Home Camera Reviews Swann NVR-8580 4K Ultra HD 8 Channel Security System Review

Swann NVR-8580 4K Ultra HD 8 Channel Security System Review

Swann NVR-8580 4K Ultra HD 8 Channel Security System Review

hey it’s Mike with top daddy’s calm and today we’re doing a quick review of the Swan six camera eight channel 4k Ultra HD NVR security system now we’ve had the opportunity to test out this security system that Swann sent us for about six months now now originally when we received the unit we didn’t really think we would need any security at all but one of the things that we realized over the last six months is that there’s a lot more benefits of having the system than not let’s let’s go through what we like about the system now the first thing to tell you about this system is that there is a few different options available if you take a look at the Swan website the one that we got actually had six cameras it’s an 8 channel system but we also got an additional two cameras to come along so that we’re using all eight channels now originally I thought eight cameras am I really gonna need eight cameras but as I started to install them I realized there was blind spots around the exterior of the home having eight cameras allowed us to tie in so that we have continuous coverage all around the different areas on the exterior of our home now there’s two different kind of cameras that come with the system one camera has infrared and motion detection system and the other camera actually has that as well but also a light and a speaker and a microphone that allows you to actually talk two ways we’ll explain that in just a minute okay before we go any further into features let’s talk a little bit about the base unit itself and a little bit of the installation now what I really like is that it has a reliable wired Ethernet connection for the base unit so what that means is it’s not using wireless it’s actually a hardwired connection to your router what I like about that is you have a little bit less chance of maybe some Wireless interference or your wireless going down but the other side of things is the connection to the cameras is doing p OE which stands for power over ethernet so the wires that are actually going to the cameras have both the signal for the video as well as for it power which means that you’re not running a separate power cable to each of the cameras now as opposed to a wireless camera system then you’d have to worry about batteries or running power to those individual cameras in this case with these power over ethernet cables you only have to run one cable to each of the cameras I really like that now the base unit itself has a two terabyte hard drive included and it does local recording what’s great about that is you don’t have to worry about ongoing monitoring fees so it’s not going to a cloud service it’s actually recording right to a hard drive on the unit itself which you can then stream out to your mobile phone and we’ll talk about that in just a minute now you might be thinking a two terabyte hard drive how is that possibly enough for eight cameras of 4k footage well what’s great about the system is depending on how you set it you can set it to record one camera at a time depending on when it detects motion or a special event depending on again with the settings what’s great about that is it’s only recording to the hard drive at the moment that’s detecting motion and not wasting any hard drive space on just blank footage of absolutely nothing happening so really it’s only filling up your hard drive when it actually detects motion because really at the end of the day if you have an event occur that you need to look back at the camera footage you’re only gonna be looking back at something that occurred in maybe a day or two before so you don’t really need to have months and months of footage collected if you have an event you can record that export it out to your computer on a USB key and you’re off even if it gets to the end of the hard drive space you can set it to record over the older footage so for example if you don’t need to look back at your old footage then it really doesn’t matter it’ll just can do a continuous recording loop and you’ve got the two terabytes of space which has been more than sufficient for us in our home use now even though it’s doing local recording on your hard drive what’s great is that you can actually sync it with your Dropbox account if you have a Dropbox account for off-site storage of images so what it’ll do is it’ll take still images every once in a while when there’s a motion and it’ll actually upload it to Dropbox so if the actual base unit itself gets stolen or damaged for whatever reason at least you’ll have some backup images not necessarily the video but you’ll get backup images in your Dropbox account now the cameras themselves actually have a weatherproof design they have solid metal construction and so far they’ve been holding up really well in both rain and snow these cameras definitely do not feel flimsy at all these are solid construction cameras and I really like that now these particular cameras have 4k resolution and what’s really great about that is that you get a higher quality image and as you can see I’m actually showing you on one of the cameras right now as I’m filming what it looks like I can actually crop the image zoom in a little bit and you should be able to see me pretty clearly so what the 4k resolution allows you to do is actually see images in much more clarity if you need to now both cameras actually have night vision with up to a hundred and fifty feet of visibility in total darkness now the one set of cameras that comes with the lights built into it will actually