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Friends, Toshiba has launched its Smart TV range in India which has HD, FULL HD, 4K, and QLED TV Range. I have this Toshiba 50-inch U50 Model with me from the past one week and I have tested it in every possible way.

So how is this new Toshiba TV? Should you buy it? And how do I actually test TV’s? I will tell you all this in my today’s video. Hello Friends, welcome to my channel VMone. My name is Vineet, and today I’ll be doing my first TV Unboxing & Review of Toshiba U50 Model.

Friends, this is a review unit and I haven’t bought it from my own money. But this doesn’t mean that this video is scripted. You, my Audience, and Toshiba Team will be watching this video for the first time.

As always let me tell you that you’re watching a SPONSORED FREE CONTENT, NO BRAND ADVERTISEMENT, and in return, if you want to support me, then please SUBSCRIBE to my channel. Now let’s go back 7 days, and watch the unboxing.

Friends let’s Unbox the Toshiba U50 TV and find out what all we get inside this huge box. You get Toshiba’s U50 model packed in this kind of box and as soon as you open it, the first thing you get on the top are the Metal Foot Stands of this TV.

Then you get a wall-mount box, which is quite heavy. And then you find the TV itself. Friends because it is a Review Unit, I’ll have to install it myself, but you must not to do it yourself, as it may void the warranty for your new TV.

After taking out the TV from the box, I’ll install the metal stands on the base of this TV. In the box you get a User Manual, Warranty Card, Metal Base Stands with its Screws, Remote Control with its batteries, and along with this you also get a Metal Wall Mount.

This is a Fully-Functional Infra-Red + Bluetooth Remote Control, and you get Hotkeys of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube in it. Its build quality is good. In this TV you will get 3 HDMI ports, out of which 1 HDMI port supports ARC, you get 2 USB ports and 1 Optical Audio port with 1 Headphone Jack.

This Toshiba TV supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Dual Band WiFi connectivity options. Now let me tell you the Specs of this Toshiba TV in 60 seconds. In this Toshiba TV, you get 8 Bit + FRC VA DLED panel with Brightness of 350 to 400 Nits.

In this TV you get the Static Contrast Ratio of 5000:1 and this TV supports HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. In this TV you will get CEVO 4K HDR Engine which comes with Ultra Dimming Technology, and this TV comes with the VIDAA version OS U3 which will be Upgraded to version U4 latest by February 2021, as per Toshiba.

In this TV you will also get an option of Screen Mirroring and this Toshiba TV comes with Quad-Core CPU and Mali 480 MP3 GPU. You get 1.5 GB RAM, with an Internal Storage of 4 GB. This TV comes with 30W Down Firing Box Speaker units that support Dolby Atmos.

You get very thin Bezels on the three sides and medium Bezel on the chin of this Toshiba TV. And I must say, I cannot expect Bezels thinner than this in any other Budget TV. Toshiba claims 3 seconds Fast Boot Up, and let me tell you, the claim is absolutely correct.

I tested it, and this TV boots up within 3 seconds, as claimed by Toshiba. It is easy to Setup the TV. All you need to do is select the language, your country, and then enter your WIFI password. And you are good to go! Immediately after the Set-up, the TV asks for your Netflix Account Information.

And I have entered my Netflix’s credentials. This is the Home Screen of the Toshiba U50 model, and you get Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Apps, and the Settings apps on the Home Screen, which you can edit and reposition according to your preference.

If we talk about Apps then you get Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hungama Play, Yupp TV, Browser, and some Games, along with other Apps. And on this TV OS you don’t get an app store like Google Play Store, because this TV is not based on Android OS, rather it is based on Toshiba’s custom made VIDAA OS.

Right now you don’t get to see support of many OTT platforms like Jio TV, ZEE5, and Hotstar. However, Toshiba claims that very soon you will get the support of all these platforms in these TV’s. Friends this video is shot on 30 frames per second and Full HD Resolution.

In this video, you will see the videos of 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K Resolution. And the HDR capabilities of my camera are totally different from the HDR capabilities of this TV. And this why, it will be better if you focus more on my words, instead of the Picture Quality that you see in this video.

Now let’s talk about another important aspect – The Viewing Angles. You are viewing this 4K video on YouTube from the front, and now we will see the same video, but from the 30-degree angle to check the colors and the Brightness loss.

After viewing it from the side from a 30 degree Viewing Angle, you will see a 25% loss in colors and Brightness, and this quite understandable for any VA Panel TV. In many other VA panel TV’s, I have seen a loss in color and brightness from 30% to 50% after viewing them on an angle of 30 degrees.

The speakers of this support Dolby Atmos. So will you see the logo of Dolby Atmos in the movies played on Netflix? Let’s check it out. After pressing the Netflix Hotkey present on the Remote, I will check the Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

Friends, I have the highest plan for Netflix, and this plan can play 4K videos. Now you can see for yourself that in this TV you get Dolby Vision, which is only available in 4K videos, and along with this, you get 5.

