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Toshiba TVs for 2012 – Which? guide

Toshiba TVs for 2012 – Which? guide

you toshiba is one of the largest TV manufacturers in the world and they’re a brand you’re gonna come across time and again if you’re shopping for a TV on the UK high street question is why should you buy it – Sheba TV if you’re buying a TV in 2012 we’re here looking at some of the Shiva’s latest TV range these are LED sets which go in up to large sizes small sizes everything in between they also sell LCD displays as well now – Sheba isn’t known as a design brand in the way that Samsung is or Sony might be these aren’t necessarily the slimmest and most fashionable TVs but the benefit is you can often pick up a bargain if you’re shopping for a Toshiba set instead of one of the pricier brands saying that some of the 2012 models we’re now seeing have slimmer bezels than before so Toshiba certainly have their eye on design when they’re producing the latest TVs in terms of picture quality you can get full HD displays from Toshiba but interestingly enough there’s a lot more technology going into them these days the Smart TV these are TVs which can connect directly to the Internet Toshiba offers the Toshiba places platform which allows you to connect to social networks like Facebook to download videos and full movies from the internet or to download music from the Internet what are you services like YouTube you can also do clever tricks like controlling your TV’s via a tablet so instead of using a conventional remote control you can select the TV’s functions on the tablet screen itself now compared to Samsung or Sony Toshiba might not always seem like a brand you’d think of as being at the cutting edge of TV technology but in 2012 Toshiba is launching a few TVs which no one else’s including the first-ever market available glasses-free 3d TV Toshiba is also producing quad HD now quad HD or 4k offers four times the resolution of the HD sets which we’ve had on the market to date these models don’t come cheap to Sheba’s quad HD and glasses-free 3d models at 8000 pounds to buy but they are available in 2012 it’s new technology it’s interesting technology and the prices will come down eventually every year at which we put hundreds of the latest TVs through our expert testing including small models large models and everything in between and models from Toshiba so check on a twitch code at UK for all the latest TV reviews


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