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Toshiba 46WX800U 3D LED TV Video Review

Toshiba 46WX800U 3D LED TV Video Review

oh hey I’m Andrew – for audio highlights and this is 3d no I’m not kidding it really is you see everybody else sorry some kind of weird everybody’s talking about 3d nowadays so we decided that we’re gonna go ahead and get ourselves the 3d television and we did this is the Toshiba 46 w X 800 u 3d TV and this thing is really elegant in fact everything about it is elegant except for the name which I can hardly ever remember it has a one inch form factor and it has an array of Internet apps as well so really the fact that it does 3d that’s just icing on the cake now this 46 inch LED TV from Toshiba is actually LCD but it uses LED edge technology to control the backlight this makes it very thin it also allows the entire screen to dim depending on what’s on it now this happens in real time and also helps to enhance the contrast now what this TV does not have is local dimming which is where it actually is able to dim various areas of the screen depending on what’s on them usually this would require a thicker panel and toshiba opted more for the form than the function for this model does Sheba’s first 3d TV as a glass front that is flush with the panel and also has chrome trim on the side and on the bottom now glass used to mean that you’re talking in plasma but more and more we’re seeing it implemented in LED tvs as well and the outside of this year in it that’s not the only gorgeous part the user interface is equally outstanding and this is where you access a system menu and internet apps when you enter the net TV mode it gives you access to Netflix Vudu Pandora and YouTube and lines them up in a semi-circle underneath your current video source now bought Buster was listed but it wasn’t ready and when we try to test out YouTube back salad just didn’t seem to work the nice thing is this system will be able to be upgradable with more features via firmware updates now the upgradable Yahoo widget system drove the rest of the content on this Toshiba device and gave us access to such features as Facebook Flickr eBay and other blogs and apps the content on these features ranged from simple informational pages to full-out HD video to get all of this all you need to do is connect your TV to your network via an Ethernet cable or they built in 802 11 b/g/n Wi-Fi now this TV has 4 HDMI inputs and one thing we really liked was the placement of them because they’re well thought out you see some TVs just don’t think out where to put the HDMI inputs and so you end up with the TV that can’t hug the wall well that’s not the case with this set another thing that it features is in support which means you can switch HDMI inputs quickly without having the typical delay that you usually see when switching HDMI in a lot of sets the picture on this TV is exceptional it handles colors accurately and the video processing is top-notch we also like the calibration controls on this unit because they allow us to easily get to places we need to go in order to adjust color brightness and contrast the slider actually appears at the bottom of the screen when you adjust these things so that you can see the picture as you’re adjusting it now the color master controls on this unit also allow you to easily and fully tweak the hue saturation and the brightness of your primary and also your secondary colors this really lets you to dial in and get the perfect color on your television another thing we like is the smart sensor which will adjust the backlight automatically in order to accommodate for day or nighttime viewing the W X 800 has 240 Hertz video processing which makes television and blu-ray look incredibly sharp and almost hyper real it’s also this feature that allows for the processing of 3d in full resolution let’s face it this unit is a head turner and we like to show it off when people are visiting now it does support all current 3d formats and so compatibility shouldn’t be an issue and now I’m you know getting 3d to work that’s another story we had some trouble but hey it’s in its infancy stage so we’ll let it pass this time as a 3d television this set works just fine now as as far as titles are concerned that’s a different story because we haven’t been able to find that many yes they are promising them more are on their way and that this product 3d is going to take over the world it’s not now toshiba’s active 3d shutter glasses these are gonna run you $150 a piece now the one good thing is that they integrate directly with the TV so you don’t have to have a external sensor but the downside is that the battery in these only lasts about 75 hours it’s not rechargeable and in order to get to it you have to use a screw driver overall I just recommend going with something aftermarket Toshiba’s WX 800 3d LED series TVs come in two different models a 55 inch and then this one here the 46 inch now this one is supposed to retail for about $2,700 but we’ve seen it online for under 1700 and if you can find that that it’ll make this a really good deal you want to try here come on you’ll love it you’ll love 3d right seriously


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