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Surface Laptop Review: One Year Later

Surface Laptop Review: One Year Later

when the surface Pro laptop came out a year ago I was really excited because it seemed like everything I loved about Microsoft products like the surface pro tablet only you know in a laptop form but since it’s come out I’ve fallen in love with it dozens times and I’ve also fallen out of love with some things too but let’s go back and start with the things I like the surface laptop is one of the slickest looking laptops out there there’s no denying it’s gorgeous when closed and when it’s open the display is stunning it’s 3my to display felt alien when I first used it but I actually loved it compared to the shorter foot wider displays found in something like the Dell XPS 13 or the Apple MacBook Pro and the colors at renders are beautiful and I love the keyboard on this thing it’s every bit as good as the Dell XPS or Lenovo ThinkPad and nothing like the shallow and unpleasant keys on an Apple MacBook Pro when I’m looking at the display or typing on the keyboard I can forget about all of the problems but there are problems the elegant our fabric on the palm rest seems to just absorb the grease for my hands and save it for later use it might look great on the burgundy or the cobalt blue surface laptop but on the Platinum it just looks Brown and the finish on the aluminum case just doesn’t age well I can wipe on it all day and it never gets cleaned at least when I get fingerprints on the display I can wipe them off but the patina of Filth aside the surface laptop is still undeniably good it’s fast the battery life hasn’t really dropped off and from afar it looks really great even the filth might not be a problem for some people I mean it doesn’t sure every surface laptop is unique when I use this laptop another year yeah it may not look new but it wears it’s aged reasonably well there are a lot of worse ways to spend your thousand dollars more and if you’re that worried about the finish then hold off Microsoft like most tech companies refreshes our computers annually maybe that surface laptop – we’ll fix the finish and replace that proprietary charger with USB see


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