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Unboxing Smart TV Panasonic Viera AS600

Unboxing  Smart TV Panasonic Viera AS600

and then guys youtube today’s event will bring you a boxing from panasonic came to s600 39 inch series it is a full hd tv and has several very interesting functions through the internet access via a 32 inch tv and i will do it a little differently here than you normally see a box and I will show you how to box and I will open the TV quickly and install it and then I will show it to update also installed which I think will be much more interesting is to show here because it will be bad to get it to you is a bit heavy too so I’m going to open it and then I show you how the television is it is also a television can be controlled by smartphone so it has a lot of interesting features like chat bond but I’ll show you all of that, then the first one just voted here then open after assembling I show you more and then guys we came back here and now tv is already assembled here our panasonic smart tv of having 13 9 inches is how you can see a reasonably large 39 inch tv but the most interesting thing about it is its internet access as I will be able to show you already have some very interesting resources how you can customize your screen is and watch your screen with some others resources back you can watch television over there centralized as you can see you can put it to the right for example a chat you can customize by putting a clock or any other kind of thing but you can, for example, vote in the right bar a chat with facebook and with this talking to people is while you watch your schedule and then is another very interesting thing of this television in my view are your apps as you can see there are many apps here that you can download this downloaded way and if you will see on the screen but you can go on store and download much more for example here already came to install on netflix and youtube came link the chat theme I was telling you is to put a chat in the right bar you can also access the skype you can put a camera is and chat via video is this model not comes with camera some if I’m not mistaken they are already coming with camera but they don’t see you can also see weather forecast you can do the mirroring in the your phone or tablet is to show on television you also have a browser the action show you web browser that I think is the biggest differentiator as you can see it looks like a computer browser that will loading the page and then I found it very interesting this side you can also it’s like i said is to download more apps i’m going to show you now directly from the panasonic app store you make the connection here with the store it has connection via cable or also one and makes already included is you don’t need to buy a wifi adapter which is like happened in older models of panasonic itself for example so what you will see several applications is for you to download since 2010 season deadline videos is up to games is thing about sport is something for children news weather health and more you just you have to call to create a panasonic account this is how it happens in any app store don’t know you have an account and you can download it is me I’m not sure but I think you can also upload your photos to the computer in your panasonic account and watching television i don’t know if this works on all models but some models work i haven’t tested if it works on this model so it’s a detail of it is here on this bar and aluminum is not that it makes the model a very beautiful look her foot is a different foot is a very cool foot so the model a death is very thin which makes the shows look a little more so let’s say mainly this tummy and aluminum here you also come with a luminance sensor that doesn’t even reflect on the a gain of rail or decrease in cold depending on the light of the environment you is here to show quickly I don’t know if it’s getting good because of the light but it has two usb inputs two hdmi inputs and it is two video inputs two antenna inputs is also has input for stereo is like the home digital theater and also on the other side right in the corner has also left energy that is not that output is fixed is how the new models come which is the car that you hook in there that already comes in the box that you hook and you can leave watching so I think here I will show you with the control of panasonic is i have i have seen two models is not so much the smart tv as not panasonic smart tvs beyond that panasonic control seems to me a standard for science but it has some changes for example in this model the netflix button is very evident showing that it’s panasonic’s interest that people have access to movie rental on the tv itself is so here you can access the apps even the clothes that the one I showed where the screen appears and some more apps on the side here you can see the programming guide here you have a recorder right if i’m not mistaken you have to put a USB stick or external hard drive to record is it has no memory for you to record internally there is a direct button for chat change, which is the one I said in the sidebar it becomes a chat for example facebook you can also see your connections as here you have two hdmi connections two to watching and television is a full hd television i think what i had to say i already talked about boxing if you want more about this tv i can do a complete analysis only you ask for a description of the video that maybe I bring you is a complete analysis to finish here i will show you a manual is normal very simple with the features it comes in the box so this is the manual that comes in the box I think it will not be I know a lot we don’t look but just to say it’s in the control box the batteries the television and the manual so this was a boxing today I hope that you liked it if you liked it don’t forget to rate the video too comment down here you want a more complete analysis of this image panasonic tv players can also leave your questions about television or about some other panasonic model of a brand motel is if you want opinion from which tv to buy also left any doubts about this model below of television that I can choose if I will clarify for you so I hope you liked it thick it was guys I went


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