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Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Laptop Review

Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 Laptop Review

Ok folks. What we’ve got here is a Toshiba Satellite C55-C5241 laptop. It’s a very popular mid-range laptop at the moment, so let’s take a look at it. We’ll start by looking at the external connectors.

On the right side here, we’ve got an SD slot for copying pictures off of cameras or whatever else you have that uses an SD card. Here we’ve got a combined headphone and microphone jack. Right here, the blue one is a USB 3.

0 port. You can tell it’s USB 3.0 because it’s blue. These are about 10 times faster than a USB 2.0 port, which is just your standard USB port. These are really good for things like external hard drives.

If you connect an external drive to do backups, it will be a lot faster than a standard USB port. Here we do have a standard USB port. We’ve got an HDMI port for connecting to things like overhead projectors for doing presentations, connecting to TVs, or anything else that’s got HDMI.

Here we’ve got a vent for the fan to keep the laptop cool, although it is pretty cool running in general. Here we’ve got a cable-lock connector, but no one really uses those that I know of. On the back, we have nothing.

No connectors whatsoever. On the left side, we have the power jack. Take a moment, and we’ll look at the power brick. It’s a very small power brick. Light weight. Doesn’t really weigh anything. It’s got a quite a long extension cable for a laptop.

Probably about, I don’t know, seven feet or something total. Nothing too crazy. Alright, let’s keep going. Over here next to the power jack, we’ve got an ethernet jack for connecting to wired networks like you would have in an office or a school setting.

Typically going to be faster than WiFi, but it is only 100 megabit. This is a 100 base T connection. Not a gigabit, but still faster than WiFi. Here we have another USB 2.0 port, and here’s something that’s starting to disappear, so it’s kind of turning into a nice feature to find on a laptop.

It’s a DVD drive. It’s a DVD burner as well as a DVD player. A lot of laptops don’t have that these days. They’re starting to disappear. So, if that’s important to you, this laptop does have it. OK, on the top here, it’s a black plastic finish.

It’s got these lines on it, kind of shiny. I have noticed it picks up fingerprints and scratches fairly easily, but you know, I guess that’s nothing too important. Well, for me at least. I don’t know about everyone else.

Alright, on the bottom we’ve got some more vents here. There’s not a fan that blows out here. It’s just a couple of extra vents. You can keep this laptop on your lap. It’s not going to get too hot or anything.

It’s just fine. Here’s the battery. It is removable, but it’s held in by these two screws. If you take out these two screws, you can slide the battery right out. A lot of laptops are starting to have internal batteries that you can’t take out without taking off the whole bottom of the laptop.

or removing the keyboard, or something stupid like that. This one you can get to fairly easily. It’s just two screws. It’s right here. OK, now for the fun part. Let’s see what’s inside this thing. OK, here we are.

It’s a 15 inch screen. 15.6 inch. Just your standard laptop screen. It wakes up from sleep pretty quick, as you can see. One notable thing: it’s got a numeric keypad here. A lot of laptops don’t have that, but if you do a lot of data entry, you may find that very handy to have.

Once you get used to it, it can be a lot faster than using the number keys up here. It’s got a 1366×768 screen. That’s pretty standard for anything but a high-end laptop these days. The screen itself is pretty nice, I think.

It’s nothing too special, but it’s pretty good. Its viewing angle is pretty good from side to side, I’d say, but up and down, is not very good. But, you know, unless you’re going to be standing above your laptop or something, I don’t think that’s too big of a deal.

It does have Windows 10. When this laptop first came out, they were selling it with Windows 8, but now when you buy one, it comes with Windows 10. At least from Amazon. It’s probably that way at other vendors as well, but yeah, Windows 10.

I’ve played around with it some. I think I like Windows 10 better than Windows 8. It’s I don’t know. It’s just nicer I think. Let’s see. One funny thing about this laptop is the function keys here have alternate functions.

A lot of machines do that. You can see here, there’s a little brightness icon here associated with the F2 and F3 This one’s brightness down. You can see the screen getting dimmer. and this one’s brightness up.

The screen gets brighter. Volume controls and assorted other things here. That means to get to the actual function keys: F1, F2, to get their normal functionality like F5 to refresh a webpage or whatever you can’t just hit F5 because that’s going to use the special function associated with the key, but you can put that back to its normal behavior.

so that if you want to get to the function like the brightness or something, you would hold down this Fn button (Function), and then press it to adjust the brightness. If you didn’t hold down Fn, it would just be a normal F2 or F3 or whatever.

