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The Best Action Camera — Sony FDR X3000 In-Depth Review [4K]

The Best Action Camera — Sony FDR X3000 In-Depth Review [4K]

Hey look what I have here this is Sony’s action cam FBR x3000 and it shoots 4k video actually 4k 30 frames per second in hundred megabits per second this thing doesn’t overheat has an unbeatable balanced optical stabilization system that creates Warner’s at a simple mic on it and you can use it as a vlogging camera that it’s simple light and painless the footage is charged satellites and beautiful this is the best action camera out there today I hate funny faces there’s not getting away from you I go ahead two weeks ago I decided to document my vacation deals vlogging but my camera Sony rx100 mark 4 felt too short for such tasks since it doesn’t have a mic in I had to make a wind diffuser myself then I had to deal with the constant overheating in 4k and of course extremely full battery life I’m not even going to talk about the focusing problem on top of that the lack of proper stabilization in 4k made things quite difficult also literally a drop of seawater paralyzed Sony rx100 mark 4 shutter button the camera thought the shutter button was being held down constantly and this created too much drama for a simple vlogging project so I decided to get a new camera the first thing I had in my mind was to buy a GoPro but while I was researching about it I came across this little monster that does everything in a better way and let’s see what’s in the box a mount USB cable and PBX one battery Sony rx100 uses a battery as well and some papers in this book this has the camera that is in its housing looks like the gum Hansel gave to Rey InfoSphere in HDMI out movie input and the microphone input this is where the battery goes perfect let’s look at that balanced optical stabilization system along with the low-light test most action cameras use electronic image stabilization which means you have to sacrifice from the image quality and resolution some cameras like Sony rx100 microphone can’t even know for such thing in 4k because it means extra pixels and some upscaling to produce the electronic stabilization but this action camera does this simply by having a floating optical path which means the footage does need to be stabilized electronically which means more battery life and higher quality images and that is what blew my mind about this camera because it just works it can do 4k time lapse we’re going to take the 4k time lapse using this gorilla pop arm the only problem I had with the time lapse is that I had to make the video myself from the hundreds of photos it took which can get a little messy for editing videos and you’re already buried in a lot of video file has a stereo mic if it has wind noise reduction we’re going to test that and compare it to this this is so nice microphone wind noise reduction is not turned on this is Sony SDR x3000 with the noise reduction turn off this the sound test using rode videomicro it is splashes them and it comes with a housing then it is water-resistant hmm I think I can find I think I can find a couple of places to test in 1080p can shoot up to 120 frames per second and in 720p 240 frames per second so you can shoot slow-motion videos with this the menu on this device is pretty simple this is how you turn it on and when you hit this to go into the menu and you can move around with this and if you see something you like you hit this button to get into that menu and everything is pretty simple and pretty easy to understand even without looking into the manual now of course you can get this one with a live remote and with a live remote you can control your camera you can see what is going on unfortunately here they were out of that so I wasn’t able to get one you can also control this device using your tablet or your phone over Wi-Fi now let’s pair this to my iPad you can pair it to your tablet to your phone doesn’t matter I’m going to use my iPad because I’m recording the sound with my iPhone right now what you need to do is go in your play memories mobile app and then open this part up and in here you’re going to see a QR code we are going to scan that QR code scanning complete hit OK and then we install this profile in profile skill time Wi-Fi and there it is what’s coming to that let’s go like to play memories and put the camera here and as you can see we are we can control the camera using this app and we go to the settings in the settings you can have the camera remote power on and off this is done over Bluetooth you can see the images on your camera you can turn digital zoom on or off right now it’s on as we can see I can zoom in there’s a little lag this happens with every Sony device and then we have white balance you can set your white balance to auto to tell them you can have a custom white balance setting and then scene selection normal is when you’re using a camera normally and underwater while you’re on the water and then we have color settings neutral or vivid and then record mode 100 megabits 30 frames per second you can change this to anything else you like movie format mp4 is ABC SX ABC s 4k and steady shot you can add this to the shaft active standard or you can turn it off I don’t know why you would but you can audio recording on or off wind noise reduction on or off vertical flip if you’re using the camera upside down you can use that Bluetooth power settings it’s now it’s right now it’s disabled you can enable it be both connected device be volume I think it’s too low when I’m using it by itself and I set it to normal when I’m using it with the housing for the underwater housing because it block 2 sounds really good land sitting light all lands when you’re recording so you know what’s going on or some lamps or does not light land if you want to do something shady one touch recording this is as soon as you hit record it starts recording can be it can be useful while you’re on the water and you see something and then you want to record it right away you don’t need to turn it on first you just recording it starts recording and we have the pal ntsc selective power save start time then we can format the memory cards multi camera control settings using this you can control multi ftrh 3000 cameras you can it show at the same time and have a matrix effect if you like and then we have the camera information it’s from where one point zero zero and you can turn the grid line on or off and we can turn the mirror mode on or off but that’s not all if I change this to mp4 when I go to my settings is you can see now there is new angle settings and in the angle settings I can set it to wide which is how it was in the 4k and I said it’s medium this is medium or I can change it to narrow and now it has less fish eye effect but this doesn’t work in 4k after using this camera for a couple of days I can easily say the battery life is pretty good I use this camera right now for vlogging which means I turn it on and off all the time and with two batteries I can go through a day without any problems at all and this is my setup for vlogging I can hold it like this and film it into the microphone if I see something I like I hold it like that I’m going to make this a little better when I go back home because with this setup I cannot sit down on something without speech status and it’s possible so as far as the action cameras go this is probably the best one out there right now well done Tony well that I wish you did this good with Sony rx100 mark 5 well thank you very much for watching this episode and I hope you enjoyed it please hit that subscribe button I must have a subscribe button somewhere here on the screen he said subscribe button and join the world domination and please let me know what you think about funnies action come in the comment section pillow this is another film it’s not scone well it’s the best we can do and until I see the next time take really good care of yourselves and horse chocolate and


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