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trf Online LG V10 Smart Phone Review

trf Online LG V10 Smart Phone Review

hey what’s up guys this is DJ bliss and this is something new we’re doing here on trf online today it’s the review for the all new LG v10 it’s the newest flagship smartphone from LG and we’ve been given one of the first 10 devices to try and test before its release on the 9th of December so I’ve opened the phone already but let me go ahead and show you how it works cool cover over here phones over here on this side you’ve got the charger earbuds and the charger so the first thing you know it’s got a nice big screen will do layered glass to help it getting from damage stainless steel on the sides and also LG’s got a signature power and lock button here which you could use with your index finger because they believe that you can the indexing of that with the volume controls you’ve got a 16 megapixel camera on the back also a nice cool silicone back cover which is removable it’s got a removal battery as well expandable memory that you can put in rumor has it that there’s a new 2 terabyte memory card which would also fit into here as well back to the front you’re going to notice that it actually has two screens over here one here at the bottom and another one here at the top now if I just double tap that real quick you’re going to notice that over here I can scroll through the top screen it’s a little X screen that they put over there put my name trf online on there and over here you got all your favorite apps which you can customize yourself like your gmail app your settings or your app store over here going to notice that it has two cameras in the front so you’re going to notice that one camera is a close-up and if I go ahead and click on that you can see that it’s going to be a wide angle and I can even see the camera man in the picture right now so it’s a pretty cool also if you want to take a selfie but you don’t to press any buttons we do is you hold up a hand like that and then you turn it into fists and you’ve got three seconds to smile for the picture the LG v10 has 4 GB of built-in rim and the thing that’s known for is its camera if you’re a DSLR operator you’re going to notice that this is perfect for you so you can do the volume control and decide whether you want to record from the front or the back white balance manual focus I so so you go it’s going to be released on the 9th of December in Dubai and across the Middle East it’s the new smart phone from LG it’s the v10 it’s pretty cool and we give it the thumbs up


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