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Tough Laptop Review & Setup Toughbook CF-53

Tough Laptop Review & Setup Toughbook CF-53

(Explosion) Hello and welcome to another episode of Bob Johnsons Computer Stuff, Inc. we are the Toughbook Experts and leading refurbishers for Panasonic Toughbooks. Now I’m your host Solly and today I will be explaining to you how to open and setup your CF-53 when you first received it in the mail.

Now for starters which you need to do is that need to identify that okay it’s coming in a package. It has foam sealant in it. There’s a invoices as well which you receive with all of your different shipments.

Next step what you have to do is you have to remove the CF-53 from the packaging. So since we’ve opened the box theres going to be some foam, there’s going to be an invoice that you want to take heed of.

We’ll set that aside for now and then of course the CF-53. Just for quality assurance of course all our products are wrapped in bubble wrap when we ship them. Now you simply just remove it from its bubble wrap.

Set the bubble wrap aside and being setting up the CF-53. So for starters to open the display of your Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 what your going need to do is your going to need to press this release. This latch right here which will release the display and now your display is open.

Next step to setting up your CF-53 is connecting it to the power AC adapter, and then turning your computer on. So which you need that you need to connect your charger or AC adapter to your computer. The port for the AC adapter is on the right side of your computer.

Next to turn on your computer the power switch is right here on top of the bezel for the keyboard press and hold this button until the indicator lights and now you have turned on for the first time the Panasonic Toughbook CF-53.

Here you have your LAN port your two USB ports. You have an HDMI IN and a VGA port for your audio and visual connectivity. You also have a DisplayPort here and here’s your exhaust fan on the back end of your Toughbook CF-53 Here is your express and PC card slot port.

This also contains the SD card memory slot. Here are your two USB ports. There are several external components to this computer that I just want to point out for a really quick. There are two speakers on the front panel beneath the display.

On the left side the computer there is a CD and DVD optical drive. The LCD is here, the power switch is right below the LCD which turns your computer on and off. The function keys run the top row of your keyboard your keyboard is full sized with your Start Menu button right here.

You also have LED indicators running the bottom row. Which indicate multiple things such as drive status, scroll lock, numerical lock, caps lock, and SD memory card status. There’s also a microphone jack and headphone jack at the bottom of your Toughbook.

Not to mention retractable handle for easy carry. The bottom side of your CF-53 battery release is right here. Your hard drive is located here. The memory card slot or RAM module slots here, and your expansion bus connector is here.

Thank you for tuning in here Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff, Inc.. We are the Toughbook Experts. I’m your host Solly and I definitely and, sincerely hope that you learned a lot today and I hope that this was some aid to you.

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