Home Camera Reviews Syma X5SC Explorers 2 Quadcopter w/ Camera Review

Syma X5SC Explorers 2 Quadcopter w/ Camera Review

Syma X5SC Explorers 2 Quadcopter w/ Camera Review

hey guys welcome to Exhale EECOM today we’re going to show you guys another awesome product from cyma it’s called x5 SC now cyma they’re known for making some awesome quad copters and helicopters it’s started off making helicopters they have some unique items such as the x9 fly car if you haven’t seen that video definitely check it out but today we’re going to show you the syma x5 SC it’s more of a traditional type of quad copter it does come with a camera on the bottom let’s just go ahead get right into it show you guys what it’s all about what comes out of the box so straight out the box you’re going to be greeted with of course the quad itself a transmitter 2.

4 gigahertz you can operate high low speed you can operate the camera from the transmitter and you can operate the flip button which allows you to flip the quad in all four directions 500 milliamp single cell lithium polymer battery comes with the USB charger for that battery so you can charge it anywhere that has a USB port and the box are also going to find a nifty which I really like is a micro SD card reader so you have a micro SD card you’re recording something pull it out of the camera stick it in the USB reader plug it in to your computer laptop and you can view your footage you’re also going to find four extra prop blades you’ll find a Phillips head screw driver and you’re going to find a Simon manual be sure to read through the manual so you know all the functions before you fly it I’m moving on to the quad itself as you can see it comes in two colorways a black housing or a white housing on the black housing you have the white blade protectors and keep in mind guys those blade protectors don’t come installed you do have to install them when you open the box with that supplied Phillips head screwdriver so the quad itself it’s very lightweight let’s talk about the white one it’s very lightweight it’s enclosed in a plastic housing your flight control board all that good stuff is enclosed you have LED lights on the bottom red on the front green on the rear you have landing skids here that are kind of flexible so that it takes the absorption from your harsh landings now brushed motors on all four corners provide that efficient power to liftoff this quad and it is very light and as mentioned before with the 3.

7 500 milliamp hour lithium battery you’re going to get about 8 to 10 minutes of normal flight time if you’re doing a lot of flips and rolls that flight time might come down to maybe the six to eight minute mark on the back of the quad you’re going to find a convenient battery come apartment that houses the 3.

7 500 milliamp hour lithium battery on the bottom right here on the back of the camera you’re also going to find a micro SD card slot for that camera keep in mind guys to record with that camera you use the function a button function on the transmitter itself I also notice on the housing of the quadcopter you’re going to find cooling ducts quilling fins also near the sides of motors that keeps the motors nice and cool while in flight so I’m gonna take off and just kind of test the gyro see how it is see if it needs to be trimmed and before I go out and play okay seems pretty good I’m still kind of low to the ground so I’m getting a little bit of propwash bring it up a little higher hover is great I don’t even think it needs any trim and dude it flies awesome on board gyro is doing its thing I think it’s ready to go I’m gonna go ahead and land it so enough messing around in here let’s go out get some bigger area and let’s go fly alright guys we’re outside now it’s a little bit windy real sunny we’re going to see how they do since they are pretty light even with the battery in them but let’s test them out do some flips do some rolls and see how they fly so I’m just going to show you guys how to record real quick if you peek into these little vent holes on the bottom of the camera you’ll see a green light with the SD card inserted that means it’s ready to go it’s on standby it’s ready to record click down on what would be the throttle trim just click down on it you’ll see that green light turn red and it’s flashing that means right now it’s recording your footage to stop recording basically do the same thing click down on that throttle trim goes back to green and it saved that footage up so you can do this while you’re flying and record some of the footage to capture and we’re off so we’re flying in a low speed low L mode right now still pretty responsive Charles working well I like to fly it on high you probably want to fly it on high when it’s windy so you can fight the wind a little better as you notice on H you get a little bit more movement but she’s real stable it’s our flip real quick oh pretty easy to flip quick flips us the x5s see what I notice is the flips are real quick and you don’t have to manipulate throttle to keep it back up at the same altitude Don board computer kind of does that for you got a little windy right now push it away from me but it flies good alright guys syma x5 SC awesome flying quad throw more detailed specs and pictures head on over to exhaling calm be sure to check out all the other awesome SEMA products we’ll catch you guys next time


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