So to put that back to normal, I don’t know why they made it default in this strange way, but it’s easy to get back to normal. You just go to the start button here. Go to “All Apps”. Then you go down to “Toshiba”.

Let’s see… Toshiba. Toshiba, right here. Then there’s a “System Settings”. Go to “System Settings” Then there’s “Function Keys”. Right here: “Function Key”. and you can see it defaults to “Special Function Mode” for the F1-F12 function keys.

You can put it back to “Standard F1-F12 mode” and then just hit “OK”. It will make you reboot before it takes effect. Then the function keys will be like normal function keys but you can still get to their special functionality like I said, by holding down Fn.

That’s the way I prefer it. I don’t know. I guess personal preference there. Let’s see… what else. The trackpad. Let’s talk about the trackpad. So we’ll go to their new web browser. This isn’t Internet Explorer.

They call it Edge. It’s a new web browser by Microsoft. I think it’s a little bit better than Internet Explorer. I was not a fan of Internet Explorer. They’re moving in the right direction here. So let’s see.

.. Let’s go to YouTube for example. Now it’s got multi-touch gestures which if you haven’t bought a new laptop in a while, it’s going to be probably something new to you. In addition to its normal, you know, moving the pointer around like this you can use more than one finger to do special things like do two fingers to scroll up and down or side to side if you’re on a page that goes side to side without having to go all the way over to the scroll bar and then hold down the button and go like this.

It’s kind of, you know, kind of cumbersome doing something like that. With the multi-touch gestures, you can scroll from anywhere on the page just with two fingers going up and down. You can also zoom in and out like you would on a smart phone with a pinch zoom.

It works a little better on an image than on a web page, but it still works. Uh yeah, so there’s the multi-touch gestures which I think are nice. Once you get used to it especially the scroll. I just can’t live without the multi-touch scroll anymore.

It’s just really a big pain in the butt having to all the way to the scroll bar in order to scroll around. A lot of laptops have very poor implementations of the multi-touch gestures. A lot of times they will mis-interpret your gesture.

You’ll do the two fingers and it won’t recognize it. It’ll treat it as a one finger or as just… they’re always screwing it up. It’s a pain. This one does mis-interpret your gesture occasionally, but it’s pretty good I think.

It gets it right almost always, and it works. So that’s a nice feature. And it has a decent sized trackpad. Some of them are small and a pain to deal with because, you know, they’re so tiny. This one’s a decent size.

And it’s got physical buttons here. A lot of trackpads these days don’t have physical buttons. You just, like you know, press on the corners of the trackpad, but this one has physical buttons. If that’s something that you prefer, this one does have that.

OK, so that’s just a general run down of I guess the basic look and feel of the thing. Let’s talk about its stats. I mentioned it has Windows 10. It’s got an Intel i5-5200U processor which is definitely a step up from the Celeron processors you’re going to find in lower end laptops.

This thing is significantly faster. It’s got Intel graphics engine. It’s the Intel HD 5500. It’s good enough to play things like Minecraft… and the McAfee trial has expired. Oh darn. Anyway. Yeah, it comes with McAfee.

At least a trial. So yeah, this thing can play things like Minecraft, League of Legends, stuff like that, but if you’re trying to play some really new, cutting edge 3D game on all the highest settings, it’s going to not keep up.

It’s going to be not what you’re looking for, but to play games like that, you’re going to have to spend a lot more money. This one is capable of your basic games like I mentioned there. It’s got 8 GB of RAM.

Toshiba claims the RAM is not upgradable or replaceable but it turns out that it actually is. You can upgrade the RAM to 16 GB. It’s kind of a slightly involved process. You have to unscrew the bottom and take it off.

But, yeah, it’s not too hard though. I actually have another video that I’m going to be putting out about how to upgrade the RAM. 8GB is probably enough for most people, but if you’re doing things like editing video or very large images in Photoshop or something like that or if you’re running virtual machines.

.. There are cases like that where you’d need more than 8 GB. Even if you’re not doing things like that, having more than 8 GB can be beneficial because Windows will use it as cache. It will copy commonly used files and stuff like that into the unused memory to make things more responsive, so when you do access one of those files it will just pop right up like nothing because RAM is much faster than any hard drive, even an SSD.

