Home PC Reviews The Everyday Tower PC (Acer Aspire TC-885)

The Everyday Tower PC (Acer Aspire TC-885)

The Everyday Tower PC (Acer Aspire TC-885)

In the last… I dunno, several years anyway Whenever the conversation of Tower PCs comes up it’s pretty much always a big powerful gaming rig. Now I love gaming PCs, one day I’d love to build one of my own, but Once upon a time, several operating systems ago, if you were to look at a Windows PC the most common one would really be a classic tower and monitor set up.

The question is though with modern advances, what do these towers look like in 2020, and if you’re on a midrange budget, are they even worth it? I mean, we literally in the last video just talked about All-In-Ones so does that negate the need for a tower? No surprises, that’s exactly what we’re looking at.

We are looking at the everyday tower PC and right here we have the Acer Aspire TC-885. We’ll get the looks out the way first. Tower PCs for the home in the £500 sort of range have really had similar designs for a while now I mean there is only so much you can do with what is essentially a block.

Though I do like the details they’ve put on this, mostly on the power button up here sitting in it’s triangle. running all the way down in this detailing, right down to the little aspire logo right at the bottom.

It’s quite elegant really I find, Acer describe it as classically styled which is very true to say. We are of course in a reasonable price bracket so we’re never gonna be looking at ridiculously gorgeous or mad innovative designs or anything like that, but this is a really simple and elegant way to do the tower PC.

It’s also relatively light and it’s small enough to fit under or even on your desk. So if we aren’t really looking at the looks of a tower, then why look at a tower PC at all in 2020? We’ll start with the performance.

When it comes to modern specs, this tower hits all the points we look for in a modern PC. It’s got a 128GB SSD for fast boot up times and performance of course, as well as a 1TB hard drive for all your archiving needs that you could possibly wish for.

8GBs of RAM and an i5 Processor, it’s got faster wireless performance, a good array of ports. Great. “But Adam! I can get that in a laptop, it will be super slim and I can take it with me.” Yeah, you can.

Absolutely. Where things change is with that processor in particular. You see the one we have here is a 9th Generation i5. Now I won’t go too deep into how Intel’s generations work ‘cos it can get very confusing very quickly, but the key thing to know is that 9th Gen processors were only made available for high performance laptops, like gaming laptops for instance or desktop class PCs.

They are not seen very often at all in your super slim, more mobile laptop. So if you’re more of a home desk worker, you’ll get more guaranteed performance from something like this be it running large spreadsheets or having 20 browser tabs open with various birthday present ideas.

Pretty standard stuff for the home but I can rest assured that this will run it smoothly, now and in the next few years, whatever may come. The other handy thing is freedom of choice when it comes to monitors in particular.

Now we’re keeping things down to a sensible budget here so we’ve just gone with the standard HD monitor from Acer still much slimmer and less intrusive than some All-In-One’s you can get as we’ve looked at before.

Though what’s great is you can go for really whatever you want as long as you have the performance to support it. With this tower if we wanted to use a 30″ HD TV as a monitor, great! We can go for it.

So really it’s no surprise in that we saw a bump in sales for tower PCs when Windows 7 hit end of support earlier this year. And what’s great is you can still get a great Windows 10 experience on a tower collaborating with friends or colleagues using Office.

Say here for instance, I’ve got this Excel sheet open and I’m able to make comments on certain areas for my colleagues to see and review. Once I’ve made that comment they will get an email to say there is a comment to review, and it will take them to the exact place where that comment was made in the spreadsheet.

That file is then kept on OneDrive which is where I keep a lot of my data backed up, so if you’re the type of person that has a computer at home then opens files on say, a tablet or a phone, you have that option.

We’ve also got here the personal vault in OneDrive, which if you have the app on android or iOS, you can store personal documents like driving licences or passports and have access to it anywhere. So just ‘cos it’s a tower, doesn’t mean you only have access to your files in one place.

Things like Office and OneDrive make sure you can access them anywhere. In the future we will look at a more premium version of a tower PC. For now though, thank you for watching, comment what you think of these tower PCs for the home.

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