Home Smart TV Reviews The Whalen BBXL54NV 3-in-1 Tv Stand Review

The Whalen BBXL54NV 3-in-1 Tv Stand Review

The Whalen BBXL54NV 3-in-1 Tv Stand Review

hey youtubers that got a video review for everybody here this is a three-in-one TV stand we picked up at the local Best Buy for two hundred and thirteen bucks which including tax sixty five inches up to hundred and thirty five pounds is what this thing can hold and you can kind of see here there’s your features model number and there is a video instruction on it which I find the instruction is pretty easy to read we are using it in the floating swivel mount and does have the other options here which is really nice that’s why we wanted it unfortunately it is a made in China product so which is a lot of that but I we just got it because it looked more modern now instructions on this are pretty simple straightforward easy to read they do give you some extra screws washers and bolts for it and that so it’s pretty easy to read and there’s some nice cable management you can see in the picture that are the holes for the cable pass groups and then it’s got wheels cable wheels on the back of it that you can move in a couple spots for that so it’s tempered glass wood and the metal frame no we did use Loctite on a lot of the frame necks this isn’t coming apart to be moved or anything like that and some of the screws already had Loctite on them now one real quick thing I want to mention there are leveling feet on the front of here there’s only two of them and they’re on this gray piece of metal going down right there at the bottom those the only two on the whole thing so if your floor is a little off level or anything like ours is because the house is old I used these are plastic eco shims I picked up the home depot a while back and we just used these because it can be easily removed and you know if we want to slide it on the floor up and do something else or use like furniture movers or something a little bit easier but we just put these underneath of it for right now to level it out so that’s one thing I want to mention if you have a floor it’s a slightly off level on that then you know maybe Rock a little bit on you now it’s real quick behind here mother I got the old television on we have a new one coming here soon we’ve got the cable wheels right here and then there’s the holes up here above that there’s another one in there and then there’s one on the bottom there’s four of them on the back for your table management there are pass-through holes which is really nice I like that feature a lot so and you can see one right here and all your wires can go through there and pass through and that you just only have to make sure they’re long enough so that’s a nice feature which I really like because I’ve had something similar to this before it was just a solid tube you couldn’t pass through your chords in there or anything like that as far as anything else on it it’s really straightforward and easy to put together I didn’t have a problem we got it done in about an hour and a half and it was just really really simple so if anybody’s very comments or questions let me know I’ll be glad to answer them and that for you no problem that’s pretty much it one thing if you use the mast they put Loctite on these screws up here and this is not a locking swivel it just swivels but it’s got a locking nut on the bottom of it so it’s pretty tight and it’s got a large locking nut on it so it’s going to be relatively stiff it’s not just going to swing left or right real easy unless that’s comes loose and that’s pretty much about it when I get my new television on there I’ll show you guys what that looks like in a video review on that and we’ll go from there so have a good one don’t work too hard bye


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