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Toshiba Satellite S955 Windows 8 Laptop Review

Toshiba Satellite S955 Windows 8 Laptop Review

this is Lisa from mobile tech review and today we really get one of the first Windows 8 notebooks this here is the Toshiba Satellite S 955 it’s available for order down on the ship on October 26 and you should be able to find it in stores too 15.

6 inch notebook 5-pounds kind of a thin and light design that’s what the S series is about Intel ulv Core i5 processor inside where look at it now so the toshiba satellite that’s 955 sells for $750 that’s a starting price pretty decent configuration you can go up from there if you want to bigger hard drive and so on fifteen point six inches as you can see nice metal looking casing not too thick Toshiba we used to make pretty chunky notebooks but the S series is fairly thin looking on the bottom here big door so you can access your memory and your hard drives do upgrades rubber feet right here usual net black plastic going on on the back your usual hinges weighs 5 pounds I suppose does relatively light for a 15.

6 inch notebook fairly thin two air vents over hearing is your VGA port 10100 Ethernet not gigabit a little bit a disappointment for the price full-sized HDMI 2 USB 3.0 slots your mic and headphone jacks and on this side we have our optical drive it’s a DVD writer Drive and a USB 2.

0 port with sleep in charge and this is where you plug in the power adapter comes with a very small power adapter by the way ultrabook size that’s because basically this has altra book internals interesting concept for a 5-pound 15.

6 inch notebook and that means intel ulv third generation Ivy Bridge CPUs it is the Intel i5 3317 you see if you’re running at 1.7 gigahertz so same thing you’d find inside an ultrabook what does that mean not as fast as other big notebooks that have full Intel CPUs or some of the better AMD CPUs inside still more than adequate for doing everyday work with browsing the web even like Photoshop work in this office all that kind of stuff is going to work fine and the outside is that it allows them to make it thinner without having to really up the cost much runs very cool and has pretty good battery life as a result too so far we’re looking at about five hours which for a machine this size is pretty good and we’re still testing it and they go up but that’s just our initial finding now let’s take a look inside now we take a look inside you can see here’s our glossy 15.

6 inch display is 1366 by 768 resolution so you’re not talking anything too high resolution here but the display quality isn’t bad the viewing angles are actually fairly good this isn’t one of those nasty TN panels you see on lower-end notebooks certainly I’m saying far off to the side and I can still see what’s on the screen now par that’s thanks to what’s now called the modern UI formerly the Metro UI excellent typography lots of contrast easy colors mix things stay visible but still looking pretty good here keyboard notice you get a number pad on the side you folks who like your number pads being separated you don’t always see down the 15.

6 inch note but you will find out in the 17 inch notebook we’ve got our audio bar over here a little interesting huh shall we say funny a little bit for the design they’re offset trackpad to button that’s a synaptics trackpad yes because this is a Windows mission 8 machine it has Windows 8 multi-touch drivers and I’ll show you what you do with that in a minute because a whole lot of the interest in this machine is going to be the Windows 8 obviously that’s preloaded on it so you can decide whether you want to go running to find one of the discontinued Windows 7 machines or if you really want to go with Windows 8 you have our webcam up here by the way with microphones it will take a better look at the keyboard now there we’ve got close up the view the keyboard again the metal style wrist rest over here and this is all piano gloss black plastic just like around the frame it will pick up fingerprints it does happily at least clean off so pretty much your standard keyboard right here and your multimedia keys up here work without having to hit the FN key first by default not a lot of key trouble on these keys I would like a little bit more the machine is thin but it’s not like SuperDuper thin so there would be a little remember keep travel everything but it’s a pleasant keyboard to type on nonetheless once you get used to it it is not backlit though though this hump right here is the battery and is removable and a different kind of way than you usually see we’re going to take a look from the back one more time and then it kind of slides it in a pocket here and here’s the release switch right here and then the battery pulls out when it’s closed so interesting way of designing it certainly our configuration of the S 9:55 satellite ships with a 750 gig 5400 rpm hard drive you can go up to a terabyte hard drive there’s some variation there and has 8 gigs of ram ddr3 and again the core i5 1.

7 gigahertz Ivy Bridge will be CPU with intel HD 4000 integrated graphics so again it’s a pretty good performer for most tasks if you’re real demanding computer user you edit video all day long you use a lot of photoshop and heavy apps like that then you probably want more computing power but for the average home and home business users are probably suitable enough I would say again the machine has wired Ethernet it’s 10100 Ethernet not gigabit that’s a little bit of a bummer and it has a thorough s– Wi-Fi a total Evan BG and single band 2.

