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This smartphone has a 144 hz display! – RedMagic 5G

This smartphone has a 144 hz display! – RedMagic 5G

– It’s Short Circuit Time ladies and gentleman, I’ve got a care package delivered to me at my home from Nubia Technologies, and this is the Red Magic 5G. Now I have to confess that I wasn’t real convinced on the whole gaming phone concept right out of the gate, but when we did a recent video over on the Linus Tech Tips channel, checking out their previous phone compared to, kinda like bolting this weird, janky, cooler to a more conventional phone, their cooling system kinda won me over.

I’m not gonna start with the phone because I had some complaints last time that I didn’t do a good enough unboxing, so here’s the unboxing. There’s a power do-dad that’s not compatible with my North American outlet, there’s a cable that is compatible with my North American USB port, and there’s some documentation that I’m sure will be absolutely riveting.

Game time, anytime, it’s done, it’s over, that’s the end of it. This is the Red Magic 5G and unlike some of their previous devices, it is on time, that’s not to say they haven’t launched them when they said they were going to, it’s just that I’m accustomed to seeing a longer window for a flagship Snapdragon processor in between showing up in a Samsung phone for example, and then a more specialized niche device like a Red Magic gaming phone, and that’s exactly what’s inside this thing.

So the specs are freaking nuts, it’s got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, anywhere from eight to 16 gigs of RAM, depending on which storage version that you go with, it’s got a 64 megapixel main shooter along with two others.

So it’s got an ultra wide, as well as a macro lens, that one’s only two megapixels, so we’re gonna have to try that out in a bit, there’s a flashback there as well, we’ve got their dock connector down here, we’ve got a notification button, so you can actually decide if you wanna go into Do Not Disturb mode, with that guy right there, this is the goods, this is what I was so impressed with last time around, so here is the venting for their active cooling solution, and then over here we’ve got the lock button, volume rocker, as well as a shoulder button.

So these are actually pulled at three hundred hertz. So that’s three hundred times per second, and they are pressure sensitive, for gamers, for when you’re gaming. On the bottom, we’ve got a speaker grill, a SIM tray, as well as USB type C, with fast charging, apparently it’ll do I think it’s 56 percent after 15 minutes, or something along those lines, and of course a headphone jack at the top.

Overall, (high pitched voice) I think I actually like the look of this thing. Like yeah it’s kinda gamer-y, it’s got this X logo on the back and stuff. The 5G logo, this is a 5G device by the way, the Red Magic word mark and this little powered by Nubia here, are oriented in landscape mode, you know when you’re holing it like this, for gaming, for gamers, of course this one is oriented in portrait, so if you were to decide, oh once in awhile to make a phone call to your grandmother or whatever then, well it’d be covered with your hand anyway.

Aw that’s curious, during setup it prompted me to touch the sensor on the back of the phone to register my finger print. Oh I think they just derped on their setup wizard. Oh okay, no it has an under screen fingerprint scanner, so let’s go ahead and get that registered.

(chuckles) It’s a little on the low side, I’d probably get used to it, after being dumped on the home screen, the first thing I notice about this phone is it’s got a high refresh rate display. So it’s running at, oh look at that, you’ve got a little indicator next to the time up there, it’s running at 90 hertz right now, but it actually goes all the way up to 144 hertz, it actually pulls the touch layer at 240 hertz, so it’s taking inputs 240 times per second to make sure that if your touch and the display itself don’t quite line up, it’s more likely to get the most recent touch information by the time the panel refreshes.

Let’s go ahead and turn it up to 144 hertz, see how that feels. Wow that is really ugly, that scrolling, I am not a fan of that. 144 hertz, (speaks in announcer voice) esports level refresh rate, silky smooth screen picture.

Yeah that’s gonna increase power consumption, hopefully the 4500 milliamp power battery is gonna mostly take care, wow. Ho ho that is absolutely sick. Okay, Hello? Okay, we’re definitely getting a little bit of odd software behavior so far on this one, maybe I’ll just give it yield reboot.

After rebooting I’m prompted to go through this separate game space, handheld gaming experience thing, so this is dropping me in their gaming control center, all right just a second here, how do I get out of this now? “Please swipe again,” I am swiping again! Please disable the Compete button to access, okay here we go, so I was totally wrong, (notification sound) this is not a Do Not Disturb button at all, it is the Compete button.

