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Toshiba L1400U LED TV Review

Toshiba L1400U LED TV Review

hi I’m Cedric of are things calm we are testing today to touch TL 1400 new LED TV this is a budget TV with very few extra features it is available in 30 to 40 and 50 inches the 32 as a lower resolution of 720p though the design is very simple and as you can see the TV is very thin it has two HDMI inputs at the back and one USB port but you cannot watch video files via USB you can only play music and photo files when we have the lights turn off the picture quality is quite good considering the low price of this TV it has better blacks than the average EDD however the calibration of the picture out of the box is quite off and even after spending a long time calibrating it it still wasn’t perfect this semi made screen works well to reduce the reflections a few lights turn on is not an issue in a very bad room though it could perform better it doesn’t get very bright for an LED so you will have to bring it in luminosity to the max the biggest flaw of this Toshiba is the motion blur the trailer of fast moving objects is really not it doesn’t matter for movies of TV shows but for video games or sports this isn’t good fortunately the input lag is very low so you won’t have any problem with this in video games the colors do change when you are viewing the TV at an angle but this is expected on most ad DS you when you display up dark picture a few white spots can be seen especially at the left part of the screen the uniformity issue is even more apparent on a great picture the top left and bottom left edge of the screen is significantly darker than the rest with the price in mind this isn’t a bad TV it has good blacks and a low amount of reflections however it has noticeable motion blur as well as uniformity issues if your budget permits it you will benefit for spending a little bit more to get a better picture quality otherwise considering the price this isn’t a bad deal if you like reviews please support us by purchasing the TV or affiliate links on the website there are sub source review more TVs the link to our for review is in the description of this video where you can find or complete the suit compare this TV to others and even see the price history of popular stores


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