4 gigahertz I would have liked to have seen dual band for the price since it’s at the rose Wi-Fi and not Intel that means there is no WiDi here machine has really good speakers Toshiba does a great job with audio will play some multimedia stuff so you can hear with SRS sound on it so let’s get to the windows 8 experience here we have again what was once called the Metro UI now is simply referred to as the modern UI with all your live tiles here and a multi-touch trackpad to control all of that now you can actually do quite a lot to fingers scrolling it’s actually pretty easy I had my doubts when I was testing pre-release versions of Windows 8 without those trackpad drivers as to how usable the modern UI would be without having a touchscreen and it’s not too bad so if you want any title just go and you tap on it so if you want to see the store for applications for this is for Metro apps by the way this is not for regular windows apps so that’s the store for Metro apps that means all those apps that you see on live tiles and in a way those kind of replicating the mobile apps that you see on the iPad and Android tablets you have your Netflix you have whether you got Hulu Plus all those kind of things Evernote right now there’s about 3500 applications I’m sure next week when Windows 8 releases we’ll start seeing more of those applications but because this is a full PC you can run all your PC apps that means the things that you buy that come on CDs or DVDs that you install that are meant for Intel compatible processors ie Intel and AMD CPUs if you want to get out of an application quickly we have the Windows key which instead of using this launching the Start menu now brings you right back to this UI quickly and easily if you want to switch between running apps we have little hot corners right here so you can see that that’s the last thing I was using go back to it very quickly and if I want to see all running apps it takes a little more fitness here but you bring your mouse down and then you swipe up and here’s all the apps that I actually have running right now and I can swap between them all and this includes absolutely I have running on the desktop UI part so it’s reasonably elegant so let’s say we want to take a look at weather so it’s a quick way to switch back and forth I think this still works much better the touchscreen this particular way of navigating around but against a job done and if you want to get to basic settings there’s a hot corner down here and you can see the overlay that just popped up so you can get the settings and your Start menu and so on but wait there’s more say you get a whole lot of these tiles here and you’re tired of slinging back and forth to get to them you want to make them smaller you can pinch zoom choose the size that you’re like so you can get small if you want to and there’s a whole lot of other shortcuts here so although it’s a nice experience and it’s a beautiful interface all these apps pretty much follow the modern UI guidelines shall we say everything is very magazine real look at the sports application gorgeous to look at isn’t it so you can read the leading article over here you can scroll on over and take a look at what else is going on so we have this kind of presentation and this is pretty pervasive across the news app the weather app the travel app sports app you want to see this article just tap on it loading it up from the network again nice magazine like presentation so I think this is gonna be fun for folks who are using it casually for consuming information obviously but what if you want to get some real work done this time over here is the desktop tile it’s the same on all Windows eight machines tap that and look aha it looks like Windows seven thank God right for those who are a little scared by this new UI so you’ve got everything you had a Windows seven here except for the Start menu notice there’s a little Start menu down there that doesn’t mean you can’t get all your applications and already their third-party utilities a classic shell that bring the Start menu back in case you’re feeling a little bit naked here Toshiba supplies their own Go app launcher right there for example so you can get to all your applications and again you know there’s Classic Shell if you want to get that look bad if you want to get to things like your control panels and all those features just tap on the my computer icon now this may be minimized when you get the machine like that well there’s not much I can do here is there but you just tap on the little down arrow and then you’ve got all the stuff you expect mapping network drives media access here’s your control panels uninstall the programs control panels just like you know so not really as alien as you might think not too bad at all just fine to use and you can see the flat look of the user interface that’s part of the new Windows eight look instead of making everything all full of chrome and 3d and all that kind of stuff everything is very flat and very simple which is why this can run on even much less demanding hardware like the latest Intel Atom CPU it’s actually not too terribly painful to use those anymore so I’ve got a flash drive here you’re probably wondering what happens if you use your USB peripherals of all your accessories on the case of something like a flash drive we’re gonna stick it in play a cute little Metro sound and it’s going to switch to the desktop mode automatically and give us a file browser showing us what’s on the flash drive so pretty simple again pretty much what you used to and your personal folder is all the same stuff that you know and love My Documents my music my pictures my videos we have a movie trailer sitting in my videos we’re going to play that and you can see that it’s going to launch the video player in the modern UI but you have choices you can open this up with Windows Media Player if you want you get that with Windows desktop machines but we’re looking at it’s playing 1080p video nicely it’s not a bad screen really nice speakers so not terribly high resolution but pleasing enough now the first time I played that file is said you can plays with Windows Media Player you can play with video player you can play with toshiba’s video players on board which one do you want to do thereafter if say I’d rather watch that with Windows Media Player I can right-click on there and choose open with and choose Windows Media Player again you get that and you get all the stuff that you would expect from a regular Windows machine it’s only windows are tooth doesn’t have Windows Media Player in the whole full suite of desktop support for Intel compatible applications equally as well here too so you can do it either way also if you’re looking for a way to get here all of your applications if you trigger the right sidebar which can be sometimes challenging you have all your apps right here so you can see everything that’s onboard which is actually quite a lot so a different way from the Start menu of doing things obviously but there at all of this now Toshiba does bundle some some junk with this we have a whole lot of wild tangent games on here we have some more useful things like they have their own media player on board so Shiva books places their eBook stuff you zoom out by the way you can see that you can actually just look at an alphabetical section of your abs to move to that section SkyDrive is integrated in here from Microsoft for cloud sharing we’ve got being on board obviously Amazon for Windows is pre-loaded so we’ve got some stuff on here but not overbearing ammo junk comes with the IE web browser no surprise there you can download Firefox Chrome whatever it is you like now you get two slightly different versions of ie in Windows that you the one for metro that runs fullscreen and then you have the one on the desktop that does everything that you used to from ID on Windows 7 desktop we’ll take a look at that Adobe Flash is integrated into both of these so here we are looking at the product page for this very notebook full screen presentation URL bar is presented at the bottom if you can trigger it by tapping down there at the bottom and then you can enter in whatever URL you want why is it down at the bottom now but it’s more handy for tablets so you don’t have to reach across to the top of the tablet to try to write a URL or use an on-screen keyboard so puts a little bit closer and now we’ve got an idea running in desktop mode over here again it looks a lot more familiar so you’ve got two ways of doing the same thing basically to evarin user interfaces to accomplish some of the same stuff again obviously modern UI a bit more focused toward content consumption when it comes to benchmarks the machine score is 1970 and PC mark 7 which is about part of the course for a machine with a ulv CPU and is spinning hard drive PC mark tends to love those SSDs a whole lot more and you can see our Windows Experience Index right here the process of gets at 6.