Anyway, if you want to upgrade your RAM, check out my other videos, or you can subscribe to my channel to see when the videos come out. But 8 GB… that’s a good amount. You’re not going to run into slow downs and such just on normal usage.

Even if you have a zillion tabs open in your browser You’re going to have a hard time using all 8 GB, so anyway. It has a 1 TB hard drive, which is quite large for a laptop. but more and more laptops are starting to have 1 TB.

That’s kind of a new occurrence. So it’s pretty large. You can fit a lot of stuff on there for sure. It is a normal spinning disk hard drive. It’s not an SSD. If you want to upgrade to an SSD, I’m going to also have a video about how to do that.

Again you have to open up the bottom of the machine and all that jazz. So yeah, check out my channel if you want to see how to do that. Let’s see… I mentioned it’s got the DVD writer. It can do DVD+R, -R, double layer, all that stuff.

It works. Does all of it. It’s got an LED backlit display, stereo speakers, microphones, head phones, blah blah blah. Headphone jack rather. It’s got a built-in webcam like just about every laptop these days.

Let’s see… I mentioned the ethernet. Oh, it’s got bluetooth 4.1 which, anything Bluetooth 4 or newer supports Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). There are a lot of Bluetooth Low Energy devices coming out these days.

If you want to be compatible with that you’re going to need at least Bluetooth 4, and this one has Bluetooth 4.1 So that’s nice. It’s good for connecting to things like wireless mice, or headphones, wireless headphones , or an external wireless keyboard if you want to do something like that.

Smartphones pretty much always have Bluetooth these days. There’s a lot of things you can do with Bluetooth. This one, this machine, does have Bluetooth. Some machines don’t. This one does. Uh let’s see.

Oh, the battery. So I think they advertise like five hours or something battery life, but I’ve found that you can get anywhere from five to seven hours with just normal usage. If you’ve just doing word-processing or web browsing, things like that, but if you’re playing games it will be significantly less.

Maybe like three hours or so if you’re playing Minecraft or something. One thing that affects the battery a lot that a lot of people aren’t aware of is the brightness. If you turn the brightness down, the battery will last a lot longer.

That’s true on any machine. But yeah, just like mid-range brightness, you’ll probably get like five to seven hours, depending on what you’re doing, in most cases. Uh let’s see… do-tee-doo. Yeah so, OK that’s the basic stats.

Let’s take a peek and see a little bit more about what the display is like, and the sound, and all that. Alright here’s a video I found of someone barefoot waterskiing behind an airplane. So this is HD.

720 dpi. 720p. You can tell it’s nice and smooth. Like any laptop these days should be able to play YouTube videos without, you know, getting choppy or anything. Alright, let’s look at the brightness.

See how bright it gets and such. Here’s all the way up. It’s pretty bright. I think you’d be able to see this OK outside, unless you’re sitting in direct sun shining on the screen or something. You should be able to see the screen fine in pretty much any conditions.

Let’s see how low the brightness goes. It goes pretty low as well, which is nice if you like working in darkened rooms or watching movies and things in a darkened room, having a brightness that doesn’t go low enough can be annoying.

But this one gets pretty dim, and that also helps with battery life, as I mentioned before. Alright let’s see about the speakers. The speakers are up top here. A lot of laptops now for some reason are putting the speakers on the bottom on the front here, which is kind of annoying because if you put the laptop on your lap, or on a blanket or something if you have it in your bed, it can muffle the sound, but these are up top where they’re not going to get blocked by anything under normal circumstances.

Alright, let’s see how loud it can go. Alright, it’s pretty loud. I don’t know how well its coming through in the video here, but it’s pretty loud. I mean, I think you would have a hard time just having a conversation here with it turned up so loud.

Alright, yeah so the speakers they’re not like super high quality or anything. They do get a little bit tinny, but, you know, most laptop speakers are going to be like that. OK, what else, what else? I don’t know.

I guess that’s about it, so yeah, I hope you liked this video, and if you want to see more about this laptop, how to upgrade it, or if you’re interested in learning more about other laptops you might want to subscribe to my channel.

If you’re looking to buy this laptop, I’ll put a link down below the video in the description to where you can buy this thing or read more about it maybe check out some reviews on Amazon. There’s a link right below, so you can click on that and read up, or buy the thing.

So yeah, thanks for watching everyone! Bye!


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