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Surface Laptop 2 – Unboxing, Setup, Benchmarks and Review

Surface Laptop 2 – Unboxing, Setup, Benchmarks and Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and many of you have been asking me to take a look at the surface laptop 2 and since I already did the surface pro 6 I thought we’d take a look at this now now this has been out for a couple months and the good news is you can get this for a reduced price of about $300 off so they currently go from $799 to $2399 and that’s for a top model of with a core i7 16 gigabytes of RAM and a terabyte of storage this one is $999 so let me flip it over I’ll show you what comes in the box and what specs we’ve got so you can see in the top there it’s got the 8th gen Core i5 quad core processor 256 gigabytes SSD and 8 gigabytes of RAM so let’s go ahead and open this up we’ll get it set up see what comes with it and then move on to setting it up and seeing what it will do as far as its benchmarks go so we’ll go ahead and open this up there we go let’s set this aside and here’s the surface laptop now this is the new color for this year it’s in black and we’ll take a closer look at that in just a moment now in the box we’ve got a little documentation it looks like and no stickers but it talks about caring for the surface laptop let’s move this aside and take a look at the power adapter that we’ve got so here’s the power adapter we’ve got an extra USB plug in it and then our wall adapter then you can see the magnetic connector there and this is something I wish Apple would bring back but they won’t and this is really nice to have so here is the surface laptop let’s go ahead and open it up there we go and you can see it looks just like last year’s model it’s aluminum on both top and bottom and then let’s go ahead and flip it over and it picks up fingerprints really easy but it still looks nice and then on this side you can see we have USB a display port microphone jack no USB see and then we’ve got our surface connector here so it’s pretty nice just like last year’s but it doesn’t have the modern adapters you can get a USBC adapter pretty inexpensively on Amazon to USB a so we’ll open it up and this is Alcantara although it doesn’t feel like I’ll can tear that you get on some of the other surface devices so it’s hard to say if this is actually what that is but it looks pretty good you’ve got a nice glass trackpad and a really great keyboard since they’ve kept the same one from last year let’s go ahead and turn it on and get it set up now the keyboard has great throw to it it looks really nice it feels good then the trackpad is nice it’s glass and it clicks on the bottom you can’t click on the top and the overall build of this is really nice it’s very sturdy and feels very high quality you can see the screen is quite reflective but these are really nice displays let’s go ahead and turn this on wait for it to boot up and then we’ll get it set up so you’ll see it says continuing selected language I’ll click yes and we’ll be able to set this up with our voice so I’ll do that if you need an assistive reader press the windows control and enter keys at the same time to turn on narrator okay enough intro let’s dig in now one thing – yes yes your keyboard is set to us want to stick with that yes do you also type with another keyboard layout no now let’s get you connected to a network that way you can get updates now one thing to note is the speakers are under this keyboard and they’re vibrating something you can hear that a little bit but let me go ahead and put in my password and we’ll get to the next step I’ll click Next well click accept move on to the next step you have to do that physically you can’t do that with your voice for at least I haven’t been able to so I’ll put in my credentials and then click Next yes okay hold still for a second we need to learn to recognize you one to set up a pin if you’ve never used Windows hello it’s like face ID for your laptop it’s definitely the best way to log in out there and I’ll do this later I don’t want to do that now let’s move on to the next step yes your PC comes with a free 30-day trial of office three sixty two use the info I need to do my best work yes these are the settings microsoft recommends except when you’re ready so everything looks good here we’ll just tap on accept there we go so it’s setup and it’s going to load the desktop we’ll wait a few minutes and we should be at the desktop and then we’ll take a look at some of the benchmarks and see how this compares now this should be faster than the MacBook Pro without the touch bar which is similarly priced or even the MacBook Air so this should be a better deal but you’re lacking those Thunderbolt ports that you have on the MacBook but either way this is a great value for $9.

99 but just keep in mind you can’t upgrade this so there’s no way to actually change the RAM or the storage later on and it’s not upgradable like the surface pro you have the microSD slot on this you don’t so we’re at the desktop that was pretty quick let’s go ahead and close this and let’s turn up the brightness a little bit this goes pretty bright now if you’ve never seen one of these displays this is really nice it’s 13.

5 inches corner-to-corner 20 256 by 1504 with 201 pixels per inch there we go it’s customizing to how I have my PC set up and it’s just a really nice beautiful screen touchscreen but it is a little bit reflective if I had one complaint about it but overall it’s a great display so you’ll see it comes installed with Microsoft edge that’s going to be discontinued soon or at least revamped to use the chromium engine from Chrome but let’s get some apps installed I’ll make sure this is updated and then I’ll run some benchmarks so I’ll check for updates and see what we’ve got it’s probably going to take a while to update and currently I have about 47% battery these easily get you through a day if you haven’t used one of these and you’ll see there are a ton of updates so I’ll get this updated and then I’ll move on from there and see what it’s like to use in benchmarking now it’s been quite a while and I installed all the updates that this had available for it that took quite a few hours and then I installed some benchmarks and some other things so let’s take a look at the Geekbench I ran this already and you’ll see we came in at three thousand three hundred and forty nine for a single core in ten thousand nine hundred and thirty three for some multi-core score and this is pretty good it’s okay but the main thing holding this back is it’s graphics card and the graphics card in this is an Intel u HD graphics 620 the processor itself sacktual e pretty good so let me go ahead and close that and you’ll see I have Cinebench open here and I also have intel’s power gadget just to see if it throttles now so far I haven’t seen throttling during tasks so it’s base clock speed is about 1.

