Home Phone Reviews This Rugged Work Phone Is Perfect For Vacation Too

This Rugged Work Phone Is Perfect For Vacation Too

This Rugged Work Phone Is Perfect For Vacation Too

using a feature phone in 2016 is a special kind of hell no apps a lackluster camera and a keypad that dates back to 1963 woof but if you get one that’s ruggedized there’s a saving grace to the dumb phone that anyone living close to the coast can understand it’s an awesome vacation phone I’m Michael Fisher and it’s the fourth of July weekend so mr.

mobile is off to the sea shore with the Kyocera dura EXCI okay so obviously settings like this aren’t what the duraline was built for this is a phone for construction workers and truck drivers who need buttons you can push with work gloves on loud push-to-talk speaker phones and military-grade durability it’s that last feature that makes this thing so useful when it comes to sun-soaked summer weekends the dura XE packs IP x5 and ipx8 ratings for water spray and continuous immersion meaning it’ll keep on working even when it’s in over its head now you guys are pretty smart so you’re probably saying hold the phone fisher we’ve had waterproof smartphones for years now i would not just buy one of them and keep all my features well you’ve got a point there but here’s where old-school construction comes into play you see a water-resistant smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy s7 still leaves its ports exposed the USB connector and speaker and headphone jack are allowed to flood which is fine because they’re designed to handle that once they dry off they work fine but that’s with fresh water salt water is pure straight poison to electronics and it works fast I took these shots with the samsung galaxy s4 active back in 2013 and by the time the Sun went down the phone’s headphone jack was completely shot never to function again so the open ports approach which helps keep the phone thin actually isn’t the best the dura XE and phones like it use the old method of waterproofing big flaps like missile hatches that lock down into gaskets to keep water from getting inside this makes the phone huge a big meatball in a pocket but it also means that saltwater should be no more harmful than fresh because it’s not getting anywhere near the guts I am a little worried about those charging pads on the back and if you are to give the phone a quick freshwater splash after your swim after 2 days of filming on the beach I did this routinely and the phone is still fine thus far now there are smart phones that use the bulky method of waterproofing as well but first of all those funds tend to be not very good and more to the point touchscreens hate being wet water droplets temporarily bridge the electrodes of the capacitive grid generating all kinds of confusing inputs salt water only makes that worse and let’s not even bring up sunscreen hot dog mustard or any of the other exciting Beach stuff you might get on your phone for the same reason the mentality of oh I’ll just put a case on my iPhone kind of breaks down to the thing is still going to be gross by the end of the day and when little grains of sand to find their way inside the case well you’re gonna have a bad time once again the old ways to the rescue the physical Keys don’t care whether they’re wet or not so you can still text your heart out once you remember how xt9 predictive text works voice calls are more comfy on a clamshell too so that’s another one there’s not a single app in sight so all those little tasks your co-workers ping you to do on slack or hangouts well they’ll just have to wait and if you finish that book on your Kindle and need to download another or you’re one of those Daredevils who brings an iPad or a Chromebook to the water this phone has LTE and Wi-Fi hotspot’ baked into its Android based OS crazy right look am i advocating buying a dura XE just so you can have a better beach and boat phone not at all like I said carrying a dumb phone in 2016 is just miserable in so many ways plus it’s too pricey to justify as a novelty purchase now if you’re in the market for a rugged glovebox phone or you’re a prepper looking for a good emergency handset or an ultra minimalist who’s just had it with smartphones for whatever reason well then this is your dream device most likely though if you’re familiar with this phone if probably means your employer has issued you one and if that’s the case congratulations you can stop thinking of it as an antique clunker and start thinking of it as a sweet vacation phone that’s all for this week folks until next time mr.

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