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Toshiba Satellite C55-A Windows 8 Laptop Review (500GB, i3):

Toshiba Satellite C55-A Windows 8 Laptop Review (500GB, i3):

although unassuming in design the toshiba satellite c55 a series laptop computer is one of the most well rounded consumer products that we’ve tested it in recent history it runs some Windows 8 as the OS but it has a whopping 8 gigabytes of ddr3 memory which you can use to customize a product with and it also has 500 gigabytes of hard drive storage in addition to a Intel Core i3 chipset powering the product CPU hey guys here OS VTX comm you’re watching a video review of the satellite c-5a which i think is again a pretty good deal for the money especially because the laptop itself only retails for about 300 dollars but again you do have a lot of RAM you have a lot of memory and the size of this thing coming in at 15.

3 inches is right on the money as far as kind of the average size for computers and laptops these days taking a closer look at the design again the product itself is pretty unassuming it is a traditional laptop in the sense it has access to DVD drives CD ROMs and stuff like that the front device is dominated by a piece of plaque plastic but it has an interesting groove to it a little bit difficult to capture on camera but it has this nice interesting design which is a little bit better than just a plain plastic finish the laptop itself weighs in about 2 at 4 pounds which is actually pretty lightweight and it offers device a lot of portability so it’s easy to carry around with you if you are traveling by de life is pretty good on this laptop it lasted us about 5 to 6 hours before we have to recharge it depending on the mode of you’re in in Eco mode it certainly did last us through a few movies before we have to recharge it the offense I device features a lock port the standards receive a power port you have a one USB 2.

0 port and the aforementioned DVD ROM Drive the right-hand side of the product features access to one USB 2.0 port a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a microphone port one USB 2.0 port one HDMI port one Ethernet port and one VGA port and essentially that’s it it’s a pretty well-rounded product the front of device also has access to a skee card reader although the card does protrude out of the unit a little bit when it is inserted it still is pretty easy to read files on the product which we are excited of as far as boot performance is considered the c5 5a is actually pretty speedy lifting up the lid after the product is in hibernation mode offers you the ability to boot into the OS virtually on in a few – in a few seconds that is so it’s a very speedy user interface overall so if you’re looking for something that’s going to be fast and responsive it’s a great product to have for that purpose the screen utilize vector Chiba is very bright and spacious and comfortable to see it offers very good viewing angles and it’s bright enough to even be viewable under direct sunlight which we are fans of again it’s a traditional 15.