allow you to see in color at night time it depends on how you set the cameras to to turn on the light so for example you can set it to turn on by motion or you can manually turn on the lights but again that will allow you to see in full color at nighttime as I mentioned both cameras have motion sensing abilities however they also have heat sensing true detect motion infrared motion sensors so what that means is in addition to being able to detect motion visually they’re also able to detect motion via infrared heat sensing so what that means is if you’ve got a person that’s coming into the shot or an animal it’s gonna be able to better recognize that as opposed to just leaves blowing in the wind okay so we’ve got a few of the tech specs out of the way and I want to talk about my favorite feature of the entire Swan system what I really like about the system is its ability to connect with the Swan home safe view app now this is a smartphone app you can install on your phone and what I really love about it gives you the ability to actually watch your cameras live so it can stream to your phone you can also play back video to see what happened you can also talk and listen with the cameras that have the speaker and microphone and lights built into them what’s great about those is you can actually talk and have a two-way conversation with somebody so for example if somebody’s leaving you a package at your door you can also turn on the sirens and you can turn on the lights you can also set the smartphone app to give you notifications every time it detects motion out of all the smart home devices and apps that we have this one app and system combined has been the most reliable app that we have I’ve never had any streaming issues with it and it turns on right away there’s never being a connection issue with it I’m really hoping it stays that way but it’s been amazing so far now what’s really great about having a very reliable system and app that work together and so reliably is that you can actually check in on your house we were able to check in on our house while on vacation in Hawaii while sitting on the beach the other thing I really like about being able to stream to my phone is that while I’m traveling on business I can actually go into my phone log in and using the two-way cameras I can actually speak and say hello to my kids over the cameras hey kids how are you doing out there alright so from a security standpoint what I really like about these cameras that have especially the lights the siren the speaker and the microphone built into it is that they’re a little bit of a security deterrent system so you can actually set deterrent preferences with the in the system that allow you to actually have the lights turn on or the siren turn on based on a scheduled time frame or when it detects motion however you want to set it up as you can see there’s a lot of different options that you can have to personalize your setup according to your needs so for example you can schedule recording times or schedule when you want the lights to come off depending on motion or time setting up the sirens to come off there’s so many different options it is a very robust system now you can also take it a little bit further and we’re not really going to go into too much depth on this because this setup it actually can be quite complicated there’s a lot of different options there so there’s face detection line crossing detection perimeter intrusion detection static option detection and much more but I don’t want to go into that because it’s a lot of stuff so make sure to check out the Swan website to see what all of that stuff means I actually ended up just using the basic deterrent options the basic recording options now adding to the long list of features that the system already has is the ability to use it with Google assistant and chromecast now what this will allow you to do is stream your cameras directly to your TV using Google assistant and chromecast now we didn’t have an opportunity to actually test that out because we don’t have Google assistant products in our home ok so I think I’ve covered most of the features that we really like with this system let’s talk about a few things that I think are really important for you to know now the installation itself was pretty straightforward with a single a Power over Ethernet cable for each camera however if you don’t have experience running cable through walls or through your attic you should probably hire professional to help you with that now in terms of the system itself in terms of programming it and setting it up the way that you want there’s a bit of a learning curve there is a robust amount of features that it comes with a robust amount of options however it will take you some time to adjust over time but it’s definitely worth it for all the feature set that you get with the system now over time you might find that you’ll have to adjust the camera settings a bit like the sensitivity or the sound levels so there is a bit of a trial and error there and it might take you some time to get it right well there you go folks that is the Swann 8 channel 4k NVR security system we really like it because of the peace of mind that it gives us as well as the robust feature set that it comes with the ability to be able to set it up the way we really want the 4k really great quality cameras and most of all the smartphone apps that it comes with and how great and reliable it’s been to be able to check in on our smart phones for more information check out the Swan website and of course don’t forget to follow top daddies on Twitter Instagram and Facebook until next time


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