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TCL C8 Review | 4K Android AI TV!

TCL C8 Review | 4K Android AI TV!

Hello and welcome to ReviewsPK! My name is Ameer and this is our TCL C8 55 inch AI Smart TV review. This is the first time that we are reviewing a TV on our channel. And not only that, this is the first time I am using a TV which has an Android Operating System.

This TV is another step towards IOT, i.e. the Internet Of Things. And if we talk about the price of TCL C8, its retail price, on their own website, is given as Rs 1,27,900/- So its quite a premium type of price point, but in this price point other competitors, like Samsung and Sony, this TV is offering more features than their TV.

Lets move to the Review now, and see that how did I find TCL C8 55 inches to be? Keep Watching! If you are new, then subscribe to our channel and turn on the notifications so that you can be notified of all our recent uploads.

So guys, lets talk about the TCL brand first. Because in this price range, people are too much brand conscious. TCL is one of the fastest growing TV brands of the world. According to TCL, they are the biggest brand of Pakistan that owns more than a 30% of market share.

TCL has overcame the second position in US as well, in terms of sales volume. And if you check on Amazon, then among the best selling TVs on Amazon, then 3 out of their Top 5 are TCL TVs. This kind of success, and this much penetration in the market there must be something in their product, that their performance is so well.

And you can estimate by this performance, that TCL is not an ordinary brand anymore. We will start the review with design and looks. The design of TCL C8 is very sleek. The panel of the TV is very slim from the top and it widens at the bottom because all of its chips and circuits are present here.

The bezels of this TV are very thin and it would’ve been completely bezel-less but there is built-in sound bar at the bottom side, which is a big selling point of this phone and we will talk about it later.

And at the center of this soundbar, there is a TCL logo and an LED light. You can either wall-mount the TV, by the brackets included in the box, or you can place it on a stand like we have done here. I found the overall look of this TV to be elegant and beautiful.

And I will share a few images of this TV on my instagram as well so if you are interested in watching those, then follow us @reviews_pk If we talk about ports and input, behind the TV on the right side, its ports are present.

Which includes two USB 2.0 ports that’ll run on 0.5 Amp, a LAN port to connect it to the network if you don’t want to connect it to the WiFi, three HDMI ports, a TV cable port, an Optical Audio Out port, an AV-in Port and a headphone jack.

We will talk about the display now. The display resolution of TCL C8 is UHD, which is Ultra High Definition Full 4K 3840 x 2160 In the display, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision are also present. Dolby vision is an HDR technology and this logo means that this TV is certified by Dolby and the brightness, colours and contrast of Dolby vision certified TVs are much better.

When you’ll use Netflix on TCL C8, you will notice this logo over there as well. Along with that, Wide Colour Gamut is also added in this TV, which means that this TV in can show its 84% on DCIP3 colours meaning that it can produce more than 1 billion colours.

Along with that, in this TV MEMC technology is also added which means Motion Enhancement and Motion Control And this is TCL’s own proprietary technology which is basically on an AI based algorithm and by using this the TV frames are more smoothed.

Meaning, if you are watching any movie at 30fps or at 24 fps then the TV’s own algorithm will show those frames in a way that you would feel like its 60fps or more, you will feel such smoothness. I think most of the people would like this thing, because whichever movie you’ll be watching will have a smooth sort of feeling, But those people who wants a pure experience who doesn’t want an artificially enhanced experience, they wouldn’t like this thing as much.

But still, I watched Netflix on this TV for a long time, as well as YouTube videos and I didn’t feel the experience decreasing anywhere. This is entirely a preference based thing. Lets talk about the sound quality now.

So I am really impressed by TCL C8, here. Because in this TV, an ONKYO 2.2 soundbar is given, which means that there are two speakers and two sub woofers in this sound bar. If you don’t know what ONKYO is, then ONKYO is a very well established Japanese brand.

Which had also bought Pioneer in 2015. And this basically, this brand used to make car stereos and car audio systems. And this sound bar has enhanced the overall experience of this TV greatly. The whole time I used this TV, I didn’t feel the need for my Home Theatre This sound bar gets really loud I watched most of the movies on 50% volume, and that was enough too, so 100% would’ve bee too much loud.

Along with that, if we talk about low-end, meaning, if we talk about Bass, the bass was quite decent. Although it was not too much but it was enough for you to enjoy your experience. Overall, I found the sound to be quite rich, and I really liked the sound experience of this TV.

Besides that, Dolby Atmos is also built-in in this phone. And here, as well, there is a certification by Dolby. By which, the sound in your TV, becomes a 3D immersive surround sound to a great extent.

This thing, indeed, works better on 5.1 speakers system or 7.1 speaker system. It has a limited effect on 2.2 speaker system, but still this factor enhances your experience. Overall, I really liked the sound experience of TCL C8.

And according to me, in the market right now, you will not get this good sound within this price range. So guys, lets talk about the hardware, software and interface of this TV. There is a Quad core CPU in TCL C8, and a dual core GPU, along with a 16GB built-in storage.

This TV’s software is its most unique feature, specially if you compare it with other competitors. This TV works on Android operating system which is a simplified version of the operating system in your phone, but it has plenty of benefits.

The first thing is that when you start and set up the TV for the first time, it will all be done through your phone you will use google home app to setup this TV. And this TV will sync with your Google Account.

Besides that, your TV comes pre-loaded with some essential apps, like YouTube or Netflix. And not only this, Google Play Store is also available in this TV and you can download more apps and games in it.

And this TV comes with a built-in Google Chromecast. Another benefit of having an Android operating system is that there is built-in Google Assistant in this TV as well along with that, there is Far Field Voice technology in it.

Which means, you can give voice commands to this TV even if you are sitting afar. And it is same as having Google Home in your TV. But where there are numerous benefits of Android operating system, there, you might notice a few bugs around.

And the reason for that is that its a new product, and just it happens in phones, that minor bugs appear and with system updates and with time, they vanish. So I also noticed a few bugs when I was watching 4K video on YouTube, and I went to the menu system, it was lagging slightly.

Along with that. when I used Netflix for the first time there was an issue with the aspect ratio, but that also adjusted after a while. And I am sure, all the minor bugs will be resolved with time in software updates.

Therefore it is not any major issue, just a thing to keep in mind. So these were a few features and specifications of TCL C8. But overall, how did I find this TV to be? And can I recommend this TV to you or not? So I will begin with the things that I liked the most about this TV.

I really liked the picture quality of this TV. Its colours were very deep, image was quite sharp and the screen was very bright. Along with that, I really liked the sound of this TV as well. It ONKYO sound bar and Dolby Atmos worked together to keep the sound experience great.

Along with that, I really liked the look of TCL C8 as well. There are just two things about this TV, that you need to keep in your mind before buying this TV. One is its MEMC technology, which is the smoothing technology that I was talking about.

This thing will be liked by most of the people but there are a few people, specially the purists like me they might not like this technology as much. And this is such a thing that you should visit their showroom and check, before buying it.

You would know that whether you like it or not. Alongside this, due to having an Android operating system, you would require a basic level of knowledge in order to set it up. And a few bugs would also be fixed with further updates.

And if you don’t want any of this then a basic TV might be a better option for you. But still, right now, in this price range, I don’t think any other TV can offer you better features than this TV. And if you are looking for a 55 inch TV in the market right now, then I will recommend you to must consider TCL C8.

What are your thoughts on TCL C8? And if you have used this TV, then I want to know how was your experience? Do let me know, in the comment section below. That is all for this video. I hope you liked it.

If you did, then don’t forget to drop a like on the video. I will meet you in the next video. Goodbye!


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