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TV ad | LG G4 Phone Review (FULL MOVIE) | Three

TV ad |  LG G4 Phone Review (FULL MOVIE) | Three

Jackson: OK Here we are out in the woods. How are you feeling about it Steve? Steve: Pretty excited, it’s my first time camping. Just a sec… …and action. Here we are test driving the LG G4 as you can see they’ve kept the iconic placement of the buttons on the back and it’s got great GPS so we won’t get lost! OK? Let’s go.

Steve: My feet hurt. Steve: Jackson? Jackson? Jackson!? Come and have a look at this. (loud scary noise!) Mwahahahahahhaha… WAZOO! I got ya Steve! Hahahaha Steve: That’s not funny man. Jackson: Oh c’mon, it’s only a bit of fun.

There? There. Steve: Perfect OK. So, The G4 has a great camera with loads of amazing features for all you budding photographers out there. Let’s check it out. Jackson: (murmurs) white balance Steve: Hang on Steve: What’s that? Jackson: ooooo I love it! Steve: no, no, no, don’t touch it, don’t touch it! Jackson: hahaha look! It’s a skellington Steve.

Steve: Tomorrow morning, last shot then we go home yeah? Jackson? What are you doing? Jackson: errr I’ve ordered pizza I got you a meat feast. (Thunder and rain sound effects) Jackson: Uh-oh! Steve: Maaaan (loud scary noise!) Jackson: quick, quick, quick (strange laughing sound effects) Steve: Did you hear that? Jackson? I think heard something Jackson, what are you doing? Jackson: Oh I was just checking out the screen res on this G4 Steve: What, now? Jackson: Oh! So This is apparently 25% brighter than the average LCD screen Look at those colours, true to life.

Steve: Are you serious? Jackson: What? ow, sorry. Goodnight. Steve: Oh boy. Steve: Jackson? Jackson? (more concerned) Jackson!? (Loud scary noise!) Steve screams! Jackson!? Jackson: Oh hey Steve. You’re filming, great.

So, the other cool thing about this phone is the selfie feature. All I do is this… …and it takes a picture! Steve: I want to go home to my mum, Jackson. Jackson: O what’s the matter Steve OK, so the G4 has excellent battery life but what do you do if you run out of juice in the middle of nowhere? Well lucky for us you can switch the battery out for a spare.

Steve? Steve: What? Jackson: Spare battery? Steve: What battery? Jackson: Don’t worry Steve, it’s going to be fine. Steve: How? There’s no battery, no map. Jackson: (excited) Oh, Oh, Oh… Steve: What? Jackson:.

..GUM! Jackson: I know exactly where the car is Steve. It’s just through these trees and around that corner… Jackson: (intrigued) ooooooo Steve: (worried) What’s that? Jackson: That’s perfect, we can charge the phone in there.

Steve: No… Jackson: I can’t believe the door was open. Steve: O my days… Jackson: Hellloooo Steve: Jackson? Jaaaackson? (Loud scary noise!) Steve: (whispers) Jaaaacksooonnn Jackson: I got some juice Steve! (Strange laughing noises) Children! This is so exciting! Jackson: Steve? Come up here, it’s where the noises are coming from Steve: Jackson.

..Jackson It’s in here! Jackson, don’t go in there please (door creeks) Jackson: Oh, hey little girl We’re doing a piece on the LG G4. What are you doing here? Girl: (demonic voice) I want to play. Jackson: With the new LG? (demonic scream!) Jackson: Woo-hoo! Jackson: Oh Steve, isn’t this fun! (Steve pants in fear) (Jackson laughs) (Demonic screams) Jackson: Whoooo Jackson: Steve, this way.

Jackson: Oh, I’ve got a stitch. Jackson: Soooo, still no sign of Steve… …but I’m sure he’ll turn up real soon… Anyway, all in all a solid performance from the LG G4. Sweet camera, great photos and an above average battery life.

Everything you’d expect and more from a handset at this price point. Thanks for watching. Ohhh, hi there…


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