6 inch display with a front-facing HD camera on the top and also dual microphones for noise cancellation which makes a product also ideal for video chatting applications like Skype and you can even work in low-light situations as well so if you’re in the dark the webcam still is able to capture pretty high resolution images which we are excited about taking a look at the UI it’s pretty standard this isn’t a touchscreen computer hence the lower-priced hack but it offers again very formidable performance with an Intel Core i3 processor and most notably 8 gigabytes of 8 gigabytes of RAM which is again pretty impressive now the RAM part is configurable by the user so depending on what model of the product you get it will differ the lowest model in the series offers 2 gigabytes of RAM but again the higher one is the a gigabyte model that we have here as we can expect with the highest configuration here on the product runs extremely smoothly running through tasks and multitasking is a very fluid in a very lucid experience and you won’t find any setting or slowdowns even if you have multiple applications open so we found that overall in terms of web browsing experience watching streaming video content from YouTube and Hulu Plus the product works without a hitch up even for playing back online games and gaming we found the product was also pretty smooth and responsive of course if you have a lot of multitasking apps open in addition to playing back games it’s going to get a little bit slower it’s also going to drain your battery a little bit faster but overall it’s pretty firm pretty formidable for the most part to give you an example we could go to a complex like the New York Times we found that the Wi-Fi card on the product is pretty strong in Sunset we could be you know a nice distance away from the router you know a few meters and then product would still work pretty well all flash content loads are pretty well and of course it comes with Internet Explorer as the pre pre pre installed web browser and client but you can install other web browsers like Chrome or Safari or likings of Firefox if you are into that the bottom tier features the actual design of the base so we also are fans of unlike a lot of other toshiba satellite laptops it actually has a kind of unique design which we haven’t seen before the hinge is a pretty simple to style hinge with one hinge on either side for support and durability but the interesting thing here is the power on an off port is located right on the top right hand corner it illuminates of actually a nice yellowish white color when the product is turned on it’s very tactile and easy to press as well which we are fans off and we like the indicator style light that’s going on there as well the front device also has a stereo speaker for playing back music now unfortunately the weakest point of this laptop is going to be that speaker if you plan on listening to a lot of music perhaps watching youtube videos with the built-in speaker though it is loud it’s extremely tinny so if you’re playing back music it’s not going to be the greatest experience higher notes and lower notes are going to sound distorted compared to similarly price laptops by HP or by gateway otherwise the actual computer experience as far as the QWERTY keyboard is considered is quite large spacious and comfortable to type on buttons are well spaced and they have a very nice tactile spring to them the spacebar is on the smaller side of the spectrum but with a little bit of acclamation we found that we could type very fast and with very few errors on this keyboard again a very good job at the shiba overall the right-hand side is also dedicated to a special numeric keypad which makes this great for productivity as well so if you are using Excel or PowerPoint or you’re editing a lot of numerical digits and numbers it offers a really quick way to do some calculations and the such as with all your CPA laptops reviewed in the past and the satellite lineup the product also features LED lights for the number lock and also the caps lock keys so it’s very easy to see even in darker environments the track part of the actual laptop itself is on the smaller side of the spectrum we have to say that it’s not the greatest trackpad and we’re just because it isn’t the largest but it does have a very good definition to it it’s kind of course but also pretty smooth so it doesn’t accumulate a lot of grit it doesn’t get very greasy very easily so as you start using this it’s very responsive and you don’t have to clean it in all that much which we are fans of the product also supports multi-touch so you can zoom in and out of webpages by using pinch to zoom gestures the click pad is also one of two Sheba’s better ones as opposed to older to see the laptops with a kind of bubbly round texture for the click pads we have two dedicated flat keypads which are very easy to press very evenly spaced and very responsive overall we really like the step up that toshiba has taken with the clickers it’s a lot better than the previous generation models and for that reason we are fans of it again youtube videos and video content in general plays back very very well just like taking a quick look at a page just from the New York Times you can see how changing it from the full screen settings it’s pretty fast and again the quality of the screen it’s really great for watching videos and content overall so overall this is a pretty good laptop I would say some other things to take note of would be the fact that it has a little bit of a louder fan speed then perhaps users are used to especially with some other core i3 chipsets we’ve reviewed in the past it definitely a little bit noisier in terms of its going to have a more of a fan speed going on in the distance but it’s not anything too notable and you can get used to it over time I think toshiba has installed some of its own applications like on other pcs and those correspond to the Keira Netflix Norton security for one year it has some quick launch applications to Skype VMO Amazon eBay and also a interesting dual view application which allows you to actually mirror content from a PC onto an HD television which is also pretty cool and it’s also a wireless experience unfortunately Microsoft Office is not a built-in application so you have to install that or use a trial version so it’s not going to be the greatest laptop out of the box for students necessarily but it’s a very again well rounded one that includes almost everything else right out of the box something that I will say about Windows 8’s operating system is that it doesn’t have a native media center for playing back DVD videos so if you are using the DVD drive on the side here and you’re playing back a movie and you put a DVD inside it’s not going to automatically playing instead you have to download one from the from the marketplace or the store in order to start using that experience which is a little bit interesting it’s kind of the same thing going on with most other Windows 8 laptops as well not just for this particular product but it’s a little bit nuisance compared with previous generation computers like Windows 7 and Windows Vista but basically recognized and started playing a DVD movie without you having to install another application just to do that still against a very well rounded product extremely fast speeds are very impressive in terms of performance very well rounded the price of under $300 it’s just right it has a webcam it has a great kind of discreet look to it it’s not too flashy but it seems like it’s a pretty durable design has a nice weight to it and overall it’s just very very well rounded extremely solid attempt and easily one of the best I think toshiba satellite lineup of laptops that you can purchase for a more budget oriented price tag so a very good job right there Shiba overall and at OS 1 BTX reviews comm our editors would definitely recommend this laptop this is Toshiba Satellite C 55 a series here os b TF series comm our full video review and also our brother site at OS tech news


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