 2.

0 cable here is 1.5 meters in length it’s got the ability to connect to like a tripod or a mount you can attach this to your top of your monitor as well and this guy here kind of spins around moves around so that’s kind of a nice feature but a really great feature is it’s got its own little usb hub in the back there and that allows you to plug in a you know charger for like your mobile device or anything else that you want to charge up plug it in there you can charge it at the same time as you’re using this camera but you know let’s plug it in you guys and let’s take a look and see see what this thing actually looks like all right so I’m back and so I have the VDO 360 1see camera connected and it was really really simple I just took the usb a cable plugged it in and it just works right so that’s always a plus the other thing is remember I showed you that little usb hub in the back so what I’ve done is I’ve connected a yamaha yvc 200 speaker to the back of this camera and I’m able to use this speaker with that camera and you know I guess that’s why they have a bundle so if you didn’t know yamaha ybc200 and the video 361c is available as a bundle so you can order both together but if you just need the camera it’s less than 100 bucks right so I think msrp is 75 bucks so I’m sure you can get it for less than that or I don’t know maybe you can I don’t know all I know is msrp is 75 bucks I don’t know what the cost is for this particular bundle but it can’t be that much more because you know yamaha makes these great little products and they’re able to provide great value right so here is the video quality of this camera it’s a 70 degree field of view 1080p so it is designed for those one-on-one conversations right so it’s not designed to capture an entire room it’s designed for what we’re doing right now so everybody’s sitting at home communicating over video whether it’s zoom microsoft teams cisco webex google meet go to meeting or the plethora of other web-based meeting platforms this is yet another option available to you you want to check it out we’ll put you know some links in the description box below if you like this type of video don’t forget to like subscribe comment below let us know what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to make it thanks


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