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Travelwide 4×5 Camera Review!

Travelwide 4×5 Camera Review!

hey guys it’s been for Brooklyn shooters are talking about travel light 90 today it’s by wanderlust cameras it’s a large format point-and-shoot camera then the idea is that it’s light and portable and this is all that it does and they also have a 65 millimeter version that has fixed hyper focal length this 90 millimeter has a helical that lets you focus to a set of different distances so you can see it come out there and this was a Kickstarter project for wanderlust they’ve done a couple other things before this but this is the most recent thing that they’ve done there are no movements so you can’t change your focal plane you can’t adjust the lens or anything like that all you can do is focus and change shutter speeds in the aperture there are a few accessories here the camera comes basically just like this with just a viewfinder and this is removable also they have a few three cold shoes in the top here that you could add other accessories into I added this rangefinder which is what they recommend but it’s not coupled to anything so all you actually do is find your focal distance on here using the rangefinder then you have to set it manually yourself using the helical so we show you the inside of here they also developed a cool system for inserting film holders that is made to be able to happen with one hand so you can pop a film holder out with one hand and then you put it back in at a 90 degree angle just like this and just slip it under the springs it’s hard to do upside down actually but yeah the whole idea is that you can pull it out of your bag slap in a film holder take a shot and move on I use it with a couple different film holders this is a normal four by five sheet film holder it’s not loaded right now so I can show you this I also use it with a Polaroid back that takes the Fuji FD 100 or the 3000 V if you can still find that around so this is pretty cool the only thing with this is you have to take the spring off to get this film holder on and then you can’t put the dark slide back in while it’s in the camera so you have to shoot the whole set of film while it’s in there I also use this with the roll film holder back and these are made by Graflex they’re really old and they take 120 film they pop in the same way as the other four by five film holders but the dial to adjust to advance your frame fits right into the gap in the travel wide so I don’t think that was intentional but it does work really well yeah and the slide can still come in and out so you can take a shot on this switch it back to four by five take a shot on that and all you really change with that is the size of what you change there is the size of the image you’re getting it’s basically like a crop sensor where you end up not getting the image as big but that’s all so a couple of cool things about the camera that they worked really hard on where this spring back they put a lot of engineering into the tension that the spring puts on the film holders so that it feels right to you and the angle that these protrusions stick out at so you can slip the film holder underneath with one hand they put a lot of work into that and I think it actually feels really well the only tip that I have there is if you’re using the 120 backs there’s a gap right here that the spring doesn’t actually hold so you just have to make sure you’re holding that while you’re taking a shot it’s never been an issue for me they also put a lot of time and effort into the helical and getting that to focus correctly and then stay where it is without slipping there were they had a lot of problems and it took a couple years to re-engineer the helical and the plastic they were using to get it to fit properly with the right amount of clearance I think it really paid off it has also never been a problem me there was a little while where I didn’t really trust the focus on this when I got it and you have to kind of take time and calibrate it when I got the camera I didn’t exactly trust the focus and it took time to calibrate and make sure that everything was really set up properly they give you a piece of plastic textured ground glass with it to help set up your focus but the texture on it they had a big problem with also which was another delay in the process and the texture that’s there is really not that great it’s really hard to see what you’re doing so I actually took the ground glass out of one of my other four by five cameras and slipped it in here and used that to focus and that made a huge difference then I checked it on their original ground glass and it still looked good all the images I’ve gotten have look really good it’s really cool to be able to just pull this light not made of metal plastic hard body camera you just pull this out of your bag take a shot and walk away it’s I’m really into that idea of just moving through different things and being able to be portable without needing a tripod I rarely would use the movements on my four by five anyway so it’s pretty cool this is Ben for Brooklyn shooters remember to subscribe we have some more videos coming out pretty soon thanks


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