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Tom Tom Handsfree Car Mount Dock For Android Phone Review, Features, Unboxing and Overview HD

Tom Tom Handsfree Car Mount Dock For Android Phone Review, Features, Unboxing and Overview HD

you hey guys this is a v-shape from chemistry thought form and today we are going to do the review of the TomTom Calicut a guard dog basically so that you can actually top your food for navigation for voice calling especially whenever you are driving the car this could come from torn down and it comes for both the Android phones as well as for the iPhone Israel so it comes for both of these and this is how the package looks like as you can see they have mentioned different things which is related to different countries I guess but when it comes with the package contents you will get all these including the microphone which will allow you to talk whenever you have mounted your iPhone or Android phone onto this talk and again this one is actually for the Android phones however there is a different one available for the iPhone as well so over here you can see that you this is how you can actually clip it into your car and this is how it will look you have a speaker is still especially it will work as a hands-free speaker is fill in case you have mounted your phone it is not just a talk but it is going to give you much better functionality this is the maximum full-size in terms of the display size of the phone or the size of the dimension on the phone so the other things which are there in the package is discharging extension this is the dock you have an audience tension cable is still you have a clip you have these ads which actually can flip or pull the cables which are there in the car you can mount them on to your dashboard and this is the plate where you can actually mount this hands-free cockpit so there are two scenarios which you would like to use one is if you would like to mount it on to your build shield then you don’t need this you just need to mount it on the windshield which we will show you and in case you would like to mount it on your dashboard in that case you can actually remove this sticker and mount first of all this plate over your dashboard wherever you want to and make sure that surface is not very curved it should flat enough now for this materia and then once you do that you can actually mount this thing over the plate like this and you just need to do it like this and once you do it it will hold the plate quite strongly and it will not come out very easily this is something I can tell you in case you would like to remove you can always press this thing and then this is how you can remove it but it again it is going to be difficult so I would recommend you to actually use this toggle rotate this toggle and then you can remove it very easily so these are all the things of the package and for this let’s take a look inside the car it can pull your foot on your dashboard you can do it for this we’ll use this plate which you can stick on the surface and then you can mount this thing over there this is how you can mount it on the dashboard make sure that the surface of the dashboard should be kind of flat like this it should not be on the curve because in that case the grip of the plate will not be that good so I have a very simple kind of mount which I normally use in my car this is a very simple mouth just enough not have a mic does not have a speaker and this is how this one looks like this one gives me a lot more functionality it is definitely going to cost you let you bet higher than this one but the kind of functionality of it with this TomTom and peacock it is much better so you came out that want to have been cheaters like this I can mount it like this and then I can fold it in the document now the solid it will not come down I would suggest you to not mounted at this height but do it at a specific point where you can actually like this now you can mount your phone I have a Samsung Galaxy do as an operator which I’m going to use so you have a script over here which can actually hold your food and it can go to this extent either you can actually mount it in the vertical way is you can do that so either you can mount it over here in this case you have to basically rotate this this like this deston insight and this is how you did for your food display but again this big four may not be suitable in this kind for ignition or even a big hole like this can achieve tell you can quarter Forester you can actually panic the table of IQs beaky politically did you charge the phone so I will just reach doctors people is Annika this is how you can actually and then you can connect it to your charge get over here it is connected your device will change charge so the device is now in the charging the device is right now charging you can woman see the device is charging mode and it’s giving you the base with this you can keep here this is a city with your phone so you just need to open Google now and then you can pair it with your phone and then you will have the TomTom cockpit which you can hear so that the microphone will start working right away inaudible good and mechanic okay so right now it is connected to some other device we are not able to connect it but this is how you can connect it to your hands we copied from tompa and you can pound the phone like this way or in other ways that you can rotate it as if you have a speaker s so increase I’m getting a call I can answer the call with the speaker which is there in bed and I can hate the for this task for the motivation in which suitable to see the phone I can have it in landscape mode as the lightness so all these orientations are possible you can actually do this one more thing I would like to tell you is that if you do have a microphone which will work with this and peacock it and you can actually have this microphone connected to the base with this cable an extension cable does come within the package it is a long cable so in case you want to microphone not to be here on the talk in case you want to mount it over here for example you would like to have it here the microphone should have it you can pee okay installation on your own installation in which you have the clips over here which will hold the wire and the microphone will get connected with this extension cable to the dock on the cheek or on the dashboard then you can take was touched easily and the voice will also mark the problem with this extended which does does come within the package for extending the mic for extending the microphone functionality you also have the buttons over here to fit the falls so you can pick the call on your phone with these buttons and then you have volume rocker as well which you can control the volume of the food which you are connected with this actually cutting so this way it is going to work in the regular rules which are there in the market this is a kind of accessory which is very much suitable for the car in case you get calls and then you can always talk on your phone hands-free without even touching the opponent will also save a lot of risk while driving so this way this ssv is going to help you a lot that’s all for us go let us know if you have any specific question and speak up get people to help you you can like this Treaty of this fidelity by taking like button below you can subscribe to our YouTube video channel for more videos like this by clicking the subscribe button below this video this is appreciate signing off


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