Home PC Reviews (Updated) DELL New XPS 8700 Review and Unboxing – HD

(Updated) DELL New XPS 8700 Review and Unboxing – HD

(Updated) DELL New XPS 8700 Review and Unboxing – HD

hey guys I went ahead and updated the review and unboxing of the Dell XPS 8700 because on my first video of the review and unboxing I mean I saw other people’s comments and reviews will not reviews I saw other people’s comments and opinions and I I agreed with them like I looked over the video and I saw you know I needed to change this up a bit I need to redo it so that’s what I went ahead and did so now you’re gonna get to the unboxing and I’m gonna try to make it as short as possible so once you open it you get this layer of a box which is you know pretty thin oh and the weight with the keyboard and everything well the keyboard is kind of optional I think it comes standard but you can have it you know you can be option eyes it if that makes any sense so once you open it up you get a little pouch right here with um with a keyboard I mean Mouse and it has a sensitivity control thing right here so you don’t have to go into your settings and adjust the sensitivity which is pretty cool you get a power cable by the way all this stuff was bad I just unbagged it cuz I didn’t want to put the plastic back on and stuff this I didn’t on bag you know because I don’t really need this it’s a DVI handle a focus its a DVI to VGA but I highly suggest not using VGA because it’s analog and you should be using a digital connection but I mean whatever works for you manuals quick start guide and drivers and then the keyboard is will get it opened is a multi a multimedia Dell award I mean it works pretty good and now to the main event yeah as you can see I mean it does have a little smudges because I’ve took it out of the box and put it back in a few times but what wouldn’t when it comes like and you first unbox it it’s just really sleek like no smudges on it and it looks really good so I’m just gonna pause the video and then I’ll come back once I’ve got it out of the box okay I took the computer out of the box and as you can see it looks pretty nice so what we have on the front panel is a multi card reader which comes in pretty handy a DVD / CD drive and then another port where you can put another one that’s necessary and then two USB 3.

0 ports and then on the top here you have a little place where you can put flash drives and things and then two USB 2.0 and one is meant for charging I think right there and then there’s a headphone jack and microphone jack and on the back here yeah Ethernet 2 USB 2.

0 2 USB 3.0 another 2 USB 2.0 HDMI port DisplayPort some other stuff H no that’s DVI and then let another HDMI so let’s get into the specs here focus all right processor is an Intel Core i7 CPU it runs at three point four gigahertz which is pretty good the install of memory is eight gigabytes of RAM I have 64-bit Windows 7 because I mean I don’t want to start like a huge comment war but I mean I prefer see a Windows 7 I mean it’s just personal preference so and then the graphics card is an AMD Radeon 75 70 which I mean it’s ok but if you want to do gaming on games such as battlefield 3 and other things like that then at least I highly suggest upgrading because the reason why oh and that’s one more thing I’m really really sorry but I cannot get you any gameplay in this video I really wanted to but I forgot to opt the settings for this one I bought it to make it have a higher graphics card but I’m gonna order a new one in the next month so I can get you a lot of a lot of gameplay and then in the next month I will get you like tons of games and then yeah here’s the games that I have them I have minecraft Euro Truck Simulator and Team Fortress 2 which I don’t really play that much I mean they’re all they’re all pretty good games I mean really good names except for Team Fortress 2 I kind of suck at it but yeah I was thinking about getting a gtx 660 so in the comments you know please tell me your suggestions on what kind of graphics card as you get cuz I mean as you could tell from the background I’m a really big fan of battlefield so I want to be able to play battlefield 4 on pretty high high settings but yeah so I will post a link in the description to delcom so you can see more more specs on it because I just went over the main ones so yeah that has been the review and unboxing for the Dell XPS 8700 and I hoped you liked it and don’t forget to Like and subscribe for more gameplay in the next month and again I’m really sorry that I can’t get it to you now but yeah I just don’t have the games I don’t have the right graphics card so yeah and tell me tell me what you I mean like and give me suggestions on how I should do that of how I should you future videos and what should I improve on and do differently alright thanks


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