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The Smallest 4k TV Available! Review Of The Samsung QN32Q50R

The Smallest 4k TV Available!  Review Of The Samsung QN32Q50R

If you’re in the market for a small TV and you’re looking for the best one out there, this might just be your solution. Hi I’m Carl with Abt, and in this video we’re gonna be giving you a closer look at the new Samsung QN32Q50R.

Which, at 32 inches, is the smallest 4k TV we’ve got here at the store. And, if you’re up on your Samsung model numbers, you may have noticed that I said this was a Q 50R, because it’s a QLED. So we were really excited to get to play around with this one to see if it holds up to the high standards of the other Q series models we’ve already looked at this year.

As far as the design goes, it’s basically just a shrunken down Q60. It’s edge lit so it’s pretty shallow, the pedestal’s a basic 2 footed design, and the bezel’s thin. For inputs it’s got 3 HDMIs, 2 USBs, component, composite, ethernet, and an antenna input.

Plus there’s bluetooth and an optical audio out. So there’s plenty of inputs and the design’s good, but that’s not why people are gonna buy this one. They’re gonna get this one because of everything else it offers.

This is a full featured smart TV that comes with the same user interface as it’s big brothers, which means it’s easy to navigate and you’ve got a big catalog of apps to choose from. And also, just like the other Q series sets, there’s voice navigation built in.

Samsung’s Bixby is gonna give you the most in-depth control of all the features, but this’ll also work with Google home, amazon alexa, and it’s compatible with apple’s airplay 2. So you’ve basically got a smaller sized, well equipped smart hub that’ll fit into almost any room in your home.

And the picture’s great too. You can see plenty of detail in the light and dark areas when you’re watching HDR content, and the color quality was on par with the other higher end Samsungs we’ve seen this year.

And, there’s preset calibrations to choose from, if you want, based on what you’re watching. The screen showed good uniformity, and there really wasn’t anything overly noticeable in the way of light bleed.

Motion’s handled well too, there’s not a lot of distracting judder on the screen when you’re watching fast action, and you do still have the option to adjust it to your liking thru the menu. And for any gamers looking for a great small TV, you’re gonna be happy with this one.

It’s showing some really impressive input lag times with game mode turned on. We were getting about 10.5 ms while testing it on 1080p at 60 hertz. And with this having a 4k resolution and the screen being on the smaller side, it’s got a fairly high pixel density at about 140 pixels per inch, so images look really sharp.

I could realistically see people plugging a computer into one of the HDMI inputs to use this as a monitor in addition to using it as a TV. The sound quality’s even pretty good for a TV of this size.

You’re not typically gonna be sitting too far from a 32 inch set so it doesn’t need to have a ton of power, but it works well for what it is. Plus, you can always add a small soundbar if you needed more.

And the Q50R does have that bluetooth built in so you’ll have some wireless options available to keep setup easy and keep your inputs free for other sources. The only real drawback on this one would be the price as it is on the higher side, especially for a TV of this size.

But if you’re working with a higher budget, or you just want the best 32 inch TV out there right now, you’ll wanna give this one a try. You can check out our current pricing at the link in the description below.

So it’s 4k, it’s got all the great smart features of the larger Samsung QLEDs, and the picture quality is the best you’re gonna find on a 32 inch TV right now. Is the smaller screen worth the higher price tag? I think so, but for the right person.

If it’s gonna double as a computer monitor, or you’re a gamer looking for the best small screen out there, you’ll appreciate what this one offers. Make sure to let us know what you think down in the comments.

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