8 gigahertz or so and it only runs at about 2.1 it doesn’t really get to its base clock speed so let’s go ahead and hit run for the cpu test we’ll see if it throttles at all it may but it does have a fan inside as well so let’s wait for this to finish and see what we get now completed with 476 for CPU that’s not great but it’s not horrible either but let’s go ahead and run the OpenGL test and also I never saw it throttle it ran at about 2.

3 gigahertz the whole time so let’s go ahead and hit run and if you look down here there’s GPU utilization and it’s doing pretty good as far as the overall temperature it’s not warm or anything like that even if you touch it here on the underside it may get a little bit warm so let’s wait for this to run and see how it does now at first when this started to run it actually throttled a little bit but then I noticed the CPU utilization is way down so it’s actually not throttling it’s just not using a lot of its power so we’ll wait for this it’s hanging out about 50 degrees Celsius so that’s pretty cold actually not bad at all the OpenGL test completed and it completed at thirty six point seven three frames per second if you can see up there and that’s pretty good that’s actually better than some others that I’ve tested MacBooks and things and again the temperature never really went over 50 degrees Celsius it’s gone back down to 44 degrees Celsius so let me close that and then we’re going to try the heaven benchmark which is more of a gaming benchmark and then we’ll try a game that everyone’s going to ask me if it runs anyway we’ll try out fortnight and just see what it runs at so we’ll click run here I’ll leave everything at default for now everything is on high and we’ll click run and see what Heaven benchmark does so right now on its default settings I didn’t change anything we’re running at about 5 frames per second in the upper right there so not so great normally when we get to the part where there’s the airship it goes up a little bit and we’re at about 8 frames per second 6 to 8 it depends on what it’s doing so not so great there and I wouldn’t expect it to be very good at this this is not really meant for gaming so let’s go ahead and exit out of this quit now because many of you will ask anyway we’ll go ahead and open fortnight now keep in mind this has not gone above fifty degrees Celsius that’s really impressive I don’t hear any fans or anything it’s staying nice and cool so let’s see if it runs this what kind of frames per second we get I’ll let it kind of run itself as far as what it can handle and hopefully we get okay benchmark so I haven’t opened this before it just finished installing a little while ago and let’s see how it does you’ll see it’s fully loaded at least in the lobby and by default it set everything to medium and we’re running at about 20 frames per second so let me go ahead and hit play see what it does I may have to lower it down to low just to get decent frame rates out of it also while we’re waiting for it to do matchmaking GPU utilization is usually run 94% here and I’m starting to hear the fans spin up so there’s that and also it’s running at about 2.

4 gigahertz right now at 43 percent utilization so it’s doing okay as far as the CPU is concerned you can see it’s quite choppy right now and it’s not really doing so well as far as the framerate is concerned let me change some of the settings quick this is much more playable although still kind of choppy you’re actually better off playing it on your phone probably for framerate and if you want a little higher resolution it seems like it works but it’s not so great so it’s playable but it’s it’s not anything that I would recommend when you’re when you’re playing this it seems like it’s going to be okay in low resolution or low mode but overall it’s not going to be great and I’m terrible at this game so let’s move on to the next thing now as I said during that fortnight test it actually spun the fan up for the first time although we’re only at about 53 degrees Celsius and it’s coming down now and you can see it actually thermal throttled a little bit once we got to that full CPU utilization and GPU utilization it pulled back the frequency a little bit for the most part though it did really well and then the other thing with this is something I actually miss when I’m using a Mac is the touchscreen the touchscreen is super responsive and it’s great to be able to just use this as something that you have in addition to whatever you’re doing so if you want to open up Chrome go to my website here and let me move this out of the way go to my website and it’s nice and fast but we can scroll through this and this is really a Productivity machine just little just size things it’s great for productivity maybe you need to administer some servers maybe get some schoolwork done with word things like that you’re not gonna have any problems as far as those tasks go however if you want something for gaming I would highly recommend taking a look at something like the surface book 2 or maybe even something from a razor now I’m not so sure that this is actually Alcantara I guess it could be but it doesn’t feel like the Alcantara of the other colors that they have available so there’s something different with the black color and the device itself just feels great it just like last year’s it’s super high quality build I used one for an entire year the previous version and liked it a lot to administer some servers and things like that it was great for remoting into servers running a bunch of tabs having a ton of things open at once even with eight gigs of ram it seems to handle it just fine and then you get all the updates for surface and it was rock-solid the main limitation is really the ports on the side although if you use this with a dock that’s what I did most of the time with a monitor it was great and then over here you only have one USB a and the headphone but that usually works for most of the things you’re going to do and if you use a dock you’re good to go but if you want to edit video or you want to do something like maybe game on it you may want to look elsewhere or get a surface book too or maybe a razor or something along those lines to get you by a little bit faster but when it comes to trackpads and the touch screen and the keyboard this is a really solid package that I can highly recommend to most people wanting a Productivity machine now additionally if you are someone that wants to use a pen it’s not really easy to use a pen on this display although the surface pen will work as well as the surface dial next but I found over the year of using the previous version I never used the pen just because it was awkward to use on this display it’s better for a tablet style I get the surface pro or the surface go now if you haven’t seen my surface pro 6 video this is going to have the same internals and be capable of the same thing and there’s also the surface go but I don’t normally recommend that unless you want to do really light work let me know your thoughts about the surface laptop 2 in the comments below and if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time


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