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Trying The Cheapest Smartphones on Amazon

Trying The Cheapest Smartphones on Amazon

– Hey, guys, this is Austin. And this is the cheapest smartphone available on Amazon, the Pocophone F1. Just kidding, this is for obscenely rich people. These are the actual cheapest smartphones we could find on Amazon with Prime shipping.

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Starting out with, we have the Blu Advance A4, one of the more popular options on Amazon, at $55 with nearly a thousand reviews. Inside, you will find a quad core processor, but it’s backed up by only 512 megabytes of RAM, eight gigs of storage, as well as the brand new and incredibly cutting edge Android 6.

0. Yeah. Okay. That’s some very high-end packaging. Wow, I hope the battery’s not in this, because this is incredibly light. Wow. So believe it or not, this is actually a four-inch display, which at one time was considered large for a smartphone, but this, this just seems tiny.

Wow, we actually have a lot of accessories. So not only is there a battery, but there’s also a case. We’ve got our micro USB for charging, as well as our power adapter, and is that a screen protector? All right, not bad for 55 bucks.

Next up, we have the Kenxinda V5, at a whopping $51. Now, this one, this one’s got a little bit of a higher spec I think. Yeah, look at that. We’ve got a full one gig of RAM, a 1500 milliamp hour battery, as well as Android 7.

0. That’s actually a lot better than six, at least. Oh wow. That’s very white. Okay, all right. Oh wait, it’s gold on the back? For style, it’s definitely a little bit of a unique look. This is also another four-inch phone, which by 2018 standards feels absolutely tiny.

But I’ve got to say, I actually kind of don’t hate it. I miss the days of smaller smartphones. Pop open the box and we have the charger with an attached micro USB cable, as well as, look at that, we’ve got ourselves a headphone.

A pair of headphones, to be more specific. That’s very impressive. And what is I hope a package, yes, that has a headphone jack. I knew that. Last but not least, we have the DOOGEE X10S. Now, with a massive budget of $62, this is the most expensive phone here, but if you take a look at the specs, it actually doesn’t look too bad.

So on top of having a five-inch display instead of four-inch, we do have a much larger 3300 milliamp hour battery, and importantly, Android 8.1 Oreo Go Edition. Wait a minute. Oh, I thought the phone was orange for a second.

I got real excited. So wait, so not only it has a case on it, dude, this is actually a metal phone. Look at that. (tapping) Wow. So this does come with a screen protector in the box, as well as what looks like to be a charger.

In the bottom we have our micro USB cable and some random accessories that I’m never gonna read. So all three phones charged up and updated. Let’s start with the Blu Advance A4. The issue here is that this just feels ancient.

Not only is it made out of incredibly cheap plastic, but also the hardware itself just feels really out of date. Now sure, this was okay a couple years ago, but right now, there’s just better phones, even when you’re buying the cheapest things on Amazon.

The Ken phone I will definitely say has a lot of flare, kind of like the real Ken himself. So what I like about this is that it is a little bit of a unique look, right? And I think especially when you’re talking about a phone that cost you $50, that’s completely unlocked, that you can get straight from Amazon, that’s cool, but there are definitely some down sides.

And the big one is the screen. If you look at it directly head on, it’s okay, but as soon as you start tilting it off to the side, the viewing angles are, well, they leave a lot to be desired. And on top of that, this is only a 480 by 800 screen.

That resolution, my friends, should have been left in 2010 where it belongs. Not in 2018 on a, well to be fair, a $51 phone, but… Which brings us to the DOOGEE, a phone which actually feels usable in 2018.

So first of all, it’s a bigger phone. Having a five-inch display instead of a four-inch panel looks a lot nicer, and on top of that, it is a much nicer display. It is IPS, and while the actual resolution is still 480 by 854, the actual screen itself, it’s much brighter, it seems, you know, usable, and not garbage town like everything else.

It also feels pretty decent in hand. Now, yeah, it is a little bit on the heavy side, but if you pop off the back, what you do find is that massive 3300 milliamp hour battery, or sorry, 3360 milliamp hour battery which is back here.

Little side note with the DOOGEE phone, if you actually buy one of these, you actually should take off the back panel because there’s a little plastic tab which keeps the battery contacts from being connected to the phone.

There’s been a time or two where I’ve picked up a DOOGEE phone and thought it was broken, which I just had to, you know, remove that piece of plastic. Pro tip. Of course, we do have the included pair of headphones that come with the Ken phone, which means that I’ve got to, I guess I should listen to the radio, right? Does that seem fair? I mean.

.. (indistinct pop music) Is that Jesus song? I’m not doing this for no reason. I have to get service. Or, I have to get a radio station. Why am I listening to radio on a $50 phone from Amazon? This is a poor choice of my time.

This is running Android 8.1 Go Edition. Now, that’s a fairly up-to-date version of Android, but importantly it has almost no bloat ware, and there are Go-specific versions of a lot of Google apps such as Gmail, YouTube, Google, etc.

Now, these are very, very small versions of the apps, so you can kind of consider them like lightweight versions at only three to five megabytes for a lot of them, but what that means is that not only is it going to be nice on that small eight gigs of storage on board, but it also gives you a lot of other options to conserve things like data.

What’s nice about Android Go is that it is specifically meant to run on a very low-end device like this. The other phones are running standard Android, and while it kind of works, it’s actually a little bit of a smoother experience here.

Of course, no phone comparison can be complete without taking a look at the cameras. Because you know, a $50 phone on Amazon’s probably gonna have a great camera, right? So starting out with, we have the Blu Advance A4 with a five megapixel rear-facing camera.

There’s some color. There’s like some blue and some black, and a little bit of, uh, no that’s pretty much it. Not great, not too surprising, but that’s definitely not all that impressive. What we do have is not only a two megapixel front-facing camera, but it has a flash.

Ready, set, oh. That is straight potato mode. To be fair, this is one of the cheapest smartphones we could find on Amazon, but let’s step it up to the Kenxi phone. Wow, this is, that’s impressive. It literally took like five seconds to take the photo.

And that is awful. That’s not even funny. Let’s turn off HDR. Oh, we got the makeup effect. Yeah, let’s turn on the makeup effect. I feel like that’s gonna be a good move. I don’t think that qualifies as a makeup effect.

I think that qualifies as the opposite of crispy. That’s the softest photo I may have ever seen. I’m really hoping the DOOGEE’s able to pull it out for us right now, because this is really depressing.

Oh wow, this actually looks like a real camera. So I take a shot here. That’s actually perfectly respectable. I mean, it’s not super sharp. It doesn’t make any kind of modern smartphone look bad, but it is much, much better than the other two.

Switch over to that front-facing camera. Wow, look at that. There’s actual color. I mean, there’s not a lot of color, but this feels much more like a modern smartphone. I’ve got to say, this DOOGEE, for a little over $60, is really impressive, especially considering that it has that giant battery inside.

Going into this video, I had low expectations, but I gotta say, considering just how much smartphone you’re able to get for so cheap, it’s really actually not too bad. And if you’re brave enough to give the cheapest smartphones on Amazon a try, the links will be in the description.

But beware… It’s actually not that bad. It just sounds spooky and scary if I make it sound like they’re all terrible, and in fact, actually just totally reasonable, sort of decently priced, respectiful, responsible, clever choices.

Good way to spend your money.


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