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Unboxing Setup & Review of Toshiba Fire TV Edition

Unboxing Setup & Review of Toshiba Fire TV Edition

hey everybody its Nabeel Mulla with you here again today today I’m here to show you the toshiba fire TV edition 43 inch 4k Ultra HD TV this is model number 43LF621U19 this TV features a voice remote with Alexa built-in it has DTS studio sound Dolby audio Onkyo speakers and HDMI inputs this is a liquid crystal display TV with direct LED backlights this TV features 2160p screen resolution 60 hertz panel refresh rate 3 HDMI inputs one of which is an ARC input one composite input one digital output one antenna or cable input one headphone jack one USB inside the box you’re gonna get a voice remote with Alexa two AAA batteries for the remote you get the TV stand screws to screw in the TV stand quick set-up guide and important safety information sheet the product specs it’s a 42.

5 inch screen diagonally the dimensions with the stand are 23.9 inches high 38.1 inches wide and 9.1 inches deep if you’re hanging it on the wall without the stand that dimensions are 22.5 inches high 38.

1 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep it weighs eighteen point seven pounds this TV has the fire TV experience built in it says you can access your favorite content all through one home screen this has lots of apps built in Netflix prime video Hulu PlayStation Vue HBO and more you can also see a diagram with the different inputs on the back of the TV there you can see the USB input HDMI one HDMI 2 HDMI 3 digital output which is the optical cable and the headphone jack so when you open up the box first thing you get are these instructions on how to remove the TV safely as with all TV’s these days you don’t want to touch the screen here’s a look at the remote control it’s got four app buttons on there alright so when you open up the box you grab the two little handles there’s handles built-in to the bag and you just lift the TV out after you’ve got the TV out next thing you’ll get in the Box are two feet for the stand and you get two bags of screws batteries and all the paperwork including setup instructions and the setup instructions also come in Spanish so to set up the TV you want to put it facedown on a soft flat surface remove the bag then you’re going to get the feet of for the stand if you’re gonna use it on a tabletop and you just need a phillips head screwdriver and each foot has two screws that you’re gonna screw in and here’s a look of how it looks underneath don’t forget to peel off the protective film on the feet so it’s same thing on the other side two screws go in and your feet are on there you can see the cat Mr.

Smoke this TV has the power cord built into it so it’s not a separate attachment here you’ve got all the inputs on the side of the back side of the TV and there’s some underneath that panel as well once you get it plugged in you’re gonna have to immediately get it hooked up with the internet with the Wi-Fi and it’ll do an update and here you go you’re you’re already on the home screen now I want to show you one thing I don’t like about this is the remote control you’ll notice there’s no channel up or down on the remote so you have to hit the TV button on the remote which then brings up a channel menu like a guide which has commercials all over it who wants to have ads on their TV that they just paid for I could see if it was a free TV but that’s really annoying it’s like every couple of channels there’s an ad so yeah you have to cycle through the channels to pick what you want that’s the easiest way to do it.

“…purpose these questions along with many more about Stonehenge remain shrouded in mystery.” Another major issue I have with it is your choice of apps I thought this was gonna have every app you could think of available however it doesn’t you can’t even get YouTube on this so if you want to watch YouTube on this TV you’re gonna have to download an internet browser as an app and then use YouTube on the internet browser instead of its own app which is kind of annoying the other thing you can do is attach a chromecast but I mean you got the TV because it’s a smart TV it’s just wrong to not have YouTube on there other than that the sound seems okay the picture seems okay we had an issue with Netflix where it wasn’t letting us login so we had to uninstall it and install it again don’t like the remote don’t like the navigation don’t like that it doesn’t have YouTube other than that it’s okay that’s the review of it hope you enjoyed the video if you want to give us a thumbs up that’ll be awesome if you want to subscribe that would be awesome too and you can check out all my other videos enable notifications and I will catch you on the next video


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