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Toshiba 39L1350U LED HDTV.

Toshiba 39L1350U LED HDTV.

taking over the world one nerd at a time total nerve take over hello Chris gray here from total nerd takeover studios and if I got something fun to unbox tonight I’m going to be unboxing a 39 inch Toshiba LED TV that I bought to replace a 720p old Dynex TV that I had and he used to sit right there behind me if you’ve seen some of the older videos I’ve done you would have seen the TV back to everyone I took it all down moved it out of the way because I’m ready to unbox this new Toshiba TV and here is the replacement TV he’s a 39 inch LED backlit LCD TV 120 Hertz and I wasn’t really looking to get a hundred and twenty Hertz I would have been fine with a sixty but this TV just happened to be on sale as you can see right here it’s a Toshiba it retails for four hundred and fifty dollars brand new at least I seen it on Best Buy for that much I’ve seen it on Amazon for I think it was 429 but it was on sale as an open box TV I got it for 350 and I think they’re having a sale on these TVs now for 370 I believe if you buy a brand-new yeah I saved a little bit of money the main reason I wanted this TV was for 1080p I wanted to get a 1080p TV and I also wanted to have at least 2 X 2 HDMI connections this particular T model has three it also can use USB media now this isn’t a smart TV it doesn’t have any kind of smart TV capabilities other than being able to plug in a USB a stick with some media on it some music maybe things of that nature the model number this is a 39 L 1 3 5 0 u so let’s open up this sucker and see what’s inside let’s open this sucker up ok here we have the instruction manual don’t need that we have the remote control remote control is pretty plain and basic give you guys a close-up of that later you have here a metal mounting bracket we have here looks like we have we have some batteries look pretty cheap like they’re not going to last but a week a nice big piece of styrofoam it holds the top of the TV into place it looks pretty nice put this over here and now we have the TV itself so here we have the mounting bracket or the foot pedal or the mounting stand whatever II want to call it which happened to be leaning against the front of the TV the screen which I’m not really happy about and let’s pull the TV out now shall we okay before we install the leg I wanted to show you guys the back here you have the VESA mount and I believe the VESA standard for this particular TV is 200 by 200 I believe it is here’s your power cable I believe these are the two holes for the the mounting leg to be screwed into and we have our composite our component cables we have a digital optical out we have a 3.

5 audio in we have two HDMI s here we have a coaxial cable connection and we have another on the side and I believe we also have the USBs right there now in this particular TV the control buttons are on this side over here which is kind of awkward to get to when you have this TV so I guess it’s okay if you have it mounted up and you don’t want the buttons in the front but it’s gonna be kind of hard to get to so you better have the remote handy and powered up now let’s get the leg installed and see what this TV looks like standing on its own single leg okay and as you can see here’s the TV on its own leg now the only thing I don’t like about this television so far is the leg seems to be a little cheap I guess all base bases and legs are a little bit cheap on these TVs I guess that’s how they save some of the money in the cost of building them another thing to mention is I left a lot of the plastic on the front of the bezel and there’s also a plastic running around the lip of the base which I will be taking off as soon as I get the TV put into place over on the other side of the room and start getting everything hooked up that way I don’t scratch it while I’m transporting it or when I’m setting it on the large senate side of my desk and we’ll get this thing set up and we’ll check it out and there you can see I got the TV all set up connected to the Apple third gen running at 1080p and you guys can’t really see this through the webcam that I’m using but that TV looks really really nice the colors look pretty good I have turned down the brightness so that the webcam would pick it up better because it was just too bright and too glaring but I think it looks pretty good for $350 not a bad deal the front bezel is completely plastic it’s a little bit glossy but I don’t feel that it’s been drawing my eye from the screen at all like I said I really liked the screen and if I had the ability to run at 120 Hertz refresh rate I would I would right now I don’t so I can’t really test it out real quick the like I said the back of the team basically the whole TV’s made out of plastic we have the LED backlight which makes this TV very energy-efficient I think it runs at about ten dollars a year it’s urania it’s your estimated yearly cost for your electric that’s not bad at all it weighs about 17 pounds with the stand it weighs 15 point 9 pounds without the stand so this is a very light TV it’s easy to pick up move around and that makes it very nice when you want to hang it on the wall you don’t have to worry about using like 15 lag bolts you can only have to use like three three or two the product depth it’s actually without the stand it’s only 3 and 3/8 inches deep so it’s a very thin TV I love that they’re making these LED TVs so thin you want you can mount it to the wall and it will almost be well not flush with the wall but pretty close so I’m really happy with the letv of the LED TV technology we have three HDMI inputs we have one USB input we have one component video one composite video we have the VIP so you have parental controls there that’s always nice to have we have the 16 by 9 aspect ratio with a 1080p we have a 200 millimeter by 200 millimeter VESA mounting holes for when you want to mount it on the wall and overall I’m really happy with the TV so far looks good the picture looks nice and crisp yeah I was a pretty good price now the menu behind the TV is a little basic I’ll show you some of the menu here while you probably won’t be Oh see now you won’t be able to see it so good but the menu is pretty basic got to take my word for it nothing to write home about and here is the remote control it is basically just a regular cheapy ugly remote control not very pretty but does it have to be no it just has to work the menu so there’s a remote control so I’m gonna have to hook this up to them to a video game console and put it through its paces so I can see how good 120 Hertz looks overall I’m very happy with the product if you can get this TV for 350 bucks I would recommend it you know it’s not a 42 but you’re gonna pay a little bit extra money for that so overall I’m really happy with this product this has been the unboxing review of the Toshiba 39 inch LED 1080p 120 Hertz TV and this is model number 39 l 135 oh you thanks again for watching this video if you guys like this video please subscribe down below just see the subscribe button and head over to our website at e near t-dot-com and check out some of the other stuff that we do we’re mostly a podcasting studio but we’re love we’re having a good time trying out video thanks again I’ll see you next time bye


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