Home Camera Reviews TP-Link Tapo C200 HOME Security WiFi Camera Review

TP-Link Tapo C200 HOME Security WiFi Camera Review

TP-Link Tapo C200 HOME Security WiFi Camera Review

When come to home surveillance camera you might think of expensive yet complicated installation On my side here is the Tapo C200 IP camera from TP-Link This is a Pan Tilt Home Security WiFi camera And thanks to TP-Link Malaysia for sending this unit over for us to do a review It’s an IP Home security WiFi camera that does Pan and Tilt This camera can record up to 1,080p Full HD resolution as well as night view recording The camera can place at any location that you want to monitor and as well as ceiling mounted It comes with a bracket, screws and guide plate for easier installation Configuration would only take around 5 minutes First download the TP-Link Tapo app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store Register an account if you haven’t do so.

Follow the onscreen instruction including connecting to your WiFi enable few of the access permissions and lastly set where you will be placing the camera The camera can be accessed remotely at anywhere of the worlds as long the cameras are connected to the internet.

Yes! You can connect up to 32 cameras The Tapo C200 has motion detection where it will send notification instantly when suspicion activities detected The recording time and motion detection can be scheduled to your preference With the live feed, the Tapo C200 features two-way audio where you listen and talk back remotely ♪ Come down and eat cookies ♪ If you need some privacy, there’s also a Privacy mode that will stop recording or live stream with just a tap The Tapo C200 doesn’t require any subscription fee where all the recording will be stored locally on the camera memory card It supports up to 128GB microSD card which can record up to 16 days before it starts erasing the earlier footage Here are some locations that I place the Tapo C200 The Tapo C200 is an accessible home IP camera that you can purchase for under RM 150 No complicated installation, Full HD recording, motion detection, night mode and importantly it’s easy to setup.

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