1 Audio Setup. Extraction Movie is Dolby Atmos compatible and even in this, we find the 5.1 Audio Setup. Amazon Prime boots up a bit slow after pressing the Prime Video Hotkey. This is a problem which is with every TV, even with a Fire Stick.

But once the app opens, it is pretty Fast and Responsive. Even in Prime Video, we get the support of 4K videos, Dolby Vision, and 5.1 Audio. The YouTube app opens quite fast, almost immediately after pressing the YouTube Hotkey, and it is next level fun to watch the 4K videos on this TV.

It does not matter if you play a FULL HD video, Music Video, or 4K video, or even My YouTube videos, all look amazing. Now you can see the clarity of SD channels on this TV. Though Toshiba is showing the SD channels with its upscaling capability on this 4K screen, but they do not look best in quality.

I keep telling my audience that if you buy a 4K TV then you must buy an HD Set-top box. The clarity of HD channels is far better than that of SD channels. Toshiba TV is showing the HD videos on its 4K screen with great upscaling.

I have absolutely no complaints against the clarity of HD channels on this TV. Because Toshiba U50 model claims Ultra Dimming Technology, let’s test it. The moving white box on the screen is forcing the pixels to get dim, and I must say that the performance of this screen is outstanding.

Toshiba U50 has passed our Dimming Test easily. Now, let’s stress this TV more in our Stress Test. In this type of Testing, the TVis put to such a stress that most TV’s fail And to my surprise, this TV is performing very well.

We must also remember that the Toshiba TV is not an OLED TV, which can switch off its pixels and produce extra-ordinary blacks But despite being a normal LCD TV, its performance is very good. I found the performance of this TV in the Stress test and Dimming Test very good, along with its good HDR performance.

Of course, this is not an OLED TV and it cannot produce Blacks like an OLED TV but in this segment, this TV performs good. Now you are watching a 720p, MP4 video which I have played through my Pendrive.

You can see that Toshiba is playing this 720p video on this 4K screen brilliantly by Upscaling it. Now you are watching the 1080p, FULL HD video in MKV format. I have played this video through my Pendrive and once again Toshiba has played this video on its 4K screen brilliantly after Upscaling it.

In case if you were wondering, yes, you can watch these videos on Full Screen by changing their Aspect Ratio. Now let’s do the Audio Test of the Toshiba U50 TV. If you have a big room, or if you think this audio is low or if you want a Cinematic Experience then let’s play this same video once again but now, with an External Soundbar and then we will also know how this TV performs with an external soundbar.

Friends this is a 2.1 soundbar of 180W with a built-in Subwoofer. I have connected it with the TV via an Optical Cable. Let’s see the Audio Experience of this Toshiba TV with this Soundbar. Clearly, by having a Soundbar or Home Theatre with this TV you get a better overall Audio Experience.

And I strongly recommend you to use a Home Theatre System or a Soundbar if you want a Cinematic Experience. It is easy to mirror your phone screen on this TV. Select screen mirroring from the Input Options, then select TV from the Cast option on your phone and that’s it.

Now you’ll be able to cast your phone’s video on this TV screen very easily. Now let’s have a conversation with Alexa. Me- Alexa what’s the weather in Delhi right now? Alexa- Listen to what Alexa responds.

So what are my thoughts on this Toshiba TV? Its picture quality is good, Blacks are also good but the Viewing Angles aren’t the best, and this is an issue with every TV which has a VA panel. It has a decent Audio Quality, nothing extraordinary, which can be enhanced with the help of a Soundbar.

Now let’s talk about its OS. In ANDROID TV OS you get Google Play Store, through which you can download many apps. But in this TV you get VIDAA OS, and right now, there are not many apps in it. But that is also with Samsung and LG TV’s.

If you are interested in buying a TV without Android OS then this Toshiba U50 model along with its other models are very good options in this segment. So this was Toshiba’s U50 Model in 50-inch size, and you will also get the 43-inch and 55-inch sizes in this model and their prices will be available on your screen for you to see.

In the L50 series, you get 32-inch HD and 43-inch FULL HD models. In the U79 series, you will get Premium 4K 55-inch and 65-inch models in which you will get Full Array Local Dimming, and 700 Nits peak Brightness.

All the models will go on sale midnight tonight on all online platforms. I am giving you the Direct Seller links of all these models in the Description Box. Friends Toshiba company is giving you a warranty of 4 years on the panel and a 1-year comprehensive warranty on all its 4K TVs during the initial 4 days of its sale.

If you are interested in this TV then I would recommend you to buy it at midnight itself, because you never know if you’ll find it’s stock available in the morning or not. I am giving you the Direct Seller links in the Description Box.

Do tell me in the comments section how was this video, and how was my first unboxing and review of Toshiba U50 TV. If you find any shortcomings, then also please tell me, so I can improve on them in my next video, and hopefully then I’ll not disappoint you.

Now I’ll meet you in my next video very soon. Thank You Very Much!


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