You activate it and it launches their game space game launcher. Probably also turns off your notifications, so maybe I wasn’t technically wrong, calling it a Do Not Disturb button, and then what happens is, when you unlock your phone, depending on what position that toggle’s in, either launches their game space game launcher, and then, ah yes, the RGB lighting effects on the Red Magic logo, and look at that, it also kicks the fan into high gear, OLED plus high refresh rate it’s just, like the Holy Grail of great display experiences.

I wish I could get into the Play Store though. (chuckles) Well that was weird, nothing I did fixed it until I reformatted the phone and boom, it is working competently fine now. You know what, actually, I’d be curious to see if the launcher switcher is working better now too.

(notification sound) “Please use it during games.” Oh okay cool, oh I understand what it means, so you swipe in to bring up the overlay, so you can toggle the fan on and off, you can change the refresh rate of the display in here, (chortles) that’s so smooth.

Okay, this toggle is working perfectly now too, I don’t know what happened last time, that splash screen is super annoying, I hope there’s a way to turn that off. Now I want to play around with the camera a little bit, my expectations are not super high, oh okay, the colors are a little on the unnatural side, maybe that’s something that we can tweak, oh we could turn off Intelligent Beauty, maybe that’ll help, nope still pretty bad, (camera shutter clicks) all right then, supposed to be bright pink, but then the actual touch pad itself, I can see it changing it in the view finder, and why would they have the shot on Red Magic 5G on by default? Nobody wants your watermark on their pictures you guys, like turns it white for some reason, I dunno what it’s doing.

See it’s overdone now, I really don’t know if this quarantine beard is suiting me too well. Turned off the Beauty on the second shot there, that’s a lot better, now it’s not trying to smooth my facial hair, ah that’s good.

All right, let’s get some games, for gamers. Okay, what? (notification sound) It was working? Gonna reformat it again then, I guess. Eh we’re back, so we’ve got Asphalt 9 Pub G mobile, Rage Shadow Legends, (bites candy) and a comfort snack.

Now I have one theory and it’s that a Google apps account, so that’s a paid Google account, might not cooperate well with their launcher and Play Store, whatever, for some reason, so I’m using my personal Gmail.

Hey look at that, it picked up my games, just like that. Not the meme games, just Pub G and Asphalt 9, but hey that’s all right. Now switch back, and see if it’ll, nope, still broken. Okay well so much for that theory, no idea, but I’ve got my games installed so I’m gonna just try one.

let’s see how the speakers are. (orchestral music) Dang, not bad! And a very even stereo effect from them too, even though it’s using an amplified ear-piece speaker, and then a much larger side firing grill over on the other side here.

That name is already taken? Who takes this name? All right here we go, I wanna know what this 4D shock feels like. “Click the edge, pull to zoom.” What? Okay, so I think what it’s doing is it’s putting haptic feedback through the screen when you touch the areas where the game controls are.

Okay, I’m pretty sure I felt that. Yeah okay, when you fire there’s little vibrations on the screen, that’s kinda cool. I had only intended to play Rage Shadow Legends just cause it’s such a meme right now, but hey I guess we’re gonna have to do that because Asphalt’s not working, and I want just at least one more game that I can play here.

I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with the screen, it doesn’t have the same nearly zero basil experience that you might find on like a flagship, more consumer focused device, but I am out here, outside, and it’s not under direct sunlight or anything, but this is very, very usable.

How’s my cooling fan doing than? Yeah that’s on, wow that’s really going now that I’m in a game, that actually moves a lot more air than I would have expected. The phone is just cool to the touch though, it is a bit of a chilly day but it’s not even noticeably warm, that is sick.

First impressions than, high refresh rate 144 hertz display, I’m super impressed with that. Love the speakers, it’s got a ton of gamer oriented features with the cooling system really being on the top of my list.

But it’s pretty obvious to me that by the time this thing actually launches, I am recording this prior to launch, that they are going to have to workout some of the little software kinks, like the fact that I can’t open up the Play Store on it for whatever reason.

As for the camera, well it’s about what you would expect for a gaming phone, it’s functional, which is a lot more than you could have said about these types of devices even just a few short years ago, but it’s obviously not gonna be as good as a flagship device from someone like a Samsung or an Apple, and hopefully you were expecting that.

Just like you were expecting this video to end now, with your subscription to this channel. Like look at that, look at that acid green grass. Do you like it? That’s not what that grass looks like. You guys can see that grass doesn’t look like that, wow.

That is so over the top. The top is like here, and it’s like way over there.


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