9 ram gets a 7.4 pretty good for random graphics for desktop is 5.7 3d performance graphics is 6.4 and the hard drive is 5.9 which is pretty much what you see for every spinning hard drive is this a gaming machine I’d say obviously not so much given that it has that ulv CPU in it and intel HD 4000 integrated graphics no dedicated graphics on this particular machine I’m really not set up for serious 3d gaming with demanding games but that doesn’t mean you can’t play casual games obviously it comes with a whole lot of wild tangent game is for examples of casual games certainly are a go on this and again if you want to install any of your Windows software that you know and love like Microsoft Office or Photoshop or anything else just pop in your disc install it and you’ll be running it inside of the standard desktop UI as I mentioned one of the benefits have been having ultra-low voltage CPUs that it runs very quiet and very cool and no time to the bottom of the notebook or any other area exceed human body temperature which means it was under 98.

6 generally speaking in the low 90s at its hottest and the fan is quite quiet there’s plenty of room to cool that that low-power CPU here so if you’re looking for a machine that’s cool and quiet definitely this is it so all in all the toshiba satellite s 955 is a nice machine again for $750 I’d like to see a little bit more though I know it’s a thin in life at the ulv CPU well I’d like to see a full Intel Core i CPU in there for the price and a single band Wi-Fi afros I really rather have to abandon there there is no Bluetooth by the way but by no means is it a terrible machine it’s good-looking its relatively thin it’s relatively light for a 15.

6 inch pretty nice screen on it – I have to say good viewing angles glossy sure there’s glare on there but overall not a bad display comfortable keyboard not too much travel there but comfortable enough no backlighting again kind of wish I had that for them for the $750 but often you have to look at a thousand dollar machine to get them so that’s a Toshiba sound like s 955 again it’s going to be a novel October 26 $750 into that it’s not a bad pc better given what’s inside I don’t know it’s a little bit high for the money but so is one the first Windows 8 PCs it’s very nice and as I hope you see now there’s Windows 8 actually is not too bad not too scary and a lot like Windows 7 if you want to be I’m Lea super mobile tech review visit our website for the full review and to our YouTube channel


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