Home Camera Reviews The Panasonic LUMIX S1R: Full-frame Mirrorless Camera Review

The Panasonic LUMIX S1R: Full-frame Mirrorless Camera Review

The Panasonic LUMIX S1R: Full-frame Mirrorless Camera Review

We were able to get the new Panasonic Lumix S1R in hand for a few hours last week. Our initial impression was, this thing is big. It’s much larger than other mirrorless systems but to be honest, the overall feel was fantastic.

It’s exceptionally balanced with a lens, and feels right at home in your hand. It features a triaxial tilt rear monitor for those hard to get shots and an oversized status LCD on top. Dual memory slots, one standard SD, and a XQD slot for high-speed, continuous data recording.

The full frame, 47.3 megapixel sensor can be used in high resolution mode, which combines 8 images together to create a single 187 megapixel raw image, ideal for capturing delicate detail. We found the dynamic range to be exceptional, with superb gradation between shadows and highlights.

Six stops of stabilization can be achieved when the body is combined with specific Lumix S series lenses. During a test, we were able to handhold shots up to 2 seconds with virtually no blur. We were also impressed with how exceptional the sensor did in low light.

Edges are sharp, colors reproduce smoothly, and at high ISO’s, shadows are practically noiseless. For video, both the S1R and S1 are capable of slow-motion in 4K and super slow motion in standard HD.

The larger body size dissipates heat better, allowing unlimited 4K recording time with the S1 body. The S1 and S1R offer extensive compatibility with the new L mount. Moving forward, any L mount lens produced by Panasonic, Sigma, or Leica can be used without any loss of functionality.

For Panasonic’s first foray into full frame, we were pretty impressed, and we think you will be too.


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