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TechCentury Alienware Area 51 Gaming /Editing Setup Tour 2015

TechCentury Alienware Area 51 Gaming /Editing Setup Tour 2015

hi guys how you doing this Sebastian from tech century and welcome to a quick – and first look at my brand new PC gaming and editing setup that I have been very pleased with to say the least so first off looking at the furniture I purchased all of this stuff from Ikea so if I clears in your country which is very likely and you can also just pick up the same stuff for yourself now there’s only a quick disclaimer at the top or the top plate that you see here on the desk isn’t a desk tabletop but actually a kitchen countertop so if you want to pick this up you actually have to go to the like kitchen department in IKEA now of course these star of this new setup is tpc itself and this is the a and wear area 51 and it features an intel core i7 5820k 6 core processor clocked at 3.

3 gigahertz and can also to boost up to 3.6 gigahertz it features 16 gigabyte of ddr4 memory as well as an nvidia geforce gtx 970 with 4 gigs of ram now I know that this GPU got a lot of crap the last couple of weeks but for me it’s good enough and I might actually go crazy and all out and pick up in Titan X in the future and up where to that now the only bottleneck of this system is the two terabyte a standard hard disk drive so there isn’t an SSD currently in this machine but it’s actually cheaper for me to just buy an aftermarket SSD and install it myself and actually ordering an SSD configuration from a and where so I’ll likely pick up like a 512 gigabyte SSD from crucial very soon now as any other Alienware system this of course features the a and FX lighting system with LEDs all over the place so I would probably just keep it in blue on red just in one solid color every zone but you can also go crazy and make Google colors like green yellow red and configure all the different zones differently or having it more through all the colors and all that stuff but for me I just like it in blue or red or whatever now I will basically use this machine currently for gaming and s like a secondary editing rig or maybe like a backup editing rig so I’ll see about that but of course you need more than just the machine itself to get a gaming setup going so this is why I also have my speaker’s right here and these are my trusty creative giggle works t3 that I’ve used before and that you’ve seen before on videos I still love these speakers they’re absolutely amazing in terms of Mouse I use the my onyx ever 7000 so it has a few programmable buttons also very high DPI and also of course a programmable RGB backlight so you can configure it to exactly the same colors off the end wear which is absolutely amazing especially if you like a perfectionist like I am I want to have all these same colors on peripherals as well in terms of keyboard I use the review vPro v 100 mechanical keyboard this of course also backlit with RGB backlit so you can choose whatever color you want and again it can match the Alienware and the mouse perfectly in terms of mousepad I just picked up the rocket rival which is great so far no complaints whatsoever and the monitor is the aoq i 23:6 9vm which i did a review of and it’s one of my monitors that I had for a long time but this is just a placeholder to be honest I’m still looking into getting a better gaming monitor maybe at the what is it 27-inch Swift with g-sync from Asus I don’t want to go for K quite yet so I’ll probably look into 1080p or 1440p monitor for the moment and yes this is basically my new gaming setup I hope that you guys enjoy now yes there will be a lot of comments saying that I could pick up or that I could build a gaming computer myself for less and I would have paid here for the a and wear but first off I got a good price for the end we’re setting off I really like this case here on the area 51 with all the a and FX and third I really want to have one provider which I get the service from and a where or Dell I should rather say is pretty good in that rig and I don’t want to go to a different retailer for like the GPU then a different retailer for whatever the CPU so here if I have an issue with the system I can just contact Dell and then switch it out in like one business day so that’s also a big aspect why went here for this a and we’re and yes I’m just looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say I’m very impressed so far with the system and all the accessories as well and I absolutely love it so I hope that you guys do as well like the video if you enjoyed it of course make sure to subscribe to the channel for many more videos as well and I really hope to see you next time


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